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  1. Indoctrinating children and trying to confuse them is evil. End off.
  2. I was thinking about creating a yellow star of badge that just says ''Exempt, keep your distance'' lol. See what would happen from that, maybe it'll wake people up?
  3. True. I'm not feeling well today at all. I felt the worst I did in a while probably because preaching such a thing as ''world mental health day'' has made me feel worse about myself. Went around shopping today, didn't buy anything for a couple of hours because I was bored, everyone's wearing their face masks. I re-downloaded (don't know why) Tinder, flick through. Still bored and apathetic. Rest day from the gym as well. There's literally nothing for me to do today so just went to sleep around 4PM after Maccies.
  4. Last big date will be 1st of November roughly, as that's when the furlough scheme will end and massive amount of sectors will probably go bust. I know the nightlife industry will and I don't think people will let that happen. I seriously do hope people have the guts to protest on that date. It makes the most sense, even though it would really be better if it was done earlier, as everyone will be in a similar circumstance on 1st of November. Later on in my post I talk about the vaccine and literally predicted this vaccine would be out by November because of the end of the furlough scheme. They'
  5. I do think even they'll go back hiding and thinking of more revised ways of successfully implementing Agenda 2030. All you can really do is spread the message and get people to wake up by getting them to question the government that they think are looking out for them. The more educated everyone is against the tyranny then the easier the battle becomes.
  6. My point of view actually is no. A lot of articles regarding the curfews once it's 10 PM to have highly backfired on them. It's actually got people back to how they were normally, partying etc out in the streets. The government will keep trying everything it's got, but I do think we have a snowball effect here from now and it'll keep compounding and compounding and we'll win against the tyranny. So lots of a good news because of their own stupid decisions. Stupid enough where it's actually getting people to wake up lol. The government are complete cretins and fools. Tons of MP'
  7. Exactly on the point. I could just say I'm a bisexual trans muslim who has a disability and get a job in the public sector because HR would love me. This is wrong as it just encourages people to basically not be honest LOL. Is it time to use this as an approach like ''oh, I'm gay and have some minority religion'' to get a job??? Seems like it's the way forward lol. Also, regarding unconscious bias, shouldn't it subconscious bias???
  8. Hit bit too close to home with that and that's because it is. Feminism has destroyed most women of my age. What feminism has done was take away all power from working class men and give them nothing in return. Wonder why white birthrates has been falling too? The lack of religion and people giving a damn about men has lead to our race declining and will continue to do so until the problem is fixed. Feminism has turned men into women and women into men. If women won't speak up against this, then I expect them to fight any future wars on our behalf. Because what do we get out of this?
  9. Check out todays news lads, NHS hospitals and CARE HOMES on priority for testing. As we all know, the care homes are important for testing because any cases will mean any future deaths will = a covid death. Regardless of any pre-existing condition, if they die after a test it will = covid. You can just see the manipulation lol https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54172210#
  10. I'm from Bristol and I don't get the 1st video. It does come across that the people with the documents at the start of the video are very confrontational and are actually over exaggerating. What is the treason documents for???
  11. They should've said ''There will never be''. That's making it quite ambiguous. We want certainty...
  12. Well... I expect a 2nd lockdown VERY imminent now (reason below paragraph). Probably would make sense before the protest rally happens in the next two weeks or so. Below I copied and pasted from my previous comment on ''COVID MEGA'' page something. Guess what guys, seems like a 2nd lockdown is happening... This is because they've been ordered to go into lockdown due to CASES LOL. This is how they're going to justify what they've done? By killing OLD people then saying ''the virus is deadly, look it killed old people again cause you young whippersnappers hate granny'' Seriously, Mat
  13. Hi As someone who won't be going all the way to London just for a protest. I was just wondering if there would be an eventual movement towards anti lockdown in other cities then just London. Thank you.
  14. Yeah, saw some people who own nightclubs or speak on behalf of them talk about the new grant details today with £500 per week per building the business owns. They were saying ''well this is good, but still doesn't covers the full costs''. It seems like they ignore my tweets when I say ''Well, by complying with the system, your complying with your enslavement and for a worser lifestyle once it goes under''. Something on those lines, basically saying complying will = pain. They were having talks about re-opening due to covid secure measures and because recent news today and yesterday, seems lik
  15. Well it's interesting regarding the vaccine as there were tons of articles saying September would be the date for this vaccine or October time. But that seems to be changing now, but could still happen depending on how much of a success the anti lockdown protest is. They're certainly not in a good position as they've pissed off everyone today which will mean potentially more will attend the protest. As David Icke has been saying, the vaccine is already created and will be rolled out when people catch onto the hysteria. He did say himself it would be around September time. So what could be
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