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  1. If that was the case, why bother trying jabber anyone? You'd just leave it to sun.
  2. Me and you both Mac, still waiting.
  3. Bingo! And it's full of Russian GRU's, strangely, Israel is just as occupied as we are.
  4. Well...... It's not........ First of all intel is core coded in Israel and the Jedi cloud was also going to be coded there. Go figure.
  5. She was emailing him and trying to get him to join America First gang and also Julia Romanello. My question leads to General Jim Jones of Dynology, a data analytics company. Pieczenik was Kissengers protege.
  6. Who was Pieczenik right hand man to? Who did David Steele, Pieczenik, Jones and Stone report to? Edit, if we include Bill Binney, we also have to include Cynthia McKinney to the list as well.
  7. Enter the ministry of silly walks.......
  8. He was director or research and development in some department, can't remember which. He also previously worked for a company called BSG, which is Boston Support Group, I think. The "S" could stand for something else, I can't remember. Well, this company was supposedly used to short competition by wall street bankers by sending in a plant who would give bad info and the wall street rats would come in, short the company and make a fortune off it. So, who knows.
  9. Or is 11.4 rules of engagement???? More questions than answers as usual.
  10. So is zero day 11th April or 4th November? Knowing them across the pond it's November.
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