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  1. Chippy


    Yes, I have considered that, and I suppose it's the only answer that makes sense. Nevertheless are they saying that simply wearing a mask is so effective that it enables Japan's rate to be 10/M whilst ours is 611/M ? I suppose it's yet another example of a ridiculous statistic. From what I can tell Japan does not have mandatory vaccination.
  2. Chippy


    I wonder if anyone can give some insight here: Japan has a Covid death rate of 10/million. Given they have a large, densely packed population with one, if not the, largest old person contingent in the world, why is their death rate so low? Or to re-phrase the question, why have the controlling elite allowed the Japanese to manipulate their numbers to such a low level?
  3. Chippy


    Hello people!! Having followed this site for 8 months I don't know quite why I have left it so long to join this forum. I'm in South London, but being a dual UK/Australian citizen I am trying to figure out how the heck I am going to get back to Aus. After all this time, and being fully convinced this Covid thing is utter utter bs from the outset, I still shake my head daily in disbelief at what is going on in the world. And more than that, the sheer numbers of people that buy it hook, line and sinker.
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