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  1. For me sitting cross legged on carpet with back of hands on knees and palms facing up. Important to keep Back straight and head slightly facing upwards, I usually do that for 20 minutes with eyes closed and deeply inhale slowly in through nose and exhale through mouth. As soon as any thought comes to mind push it back and focus on the breathing again..
  2. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1330354/un-says-new-polio-outbreak-in-sudan-caused-by-oral-vaccine
  3. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1330354/un-says-new-polio-outbreak-in-sudan-caused-by-oral-vaccine Last week WHO declared Africa free of wild polio. Now there is a new outbreak caused by the oral vaccines with 5,200,000 children at risk in the affected area - solution is give them all emergency vaccinations!! .
  4. I was young at the time but I remember Jim Davidson he was famous because he made fun of black people (I think the character he pretended to be was called “Chalky”) and he battered his wife. Nice guy!
  5. You know that “new normal “ we were promised? Well it’s here and it’s called FASCISM! Enjoy it or PUSH BACK NOW!
  6. I just watched the documentary and it is an eye opener and raises many questions, lack of suicide bomber, the car chase, security guards turning people around before explosion, the time capture data from photographs etc.. if you ask me it smells fishier than Grimsby dock on a summer catch day
  7. Hi it was this TedTalk by our friendly philanthropist Bill Gates - listen to this where talking about population reduction, at 4:50 he says that if We do a really good job with vaccinations... (so vaccines will reduce population)
  8. I can recall a TedTalk from years back where the subject was was population reduction and the subject of sterilisation by vaccines was raised in that - I will look back and see if I can find more info..
  9. I think it is based on wisdom which is acquired over time depending on individual cognitive abilities and experience but also ones sense of independence. I have no doubt that our education system is set up to target the vast majority of people to become obedient slaves like the prols In Orwell’s 1984 but with life experience I think many begin to see through the lies. How deep you look into the lies is possibly down to intelligence but there must be other factors including ones sense of independence vs the need for comfort or guidance of parent like figures.
  10. This lady is an absolute gem! Well done her and god help her managers if they try to discipline her for telling the truth...
  11. Big snipes at Trump and only recently released... I have many questions.
  12. She speaks of another protest to end lock down taking place in London tomorrow Sat 29th Aug.
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