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  1. Fauci clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'surprise'
  2. Not seen any of Fleischmann's films before but the name is familiar. THe full film is available here - https://archive.org/details/die-hamburger-krankheit_20200624 Would like to see it but can't find english subs for it. Would be interesting to find out what sources they used when writing this film, seems well researched at the very least judging by the short clip. Possibly some insider info or at least knowledge of how scamdemics can be exploited by governments. Just looked at the IMDB, I've seen two of the films Roland Topor (co-writer) wrote - The Tenant (Polanski) and Fan
  3. One of the few musicians speaking out against the scamdemic and NWO - Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) full interview with Blothar of GWAR
  4. Apparently Alex from UK Column mentioned Sam a few weeks ago and they don't seem too worried, I haven't seen the clip though. Some people are saying he's just taking a break, hopefully he'll be back soon.
  5. THis is an old one but I'd not seen it before -
  6. Good to see Richard's back, one of my favourite channels for a long time. I was starting to think he'd been bumped off. Still no sign of Samuel William though (youtube channel - swilliamism). Seems to have disappeared after his last vid in April 2019. He did some great work, would like to see more from him and hope he's ok.
  7. If she didn't have an infection before taking the test she probably does now.
  8. Sorry if this was posted already-
  9. A similar Scottish ad from a few months ago -
  10. Out of likes. I like the improvements made to the poster!
  11. A dark theme option (black background) would be great if it's not too hard to implement. I hate staring at white screens.
  12. Or going out like Tony would be a nice option, if the UK government hadn't restricted my access to this kind of firepower (the bloody cowards that they are).
  13. 'The Machine Stops' by E M Forster (1909) Dystopian Sci-Fi short story, very relevant to the current situation. Never read any of his other stuff but this is excellent. And remarkably prescient in many ways. https://web.cs.ucdavis.edu/~rogaway/classes/188/materials/the machine stops.pdf
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