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  1. You could be right i'd not seen it before
  2. His wife was assaulted here for not wearing mask https://www.bitchute.com/video/7khdQzGeR7tp/
  3. Do Australians know about the 16% increase in deaths? Reignite Democracy Australia 13,362 views Mar 1, 2023 Introducing ‘Hit Street Media’ with Monica Smit All data discussed in these interviews can be found here - https://www.excessdeathstats.com/aust... Many of us live in an echo chamber we’ve built around us. The only way to really find out what people know and think is to ASK THEM. The mainstream media are out of touch with the average Australian’s way of thinking and hardly do unscripted journalism anymore. I want to know what real people think about real issues. I’ll be hitting the streets with different topics every 2 weeks, follow my channels for more content like this. Telegram - t.me/hitstreetmediaFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/HitStreetMedia Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/HitStreetMedia Twitter - https://twitter.com/hitstreetmedia Youtube - / @hitstreetmedia Rumble - https://rumble.com/c/c-2454732
  4. 17 year old German gymnast dreams of competing destroyed forever due to Biontech injectable https://www.bitchute.com/video/eJDeHsICXD1i/
  5. 17 year old German gymnast dreams of competing destroyed forever due to Biontech injectable https://www.bitchute.com/video/eJDeHsICXD1i/
  6. My sister visited Moscow on a school trip around 1987. One of the other pupils on the trip swapped a packet of Marlboro cigarettes with a Soviet soldier for his military issue fur hat.
  7. Possible 'vaccine' injury? She was told by doctors her seizures were probably due to stress- Abi Burton: 'I nearly died' - the Olympian wrongly sectioned and fighting back from an induced coma https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/64876477 (part of the article)- Burton, who made her England debut aged 18, says she first noticed a change in her behaviour when she started to feel "really down" and had no energy. She remembers being put on anti-depressants because "the first thing people go to is mental health". "I was in training camp and I hadn't been selected for the European tournament, which was to help us qualify for the World Cup," she says. "It was the first tournament I hadn't gone to in my four years of playing. "They said to have a bit of time at home, to try and figure out what's wrong." Then - on 15 June 2022 - she suffered her first fitting seizure, while sitting at the dinner table with her mum. After being assessed in hospital she was discharged as it was her first seizure and "could also be the last". But her behaviour would change significantly. "I went from being a timid, unresponsive person, to really quite manic behaviour," she says. "I was really aggressive towards my parents, siblings and even the dog." Burton does not remember that period of her life - including two tournaments she played in. She even told her parents she did not want them at the London Sevens - the first time they would have been able to watch her in England in the national shirt. "As my behaviour got a lot worse, I couldn't function properly in daily life," she says. After more seizures, Burton was sectioned, and says doctors thought she had stress-induced psychosis.
  8. Andy Heasman: manager turns into a headless Chicken and avoids the evidence being presented. https://www.bitchute.com/video/45hZ7Vr4XQqk/ Andy Heasman, Ross Lahive and team deliver Pfizer fraud documents to North Main Street Vaccination Centre, Cork City.
  9. A couple more for the good list- Right Said Fred and possibly Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke although he has links to the Lucis Trust and also does talk a fair amount of BS at times.
  10. Assaulted for voicing his disapproval of Irish support for the Ukraine government. He used the f-word but that's no reason for anyone to go hands on.
  11. Yes it's amazing many can't see through the BS even when it's pointed out to them. And it's so blatant these days. Often when you show a normie something it's like they're watching something completely different to you.
  12. Ukraine propaganda from BBC Newsnight. I found the interview with fake soldier 'James Dee' particularly laughable. They also show some very fake selfie video he is supposed to have taken in Ukraine.
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