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  1. I maid one ... it works first time and when i wanted to show to somebody , it doesn't work anymore ... i was told there are people with special abilities who can play with electromagnetic field or electricity by telepathy ... i think this is haw they control all of those who invent something ... another exemple : before "Pokemkn go" appear on the market i was thinking why not to mix games with gps and after this , that game appear online (they steal our inventions directly from our mind , telepathicly)
  2. Everything that's spinning can produce electricity ... EVERYTHING ... starting with the car weels !!! ... soo , take it from here and you will see how many things you will discover ... i did it and from discovering governments are lying to us in global scale , i get to the point when i discovered my ex partener can literally read my mind !!! ... just look around you and you will notice (even from how people look at you when you say something bad about them in your mind)
  3. I'm stupid and i tried MOD and Scotland Yard ... Have any idea where to go asking to save the world ?
  4. Everyone of us who try to do something about this global conspiracy is reduced to silence some how ... i have one year of life story full of facts and strange stories that comes into my life ... but nobody is interested of my evidences ... government tried to put me in menthal helth hospital after a story maid by them and they try to do it even now forcing me to go psichiatrist by my will (i have evidences , soo i can proove it) but i was lucky and i rezisted to their abbusive maneuvre ... answer this and we can speak equal : why police and ministry of defence said to me "is not our problem to save the world" when i told them i have evidences and i can prove humanity is in danger ? (i have audio recorded them) ... just to speak , is easy when you must discraditate others (thinking that's some people's job) ... but now people are opening their eyes ... slowly , but surely !!!
  5. Free electricity is true ... wach and do it yourself before saying something else : ... and this one is done by myself : It is easy just to comment ... About mind reading ... i knew from the begining is better not to mention about this , but i did probe it to myself and i am 100% sure is true (just try to belive and you will see) ... haw can i prove it ? ( have any idea?) ... anyway , i said it for people to know the truth ... if you think about it , this explain everything is going on on our planet !
  6. I maid this video before hearing about Mr. David Icke (i swear on my mothers grave ... and she was killed by Romanian government becouse she tried to tell me the secret) ... i discovered almost the same things like he did ... i was at Ministry of Defence and Scotland Yard saying i can prove that national security is in risk and they said to me "is not our problem" (i have audio records to prove it) ... i maid an poster and went to car boot sales , Stratford and Westminster Bridge to share it , but nobody wanted to talk to me ... it all started almost one year ago when i posted on Facebook that i want to give free electricity to the world ... i recognize i didn't read too many books , but I HAVE TONES OF EVIDENCES AND I CAN PROVE WHAT I AM SAYING !!!
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