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  1. Yes you heard right and he slipped up, the truth jumped in over the lies. He did say sterilization for about 60 percent of population. John snow appeared to hear and see it and appeared to want to protect him or warn him but feebly apologised lol. Have seen this truth vibration happen during interviews before of suspect reptiles , its like an orgasm to these reptiles, they let a truth out blindly every once in a while like they cant contain it due to an evil excitemen in the brain, or rub it in our faces. Seems like they have a blind spot maybe? That's why I saw what I saw during the interview, surprised no one else has seen it yet? Especially as They Live is on TV tomorrow lol
  2. Hi, I recorded it funny enough as he looked reptilian at times during interview. Thanks for the info and confirms the skin shape shifts
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kVxicqkjvcuCdjkvLyktduUq1ynF3knF/view?usp=drivesdk Watched Sir John Bell on channel 4 news last night 24th August 2020 talking coronavirus and vaccines. I had to record it again on channel 4 plus one and share with people as this man appears reptilian. Anyone else see what I'm seeing, especially towards the 5 minute mark of interview it looks like he can't contain himself talking about it and appears to say about sterilising people, and the news host appears to see it too.
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