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  1. Absolutely right, killers should get the same sentence whoever they murdered. And cops should get same sentence when they kill people. The judiciary are taking the piss out of us. And sending the message to the police that they can literally get away with murder. I remember this De Zoysa story when it happened. doesn't make any sense he'd be arrested, cuffed and cops didn't spot the gun (they claim it was concealed in his armpit . Then he's conveniently brain damaged during the incident so he can't speak/defend himself in court. Mind-controlled patsy? I see they released edited/cropped footage of the incident now but it's not conclusive evidence . Gun could have been loaded with blanks. They're also demonising "autistic" people (i.e. people who were brain damaged by vaccines) and want to limit their rights and freedoms. Did the same with Sandy Hoax claiming Adam Lanza was autistic when in realkity he'd never existed. I'm sure there are other examples. They're probably worried about the vaccine injured waking up to what happened to them and seeking revenge on those responsible. The Scum has the video- https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/23202671/louis-de-zoysa-shot-custody-matt-ratana-murder-jail/
  2. Ade Edmonson knew or suspected why Rik Mayall was bumped off I think. He played a gig 4 days later and his choice of tribute song to Rik was 'I Fought the Law"
  3. The railings could have been cut away later but the car still drove through them first and they are only slightly bent at one end. From the line the car took it should have struck the railing fairly centrally. here's a vid of someone driving through a similar railing - it almost stops the car as he hits it and he has to accelerate again; the railing is also thrown out into the road by the impact.
  4. Thought the same when I saw the photos. The path the car took looks quite implausible. BBC and other MSM sources are mostly not showing photos of entire scene so you can't see the hole in the fence. Found a couple but cant upload the 2nd one here for some reason; Not much damage to the grey metal fence even though it's been completely ripped out of the ground. Police have moved wooden fence pieces from ground which look newer than the fence itself. and only cordoned off a tiny area, still letting visitors through. Surely there's another way in and out. Seems odd there's no brick wall around the school when it's next to a road too. Google street view around crash site has images from 4 different dates- 2019/2020/2022 which also is very suspicious.
  5. Scott Mishoe - Nacho Mama
  6. Bad Brains - Soul Craft
  7. I agree they are trying to demonise Christianity with this event by the sound of it. And Syrians, refugees, knife owners, etc. and to sew division. I don't normally watch the news but saw this story and they showed the video of attack but blurred out. Even then it looked fake from the body language and actions of onlookers/victims. One man wears a huge bulky rucksack whilst trying to fend off the attacker by hitting him with a tiny rucksack. Anotyher man is stood on top of slide idly watching then slides down but doesn't really intervene. And the woman doesn't take the child out of pram and flee on foot which also makes no sense. Here's the vid, it's not graphic. I can't say for certain it's entirely faked of course but looks very likely from what i've seen so far https://rumble.com/v2swn5c-graphic-syrian-refugee-stabs-children-in-france.html They also used the skull & bones number (322 or 223) - the kids were aged from 22months to 3years.
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