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  1. thread development reminded me of this...
  2. Kala Namak: No comment. I'll save my response for an appropriate thread in the future new fangled secure forum most likely appended to the end of Golden Retrievers "Vegan Agenda" thread. Poem was alright...a bit too much explanation at the end, would have preferred the "pome" (American pronunciation) by itself. no worries bud, look forward to it :) love the vogon poetry btw, cheers!
  3. imho.. to stop your awareness from accessing all that is, that which you are, ever has been and will be *you* the infinite being can't have that, can we?
  4. Astral Projection... Todd Acamesis https://www.facebook.com/todd.acamesis https://www.youtube.com/user/JourneyofTruthUK/videos
  5. Kala Namak ".maybe we can scare off future hackers with some vegan poetry. " thoroughly enjoyed this poem, pretty impressive still, bacon butties from organically grass fed, free roaming pigs, is delicious oink, oink!
  6. The transmitter used pulse-modulated waves at extremely low average power levels. The transmission was immediate. The system was wireless and receiverless, and the sounds were even heard by the deaf. Then in the mid 1970s, Dr. Sharp helped to develop microwave hearing technology for DARPA by conducting research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). In 1973 Dr. Sharp proved that the correct modulation of microwave energy could result in the wireless and receiverless transmission of audible speech. In 1976 it was reported by the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner that the S
  7. "ARE WE SAFE?" Arthur: If I asked you where the hell we were, would I regret it? Ford: We're safe. Arthur: Oh good. Ford: We're in a small galley cabin in one of the spaceships of the Vogon Constructor Fleet. Arthur: Ah, this is obviously some strange use of the word safe that I wasn't previously aware of. ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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