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  1. May he rest in peace But is anybody genuinly shocked that BBC, being the garbage mainstream media platform they are, make terribly irrelevant (in comparasion to what people really need to know)headline story for further distraction?
  2. Right? They are so hypnotised by the TV and mainstream media news and they believe unconditiionally in their every word! Similar thing happened to me in the mall, I entered with mask down, and everybody was lookin' at me as I was some kind of serial killer. Could've given Henry Kissinger run for his money. It's sad to see, but the System has deeply programmed majority of the population into their game, they will hardly ever even attempt to seek out the truth. Even with all of their contradictions, they refuse to go out of their comfort zone of being enslaved.
  3. As somebody who grew up in a very religious family, I've strayed away from Roman Catholic church that my parents are a part of, as I've seen a lot of contradictions and illogicness in Bible's teachings and how Vatican reacts to global events. I've been also intrigued by parallels between Jesus and many others (Horus, Nimrod, Mithra...). Do those parallels hold up?
  4. I had similar issues with messages on Whatsapp and instagram, but given the status and ownership of those, I'm really not surprised. Quitted both FB and instagram,
  5. I think he just upgraded his original reptilian theories in his latter books, he seems to use different terms to describe them, but I do not think he really changed his view on that, it's just that he doesn't have reason to constantly mention reptilians, as he pretty much went in much detail about that before, and maybe even thinks it is not mandatory for him to re-state that theory over and over, so he just chose new terms like archons and, probably the best term that can be used for these maniacs, psychopaths.
  6. I do not see this being the case. I highly doubt the effectiveness of every vaccine ever produced, since I know a lot of people that yearly vaccinate for flu, many of which get sick and even the graphs showing people infected by years isn't doing vaccines any favors, since I think the old diseases were dying out either way anyways, Same for these ludicrous vaccines for little children, my neighbour's kid got terribly sick 2 days after vaccination with extremely high body temperature which lasted for couple of days. He seems to be fine now, but my guess here is that they have a lot of confidence in 5G, so no need really to create some deadly pathogens since the electromagnetic furnace is going to do its job either ways, or at least they hope. I do not doubt there are reserve plans in these fellas' pockets, but I think new 'deadly' plague is highly unlikely. I still wish sheeple will wake up before this COVID-19 vaccine so this corporate-fascist system fall apart before plan B.
  7. Yeah, schooled for trumpet and self-thaught at guitar, ukulele and even some bass and casio keys (less than stellar at it tho).Also working to improve my singing voice as me and my brother and kind of running local band Par Vrata and we even won school band competition by performing the original song Dinja, a song dedicated to obsesive love of melon. Mostly oriented on somewhat softer rock genres like poprock, postgrunge and altrock, with themes of political and social manipulation, but mostly written in metaphors since I don't really feel comfortable writting straight-forward lyrics. I (for now)only have somewhat badly recorded live version of Dinja (still learning Audacity) so you can check it out if you feel like it, it's a simple pop rock song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF6wovNXvnY
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