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  1. I'd say he's a student of the small hat club. Most Zionists aren't religious they just use it as an excuse for atrocities. Anyone who becomes US president though has to be prepared to commit mass murder.
  2. @DannyUKIn case you missed it, there was another story on 1st July of two horses escaping in central London; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c886qel3wdxo Military horses run loose again in central London Military horses have broken free and run loose through central London for the second time since April. Three horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment "became loose from their riders" while six were exercising on Monday morning, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Also you showed that image of Trump next to a cannon in an earlier post. The judge who just dismissed the case against him was named Cannon; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cz5rpdrxevro Trump classified documents case dismissed by Florida judge A Florida judge has dismissed the US justice department's classified documents case against Donald Trump in a huge victory for the former president just days after a gunman attempted to assassinate him. Judge Aileen Cannon granted Mr Trump's motion to dismiss the federal case on the basis that the justice department's appointment of special prosecutor Jack Smith violates the Appointments Clause of the US Constitution.
  3. The photo metadata I posted wasn't actually for the Trump bullet photo, it was just an example I found online. Sorry I should have made that more clear. Thanks for the link I'll read that later. Trump and the secret service clearly had foreknowledge as they knew there was no second shooter to spoil Trump's photo op. So many other holes in the story too.
  4. Just found this MSN article which attempts to explain how the photo isn't fake. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/can-doug-mills-photo-of-a-bullet-and-president-trump-be-real-yes-heres-how/ar-BB1pXOeH I'm not convinced though, the chances of capturing that shot would still be miniscule I'd have thought. The photographer was Doug Mills, NY Times. The article reads like an ad for the Sony camera he used. Sounds like it can shoot at 300fps and really fast exposures, dunno how likely it is he'd use such fast settings unless he was expecting bullets . Digital cameras I think record meta data in photos with settings, etc. The other photo of Trump raising his fist was Washington Post I think.
  5. When I first watched the footage, I had the same thought about Trump cutting himself with a concealed blade as he moves his hand to his ear. It looks like he's holding something in his hand to me, and appears to throw/drop something onto the podium before he eventually ducks to the ground. They call it 'blading' in professional wrestling; Blading Professional wrestling In professional wrestling, blading is the practice of intentionally cutting oneself to provoke bleeding. It is also known as "juicing", "gigging", or "getting color". Similarly, a blade is an object used for blading, and a bladejob is a specific act of blading. Wikipedia Also the photo of the flying bullet seems extremely unlikely to me. I'm not aware of any similar images. I know it's possible to photograph flying bullets under controlled conditions with the right camera and very fast settings, etc. but I can't find any similar images to the Trump one (taken by the New York Times) in a web search and I don't remember ever seeing anything similar before. Pressing the shutter at precisely the right time obviously makes it even more improbable. The projectile from an AR15 rifle would apparently be travelling at approx 3300 feet per second. They had to get 33 in there somewhere! This is a hi-res version;
  6. Yeah definitely preferable, and will test it works first of course. Sounds like the magnet technique the Spanish dentist was using (in the vid I linked to earlier) only removes some/most of the GO anyway. ( https://www.bitchute.com/video/3Z31Hg19KD0g/ )
  7. Thanks for that, hypnosis could well be a good option. I've heard it claimed that hypno doesn't work on a certain percentage of the population (about 10 or 20%) I don't know if that's true though. Also you have to want hypno to work or it won't supposedly. Probably being too skeptical about it would make it less likely to work. That being said, I think a lot of the truth about hypnosis has been suppressed by the establishment/mainstream psychology for obvious reasons and they've put out a lot of disinfo about it. The mass media brainwashing seems to be working well enough without conscious consent from the public.
  8. Interesting that Star Trek episode mentions a virtual reality environment/soul trap called "The Matrix" and was released 2 years before The Matrix film.
  9. I found some more info on graphene added to dental anaesthetics/lidocaine; I think this must be the same dentist I mentioned in my first post, but a different video. Here's a longer translated version of vid I linked to above; Dentist injects anesthetic using the Sevillano-Delgado magneto-thermal depuration technique https://www.bitchute.com/video/3Z31Hg19KD0g/ La Quinta Columna also shared a video worldwide of a dentist removing, or greatly reducing, the graphene-oxide from a vial before injecting it into his client. After warming up the vial in a Bain Marie warmer (a water bath), he used the law of density and a magnet to draw the graphene-oxide to the top of the vial; then turns the vial upside down and with the magnet draws the graphene-oxide to the bottom of the vial. His goal was to lower it as much as possible so that what he gives his client is the minimal amount possible. He then injects her with only 25 percent of the vial solution. Text from this article - https://gibraltar-messenger.net/reports/suspected-presence-of-graphene-oxide-in-dental-anesthetic-found-in-gibraltar/ And some more articles on the subject; https://www.orwell.city/2021/10/lidocaine.html Lidocaine-loaded reduced graphene oxide hydrogel for prolongation of effects of local anesthesia: In vitro and in vivo analyses https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33487069/ https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/discussion-of-microscopy-of-dental edit - Using a ring magnet and passing the syringe through it makes more sense to me but maybe either would work?
  10. I saw a video recently of a dentist claiming there is now graphene in anaesthetic injections. He showed how to use a magnet to move the graphene in a filled syringe to the back end (away from the needle) by passing the whole syringe through a ring magnet a few times (making sure the magnet is the right way round so it repels the graphene up the syringe). He would then inject only some of the contents so the last bit with the graphene remains in the syringe. I can't find the video now unfortunately. The dentist was Italian I think. I just remembered the video was originally from La Quinta Columna (pretty sure it was anyway). I first saw it on a Mark Ceylon video compilation a few weeks ago - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ACQpou2ZuMVr/ I think he used a neodymium magnet but not sure. It would have to be fairly big to fit the syringe through. All I can find now is a vid of a dentist using a bar magnet on the outside of a syringe-https://www.bitchute.com/video/8gRBotG1eya3/ John O'Looney also mentioned recently the case of a woman who said she went for a Tetanus shot at the hospital but was given a covid jab instead without her knowledge. I'd be very interested to see the ring magnet video again if anyone knows where it can be found. I know someone who may need to visit the dentist soon. If anyone does need an injection of any kind from the NHS, etc. there's nothing to lose by trying this magnet technique anyway. But I'd like to know more about the best way to perform this technique and what magnets are best to use, etc. (edit) - I'm also wondering if a ferrite magnet might work (cheaper and easier to find large ones) or if you'd need to use neodymium to move graphene?
  11. Wanted to add to the meme the fact he was fully vaxxed so here's a new version;
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-69037424.amp No mention in the BBC story that he was fully vaccinated (of course). It was on 27 September, when Mr Mackinlay, 57, began feeling unwell. He didn't think much of it, took a Covid test (which came back negative) and had an early night. During the night he was badly sick but still didn't think it was anything serious. However, as the night wore on, his wife Kati - a pharmacist - began to get worried and tested his blood pressure and temperature. By the morning, she noticed that his arms felt cold and she couldn't feel a pulse. After ringing for an ambulance, Mr Mackinlay was admitted to hospital. Within half an hour he had turned what he calls "a very strange blue". "My whole body, top to bottom, ears, everything, blue," he says. He had gone into septic shock. The MP was put into an induced coma that would last for 16 days. His wife was told she should prepare for the worst, with staff describing her husband as "one of the illest people they'd ever seen". His chances of survival stood at just 5%. At his wife's insistence, Mr Mackinlay was transported from his local hospital in Medway, Kent, to St Thomas' in central London, directly opposite his workplace, the Houses of Parliament. Interesting his pharmacist wife was able to decide what hospital he was moved to.
  13. It's working for me but takes a few seconds to load.
  14. There was a similar story reported in 2022. I made this meme at the time and a few people on twitter thought it was genuine when I posted it (EDAERS)
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