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  1. I would like to no davids opinion on satanism and its link to the elite and all institutions. Especially institutions designed for infiltration like freemasonry. Also on a related matter has david seen the work of jon wedger, shaun attwood and many other wistle blowers and testifiyers. There is a deep satanic element at work with extreamly dark intensions. All you have to do is ask how many childen disappear every year. I would also like to take the opertunity to ask if there are loud bangs being heard anywhere else without known origin? There here in cornwall. Officially They tried to say it was a low flying sonic boom but not at 500 knots it was clocked do8ng on radar
  2. Ive looked at jon wedger and the many testimonys amoungst other wistle blowers work. Amoung many who have paid for their good deeds. The satanic element runs very deep there is a whole other world. Behind the scenes there is already a new world order exsiting as a shadow state, they just haven't announced it yet. They hide there beliefs, as they are intolerable. They have been in control for some time, and now they are trying to get us too except there ways(satanism). This is a very deep bunny whole. Jeffrey epstine was a big clue. If you want somthing to make you laugh have a look at Hillary clinton after reading about kuru (prion disease). Maybe a little cringe too but the whole truth is much worse
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