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  1. How we're going to look when they forcibly conscript us.
  2. "Your clinical record shows you are not fully Novichocked. Measles can make an adult very poorly. Please act now for your safety. Click below to book your Novichok"
  3. Presumably niqab wearers suffer many of the same problems medical mask wearers do - bacterial infections, skin problems, hypoxia, low vitamin D levels, etc. I don't remember ever hearing the niqab criticised in the mainstream media for its detrimental health effects though. I'm sure they were careful not to do that in the years building up to the scamdemic and mask mandates. https://chatelaine.com/health/4-tips-on-masks-from-a-niqabi/ 4 Tips On Wearing A COVID-19 Mask, From A Niqabi Face coverings are now mandatory in most indoor settings. Having worn a niqab for eight years, I have tips to help with comfort, convenience, and style.
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