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  1. Non attachment is love Love is eternal Love is agape Love is unconditional All other manifestations are fear masquerading as love which ISNT love Sounds like someone got dumped in this post recently. We will politely let others guess but not point fingers
  2. What theater? No one buys it here Trump haters are so funny they can't formulate an objective opinion. Confirmation bias only I dont vote I smash fools at life so they dont let me nor do I buy into the system except when I will take over and lead it myself..Facts: I am a leader and know what is. I will be here leading while influencing people for the betterment of their soul and helping my community prep for what is coming. (which I guarantee is in a better position then any of u. I earned and worked at it for my life. Do u have 50 lakes within 10 miles? Do u live on a creek wit
  3. Lots of delusion going on here yet again. Stop or start taking meds all you never trumpers, u are faker then the media u peddle as info. ...or do u trust the jolly Roger when it suits your personal beliefs? Good luck with that endeavor and with all that rage you harbor while attacking others, offering no solution except for people to join you in your vibratory prison of fear that you build around yourselves. Good grief i imagine I will get called a q bot now or some other juvenile attack while I dont see these people getting banned for their evil opinions and words yet rebuttals get peeps ban
  4. Do not sell unless you have scanned the market and actually know. I have sold twice in the past year enabling my wife and I to move to an ideal location and property by examining the market depending on where you live and can go. We downsized mortgages and upsized property 120x factor. Including lake access thru a creek. You shouldnt rent. Live out of something if possible but tangible assets are much better off then other types of investments for now. Where "up north" do u say mr. H? I live an hour and so from Canada in northern MN
  5. Friends. VID-20200504-WA0035.mp4 dancer birdies.mp4
  6. So many shit talkers and people in other people's business here show their lack of empathy or understanding of another being Keep it out(other peoples ways) be respectful ..if u dont like or are threatened by someone the. That's your own fukkin problem. It is an issue within YOU .....and learn to not personalize everything. Sick of all the dissonance on here I thought we were all supposed to be well read and at least a little better then some b.s lime reddit! Come on!
  7. True that brother man Lets all NOT be up in someones( at least 1 lol) business today ourselves as a protest Be well
  8. Dont disparage one another for life choices. It shows ones lack of empathy and power and control issues too that many appear to suffer from online Improve your vo2 max everyone so your cells can utilize oxygen better! Sprints, plyometrics,circuit training with weights even with minimal rest in between sets
  9. Yo! I'm very well self educated and know what is I came to this site to find solace... Among like minded people in hopes of validation and content- socially - where we live in a world rapidly become devoid of actual knowledge, wisdom, and understanding Concurrently, I come to englighten a few, enrage most likely many, and be a man of character and integrity What I am finding is too much EGO on this site and self promotion Let us come together more as a union, for it will be the change we collectively wish to impose on reality in society. If we are to actually
  10. What is there to debate? Dont mention me in your posts please. It reaks of ignorance at life I know more then you just by the sheer fact that you are threatened. I will not respond to any more attacks as they are projections of your fallacy
  11. Its nice to see the big dipper finally getting its due!
  12. But what purpose is all the ney saying, save making ones ego proud for "proving" a point What , as well, is the answer then? We cant all run around bashing things yet at the same tine not be capable of installing any competing infrastructure: economically, socially ,psychologically or spiritually ones self.. Trump may be as you say (or not..) as does icke says about many if not all elites ...but what are you going to do besides attempting to profit off it all yourself?
  13. If "you" divide ur conscious by seeking immortality i.e having children , "you" cannot undo that."you" will be trapped until "you" allow a full cycle of life death to be fulfilled by spiritual guidance that "one" will know as it occurs in the now Consciousness is one all is one ..alone (ALLone) is where one finds that "they" are all and cease the need for resistance, attachment
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