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  1. Can we all please refer to Nicola by her correct name: Kim Jong Sturgeon Thank you.
  2. And who cares what 2087 people who read the telegraph think, they don't speak for all of us. Jumped up twats.
  3. Do you mind if we stick with the pretence that he came tooled up and that's all he had?
  4. This just appeared in my YouTube feed. My phone is reading my mind. Clearly this is a very good demonstration of how these bastards track you.
  5. Did anyone find out if David was arrested then? The filth were probably looking for an excuse to lock him up. I'm sure we could crowd fund his bail.
  6. That's class. I wonder if he managed to break his duck.
  7. I watched about 2 mins of this and turned it off. Is it me or did Anne and that other women look similar? They sounded bloody similar and were spouting similar shite. Always likes to bring up the media does our Anna.
  8. @EnigmaticWorld Love Devlin and I've only recently come across him as well. He does a very good job of exposing the music industry which has obviously allowed him to go down the rabbit hole. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AmTyB3TnluBH/
  9. Love Griff, such a clued up guy. Been red pilled for years. KRS 1 is another guy to look at as well. Same as Griff in that respect.
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