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  1. Unenforceable then. See the word temporary on the front. They can piss off.
  2. The former, always the former in this situation.
  3. Can you post the 2nd video please. It seems that could be a piece of TV gold of they've been lying about covid. Thanks @metak88
  4. Woah, woah, woah, heathen! We'll have less of that blasphemy here thank you.
  5. What guidance would that be? How to get smacked up?
  6. Just about sums it up for me Danny. The question I keep asking myself is, where are people going to draw the line? I'd have thought it would be the kids and maybe that's still the case, but do we really need to suffer deaths of children for people to wake the fck up? It might well be the case which is sickening and sad that we will see innocent children being slane to the vaccine before their stupid moronic parents pull their heads out of their arses and start facing this shit head on. It is becoming exasperating now, tiresome, tedious and down right infuriating at the lack of crit
  7. That's right, grow a fuckin spine you gimps!
  8. Ah, so now we know what finished off Philip then.
  9. I think it's time to ban GMB personally.
  10. Here we go: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/cdc-tell-the-truth_3kovocNV8uaaG9c.html CDC tells the truth that coronavirus is not what has killed people in hospital. They all had pre-existing conditions. Wow!!! What an admission this is. No doubt you'd show a normie and they would still bury their head in the sand. FML. This is gold this is.
  11. Fuck off Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, but between the eyes..... Now you're under! As if that is even possible, not buying that bollocks. Mind you, would be easier than shoving a cotton bud up to your brain.
  12. What in the actual feck???? Are these morons for real? Knob heads.
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