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  1. We will upload it everywhere, but youtube is still by far the biggest audience so it makes sense to direct regular people to go there. Hope it is not banned, no interest in using that for marketing, the longer it stays up, the bigger audience and thats what matters. See you guys tomorrow 6:15 GMT
  2. yes of course, I will also upload the film here as a backup from launch tomorrow https://www.bitchute.com/channel/cchVJVFiq45V/
  3. Not yet, I'm quite anxious about it and we are only one day away from release, hope you can understand. Thanks for your interest
  4. On youtube as long as it lasts. A labour of love, this has taken 3 months of real hardwork by an international team of volunteers Debuts friday at 6:15pm It will be on covid1984film.net as we anticipate it will not last on youtube for long once the content is seen. We have an interview with a microsoft whistleblower whom was at a meeting between gates and epstien. I can't say more on that as I dont want to be banned from youtube ahead of time. If you have any other questions please don't hesistate to ask me, Thanks COVID 1984 TRAILER (pre launch) 1080 web.mp4
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