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  1. This is great to see. Woman gives reporter a piece of her mind-
  2. Yeah, that's what I've been doing so far anyway.
  3. Children in Ireland Singing Against Plan To Install Cell Tower In School (To Tune of Pink Floyd)
  4. I got a text and letter, no option to decline on either. Also was 'randomly' selected and got a letter from ICL last year about the antibody study.
  5. clip from 'Time Trumpet' (2007).
  6. Absolutely. And even if they could determine which 'race' (if there is such a thing) they wanted in Israel, trying to determine someone's race is one of the things the Nazis were criticized for.
  7. Agreed. I think the real motive behind the woke agenda is an attack on free speech. They're trying to create a climate where you can't say anything, or people are at least more worried to speak their mind. There was the promotion of the idea of 'political correctness' (starting around the 90s I think, was wondering if Agenda21 might have prompted that), that seemed to lay the groundwork for the woke SJW movements of today.
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