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  1. Thanks for the advice, I will keep it in mind !
  2. I m so glad for you to have found your inner peace at last ! You had to go a long road before you got there but I m sure it was worth making the journey
  3. Thank you so much Jeff for your kind respons ☺ I took note of the titels. I look forward reading them !
  4. Thank you so much for your reaction Lore☺ It feels good to know that many do feel like I did/do. I will go and read Eben Alexander's experience right away. Wishing all of you love and strength x Anita
  5. Hi I m Anita and I just listened to a video for 'beginners' ☺ Could it be that I had some level of awareness since my childhood ? I was such an anxious kid . It was kind of social fear I guess. At home I felt very good but going to school frightened me. I never wanted to get someones attention and tried to be invisible. I was a smart kid. I understood most things so I didnt have to study a lot fortunately because I didnt like studying ☺ My parents were real kind and loving and thought us kids do s and dont s. Honest and respect and responsibility. I often thought we (4 kid
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