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  1. Come on man, surely you know what's missing? This can't be your first dick pic.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/surrendered-ukrainian-fighters-leave-azovstal-steel-works-reuters-witness-2022-05-17/?taid=6283bbfe89369800010b51ed&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter I thought the Ukraine was winning, but I suppose we can put that down to Western Media Bull Shit. Is this the crescendo?
  3. True, he has from footage, appears to have demolished large parts, but it still doesn't make sense.
  4. It needs to be knocked down and rebuilt into something else before that happens. They need erasing from the face of the planet.
  5. Would that not be at the point of zero velocity? So there is acceleration but once at zero velocity there is no further acceleration, is that what you mean?
  6. Would safety issues cover all guises or are we just being pedantic for the sake of it?
  7. You missed the FoxPox mate, it's the sneaky one of them all. Gets you when you least expect it.
  8. Add Clooney and Obama to the list. That's the thing that's grated me so far, why have we not heard who the coconspirators are or who was on the list of clients? Still not handed down a sentence whilst it was recently ruled that her sentence would be shortened as she wasn't facing charges for one offence. Either way it feels like it's being brushed under the carpet, however, I do feel like there is more to come from this despite the lack of transparency so far.
  9. Holy flippity flipping flops batman! That's mental, I seriously don't want one of these vehicles at all, clearly they have safety issues.
  10. Not that I want to see you angry Jack, but the angrier you get the funnier you get. Opening gambit to your post made me smile bud.
  11. You will own nothing and eat Bill Gates' insect burgers peasant! Oh and be happy about it.
  12. I hear you, as long as it's not all doom and gloom and you're at least seeing the good in something. I'd hate to think you couldn't feel something positive in the world.
  13. Do you see any good in world because I get the impression that you don't?
  14. Even if she wanted to bolt, she couldn't due to the amount of roundabouts in the area, she'd end up back where she started.
  15. So, you are obviously the big dick. The men on the side of ya are your balls. Now there are two types of balls. There are big brave balls, and there are little mincey faggot balls. Now, dicks have drive and clarity of vision, but they are not clever. They smell pussy and they want a piece of the action. And you thought you smelled some good old pussy, and have brought your two little mincey faggot balls along for a good old time. But you’ve got your parties muddled up. There’s no pussy here, just a dose that’ll make you wish you were born a woman. Like a prick, you are having second thoughts. You are shrinking, and your two little balls are shrinking with you. And the fact that you’ve got «Replica» written down the side of your guns… and the fact that I’ve got «Desert Eagle point five O»… written down the side of mine… should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now… Fuck off!
  16. Yeah and the average weight is 7 stone. Should be easy pickings for a fully fledged American.
  17. Best part of the show was the end.
  18. Playboy spread...... jabbered edition
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