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  1. Yeah man, will time stamp it. Will bring up the clip tomorrow. Might make a video about it too at some stage.
  2. Will attend the mosque more next week in th eevenings and report information from victims who attended inshaaAllah
  3. I'll take a bunch of photos between now and Monday and post them up. Will take photos from both mosques.
  4. I did not attend the masjid on the day of the event walilahil hamd. When I recieved the news I began to worry which friends were impacted in the shooting. My wife was worried about her father and we were unable to contact him as his phone was off. We later found he was OK. I then began calling multiple friends to find out what was going on. Got news that a Somalian man called Musa had died. He used to walk to the masjid everyday from his home for maghrib salah. I then got more and more reports that other friends had died. I was unable to come to terms with the reality of the sitaution however I was very angry and wanted to know all I could about the shooter. I watched the video and i read his manifesto from beginning to end. Realized a lot of it was trolling as well as promoting his concept of accelerationsim. I then studied the threads on 8chan to get a clear understanding of the idealogies of those who supported the shooter. One of my close friends told me about praying in the front row and being able to escape through a window. Many Muslims escape via that route. There is a carpark at the back of the masjid and a concrete sort of fence. This is beyond a shed. The shed may be getting used for classes in the future but as previously been used to store Islamic books and a couple of brothers have stayed there from time to time. The shooter did not go to the back of the masjid for whatever reason but if he had there would have been MANY more deaths as many Muslims were at the back. My friend began having post traumatic experiences of being scared of people creeping up on him but he is getting better with that now. Other brothers I know report the flashing of the weapons being very bright and causing psychological issues for them as well. I know of the brother Talhah who used to pick his younger brother from the school my daughter goes to. Ilam. I also knew his father. Its late here but if you want more details then ask and I will answer. As for Linwood masjid then that is closer to my home and this is where my father and law was praying on the day. He arrived late so was able to avoid the shooter. Gun shots were heard from down the street so nobody thought of heading in that direction. The carpets were removed there and am trying to remember but there was some type of foamish material there for a while before they were replaced with fresh carpets. I began praying there again after the bodies were released whic took a long time. Theres just too many things to be said mate. A whole book could be written on it. But yeah, I spoke to one brother here who had a lot of itneresitng details. He attends lindwood masjid and there is just so much things that muslims are asking here. Now that things have calmed down a bit I can start getting more information but feel I need to bring a pen and paper to record information because there is just so much of it. Many report that there were other people involved that police mentioned at first before saying it was only TArrant on his own. Some say he was going toa third mosque in Ashburton which may be correct as he was heading towards Brougman street. the place wjere the car was knocked on the curb is right next to where I sued to live. Strickland street but yeah some even say he may have been heading to the muslim kindergarte center in hornby but yeah nmany different views. The big can of worms is where did he get the funding? There was some strange arrests here. A russian guy was arrested. Might have to double check where he was from but someone got arrested on gun charges not long after but details about it were very vague. Police are taken Tarrants word that he got the weapons from bitcoin transacitons but nobody has investigated this and its just taken his word which is likely a lie. Oh other stuff happened in the past. Dead pigs head at masjid door. Also other strange cases of people showing up to the masjid and saying racist things. Kind of makes me think that there were people behind the scenes plotting for a long time or tesitng the waters and so on. SOme firends report seeing Tarrant in the masjid a year before in the mosque but police say they don't have any evidence of that. Thing is the police just don't listen to anything muslims say and refuse to investigate anything. How can we trust them when they showed up 20 minutes late? Too busy in the staffroom drinking coffee. Yeah theres many things man its just a huge topic but focusing on this issue of saying its fake is a plot itslef I think to distract from the REAL hard questins that need asked. MAx Igan said this too. This focus on the videos being fake is a DISTRACTION from the imortant questions but anyway I am rambling
  5. Read your post more carefully and you mention living in Christchurch. Cool, let me know next time you are in Christchurh. We will go grab a coffee and go to the mosque directly and you can speak to the victims. If none of them are there I will get their contact details so you can come with me to speak to them directly. Thanks for proving that your theory is false mate. Its clear to anyone that reads this that you are full of shit. Anyone can PM me and call me or visit me directly. Anyone who doubts the shootings are real can come to Christchurch and I will take them to the mosque myself and to speak to victims.
  6. Your all nut jobs and probably believe in reptilian aliens. Anyone can PM me and arrange to speak on hangouts face to face if they think I am lying. SMH. Wow, people here really are fucked in the head.
  7. I now suspect that you yourself are a shill. Icke is a shill so wouldn't be suprised if his message board is full of them. Icke makes masonic hand gestures in some of his videos. In that one with David Rose there are segments where he makes the manu curnoto sign. I have invited you to speak with me by video and you refused so thats why I suspect that you may be a disinformation agent paid by someone higher up. Also won't be surprised if this thread disappears. Advise those reading to take screen shots.
  8. Belive what you want man but I know many of the Muslims that died and I attended there funerals. If your theory was true than that means they must be hiding somewhere. Also those Musims I seen on the video being shot with my own eyes must have been identical clones. SMH.
  9. As I said we can discuss on skype. I told you that. If I'm a troll like you claim then there should be no problem video chatting with me. I will PM you my e-mail address and I can even go to the mosque and take new photos of it currently but if you want to believe I'm a shill then go ahead. If you still want to ignore me then fine I will just assume you are mentally ill at that point.
  10. Whoever is reading this thread then I advise you to contact the admins and remove this trolls post as it is clear he is a liar and just wants attention. I live in Christchurch and attend the mosque here and knew many of the victims who died. If anyone thinks I am talking nonsnese then PM me and we can talk face to face.
  11. https://www.thecrowhouse.com/max_igan_on_christchurch.html As I said we can talk on skype mate. I live in Christchurch.
  12. If you think I am a "shill" then give me a skype or something and we can talk face to face. Your tripping bro.
  13. 'Do I have to go to the masjid on Sunday and take a photo to prove I live here? If so, I will. Max Igan debunked this shit already. I am really pissed off bro because I lost friends and they were shot and your telling me its a hoax! Not EVERYTHING is a red flag bro. Sheesh. I also attended the funeral.
  14. Great doc. The goober with the long hair pisses me off though. He seems so amazed by Crowley as if he was some genius or something.
  15. Not so sure about that logic. The globalists always think long term so they want to reduce the population. They will make things hard for the dissenters in other ways by putting restrictions on them if they refuse. I also suspect that many of those in power secretly respect a lot of people that are awake. What they try to do is infiltrate truth movements or pay activists off to shut them up. On the other hand, you can't tell me that they really respect the sheep. They just laugh behind closed doors at how stupid and naive they are.
  16. Bro, remove this. Max Igan has an article debunking this BUT I can debunk it myself. I attend that mosque and have done for 10 years plus. I lost multiple friends in that shooting. Where did they go? Why did we pray salaatul janaazah over them? Are the brothers who washed their dead bodies lying? If they didn't die and it was "staged" then where are they? Where are the brothers??! Are you telling me 50 Muslims went missing from our community??! Are they all on an island somewhere? Remove this. Its fradulent. SubhaanAllah. If you want to discuss other people involved then that is another discusson. It seems obvious that Tarrant wasn't a lone wolf and the fact he went to Israel for 6 days is super suspect but the shootings are real. And yes it WAS a gun grab but they didn't need to fake the shootings for that to happen! Tarrant was obviously trained up and so on. Even if the government did have no involvement then they STILL could use this to ban semi-automatics. Also I don't get your point about that room. Tarrant never entered that room. Its a back room. I know the layout of the mosque very well. Its easy to get trapped in that room. It wouldn't have been wise for him to go there cos easy for someone to sneak up on him. Just don't undertstand what the proves. PM me if you want to discuss this further because yeah you are wrong bro.
  17. Watched the video now and couldn't get past the 2 minute mark. What a bunch of naive morons these people are. They can stick their masks where the sun doesn't shine.
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