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  1. I thought it was already clear it was an Israeli missile. Seem to remember something about hezbollah killing a top Israeli a week before and this was Bi Bi's (netanyahu) demonstration of power to the crack heads of hezbollah.
  2. I received a letter from the NHS a couple of weeks ago inviting me for a Covid test (no idea why they selected me..). I said at the time I bet they use the fake test results to lock us back down with again and yup that's just what their doing.
  3. And now Boris Johnsons new slogan is Hands, Face, Space. You know what he can do with that one....... I predict a full lockdown in October for it to be lifted just before xmas in order to collect all that extra revenue/tax.
  4. I hope no one claps the NHS when lockdown comes to your town this fall. My neighbours all hate me after I refused to clap empty hospitals.
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