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  1. Hi, could anyone recommend good sources of information/reading on the topic of the Three Popes? There's an absolute deluge, as I'm sure you all know, much of the material quickly descends into outrageous hyperbole, or very broad-based accusations. Historically accurate and sober accounts would be very much appreciated.
  2. I don't know if anyone watched or heard of 'Them' a drama put out on Amazon Streaming, created and executive produced by Lena Waithe? It's a horror/historical thriller, set in 1950s America about a black family moving into a predominantly white neighbourhood in LA. I watched the first five episodes, via a free torrent, there's absolutely no way I'm contributing to Bezos. It's the most horrific, divisive, violent show, in which a black family undergoes endless degradation, horror, violence at the hands of whites. You leave it with this utterly hopeless, tight, pain in your head. The baseness and lack of hope empathy and anger the producers of this hateful rhetoric create and put out in the name of 'entertainment' - but of course, it's not, I know, Hollywood, the propaganda arm of the NWO exists to create division and rage. I've seen an increasing amount of this genre of Hate Propaganda over the past five years as they've been ramping up the insanity - but I don't think I've ever seen anything so explicit. David Icke talks about frequencies of sound emitted to cause sickness, paranoia, rage etc and I have to say I would not be surprised if these frequencies are worked into the soundtrack/audio of 'Them'. You finish watching each episode with a tense headache. These shows are pathogens spewed into the world.
  3. Melinda Gates is a brilliant tool for instruction in how to lead a good life and survive this horrendous time - essentially, whatever she says to do, do the polar opposite; and you're sure to have made the right decision.
  4. Yes, I'm well aware, see my original post on diversion tactics and the use of the Everard hysteria as a smokescreen for the 'vaccine' agenda.
  5. Meanwhile... other UK news. The AstraZeneca / Oxford 'vaccine' has been suspended in several European countries, following dangerous blood clots forming in recipients of the 'vaccine'. One notable exception, is of course... the UK, who have doubled down and insist on the safety of the homegrown 'vaccine'. https://thetattyjournal.org/2021/03/13/7-european-nations-halt-astrazeneca-jabs-on-reports-of-serious-blood-clots/ Any coverage of this on the BBC, any major news or media outlet... no? Hmmm, how surprising.
  6. What exactly were they hoping to achieve by these insertions?
  7. Last night, in a bid to escape the constant horror, I watched an old episode of 'Escape to the Chateau' - the Dick and Angel Strawbridge program, where they've taken over an old French chateau with their young family etc Thinking that this mindless, comfy program would offer some respite. However, in one scene Angel had taken her two young children into her workroom to make arts and crafts, as they left the room, the camera focussed on a painting of a rainbow on the wall, this then quickly cut to a linking scene of their garden, focussing on a flower on which a Monarch butterfly had alighted and slowly beat its wings. Two moments, of no more than a second or so each - but each leaving a fleeting indelible image. Am I being paranoid? Or do others find these subliminal images constantly cropping up? Perhaps I've become more sensitive to this since I have barely watched TV in over a year.
  8. There's another important diversionary use for the manic media coverage of the Everard case. The deaths, disabilities, adverse reactions and illnesses from the MRNA Covid19 injections just keep on mounting - and the push and aggressiveness of the injection agenda just keeps getting stronger. So, while the media's Five Minutes Hate concentrates on Everard and dividing men and women ever further, government carries out its genocide with no adverse publicity or media attention.
  9. As bizarre as this question may sound. I'd be interested in other people's thoughts. Does anyone believe that the soul is a quantifiable commodity, that may be sold for wealth/fame/success. I guess what I'm getting at, is that the purchaser is the Devil/Lucifer/Satan - a cabal of Satanists. I have a reason for asking, which might I dare say, sound somewhat crazy. So I'd be most interested in hearing people's perspectives on this. Thanks.
  10. This means nothing. Like the Hydra, they shut down 60, 600 open up. They attempt to go after the clear web, the deep web becomes more prolific. Every single torrent site is still up, every torrent available. And a VPN used with an Onion browser makes it impossible to find those who torrent.
  11. If you don't wear a mask, in my experience, no one stops you or challenges you. The police have stated they won't interfere unless things escalate to violence - they have enough on their plates hunting down and arresting people who misgender transexuals or refuse to use their preferred pronouns.
  12. That's the crowning tragedy, that his acceptance and legitimacy comes because all those evils he spoke of for years, were proven to be right. Would that we could live in a world where he was still seen as a nutjob conspiracy theorist, everything he said was mere baseless conjecture and those very real satanic evils weren't making their presence felt, full force.
  13. I have to report, three days after being amidst 35,000 people, none of whom (including myself) were wearing masks or observing social distancing, (as indeed I have not, since this exercise in evil idiocy began) and I am still absolutely symptom free. Surprising, given that this is the most virulent, deadly pandemic in human history according to the MSM.
  14. That's okay, no worries, I just keep VPN on full time now as it's safest when online. I forget it might seem odd.
  15. I use a VPN whenever I'm online. Hence why my IP address is from Sweden as that's the VPN location I selected, it's an especially fast location when torrenting from Pirate Bay.
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