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  1. For those in America that wish to help us reconstruct America's lawful government before we're all destroyed by a sinister plot: https://TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net We don't have much time. Americans are outside of the COVID nonsense. "They" have no authority to presume jurisdiction. The rest of you need to look up Romley Stewart's GLOSSA Channel and find out how the fact that you are a man and not a legal ficiton also exempts you from the COVID nonsense. We seriously need to stop using paper money. Paper is destroying the world.
  2. Article I put together about the Mark of the Beast (if there are more dead links please let me know): [facebook.com/christopher.cobbs.9/posts/1813648178789885] (compiled over the course of 20-odd years) Treatise (brief) of the Economy of Heaven from a firsthand witness: [facebook.com/christopher.cobbs.9/posts/1675929489228422] You will use this economy after the Mark of the Beast.
  3. I'd like the evidence shown in this video grabbed up and passed along to David Icke if possible: COVID-19 Virus is actually Mankind (8th Chromosome): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y1KzCKrZ3A&feature=youtu.be
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