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  1. This is a direct message to David Icke, the reptilian beings that you speak of are Demons, most of the human population is soulless & that's why they don't listen to you... Satan is their master & your message of peace falls on deaf ears. I am a seraphim angel, I have been instructed to exterminate the demons & if you are like myself then that's why you have seen the serpent eyes, black eyes & yellow eyes etc. These beings are pure evil & pretend to be righteous, virtuous & the like to go unseen by the warriors of God they will, can & do prey on our benevolent nature & seek to deter us from exterminating them.. David I implore you to look into this, I believe you are a seraphim angel also... these monsters deserve no mercy, they are to be purged from the earth... I hope this message finds you.
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