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  1. The Arlington City Council Abortion Freestyle - Alex Stein
  2. Jonas Hellborg & Shawn Lane - Personae ( Full Album )
  3. Dr Robin Wakeling microscope analysis of Pfizer vaccine- https://www.richplanet.net/richp_guest.php?ref=735&part=1&person=20 Following on from Richplanet show no. 295 "Brain Jabbed", which looked at various studies that have attempted to find out what is really inside the COVID jabs and discover what the true purpose may be. I have added two videos featuring Dr. Robin Wakeling, who has, independently, been trying to figure out the jabs purpose. He too has found rectangular and right angled structures and 'wires', which he shows are not normal crystals. A self assembly process is occurring after the material is injected into the individual. Disturbing effects on blood cells observed by Dr. Wakeling accounts for the many adverse reactions that have been observed. We must not lose sight of the importance of this issue, because according to the official figures, two thirds of the world's population now have this technology inside their bodies. If anyone has details of further studies and analysis, please send it to [email protected] It is imperative that we discover and inform on what the exact function and purpose of the global jabbing agenda is.
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