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  1. Thanks for the advice, I will keep it in mind !
  2. I m so glad for you to have found your inner peace at last ! You had to go a long road before you got there but I m sure it was worth making the journey
  3. Thank you so much Jeff for your kind respons ☺ I took note of the titels. I look forward reading them !
  4. Thank you so much for your reaction Lore☺ It feels good to know that many do feel like I did/do. I will go and read Eben Alexander's experience right away. Wishing all of you love and strength x Anita
  5. Hi I m Anita and I just listened to a video for 'beginners' ☺ Could it be that I had some level of awareness since my childhood ? I was such an anxious kid . It was kind of social fear I guess. At home I felt very good but going to school frightened me. I never wanted to get someones attention and tried to be invisible. I was a smart kid. I understood most things so I didnt have to study a lot fortunately because I didnt like studying ☺ My parents were real kind and loving and thought us kids do s and dont s. Honest and respect and responsibility. I often thought we (4 kids) were to weak to stand strong in this society. We thought everybody was like our family. But the older we got the more we started to isolate ourselves because we have had so many desillutions in every way ... I m almost 60 now and since 6 years I had to stop working because of a severe burn out which resulted afterwards in a depression. These last 6 years I felt a heavy treath hanging over me. As I already said I had this kind of feeling all my life but now it be came really overwelming. More and more people and things that were going on in the world made me really sick. I often said joking to my best friend : Am I an alien or are the others the alliens ? Never thought this might be the truth ... More than ever before in my life I feel I dont belong here, I cant be happy here, I dont fit in ... I often ask the Universe to take me 'home' and please please never ever send me back here to this place again. But probably I have to stay some more time for some reason Could someone recommend me some literature how to find out more about my 'home' ? Would really appreciatie your reactions .
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