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  1. May I ask a question please. Do you know why when you see a double rainbow, why are the colours of the top rainbow are in a descending order to the below rainbow? It's a weird phenomena, because you'd expect a mirror image of the below rainbow wouldn't you.
  2. @oddsnsods my response to full fact before. See, I'm not that daft.
  3. What are you talking about Odds and why are these posts aimed at me for?
  4. Lost all credibility with one post.
  5. Care to share this information you hold?
  6. Let me ask you a question, having seen all of that information, how have you not drawn the same conclusion?
  7. Do you know what, I've spent since 9/11 looking into this shit, so if you're not prepared to put the work in, read, read some more and read more after that, then I'm not prepared to tell you anything. As for your last point, they're masons, they're all fuckin masons and once you realise this and realise they're satanic paedos then everything becomes clear. Choice is yours, believe what you want, but you're wasting your time and ours with this hog wash.
  8. Here's the truth, no one knows the truth!
  9. We'll have to do the Dundee test....... "It's a bloke!"
  10. Well then, what are you waiting for? If everything we say is out there and silly, why don't you crack on and get jabbered up to the eyeballs. Why are you here trying to force your point of view on the rest of us? I'm all for opposing views and discussing things openly, but your coming across as quite contrived and frankly it's no wonder everyone thinks you're not genuine. Ask yourself this, if there was a pandemic, why are the government using our money (£100's of millions) for a media campaign? Surely if there was a pandemic, there'd be no need to advertise it would there. As for
  11. But if TV and internet go down, so does their brainwashing system. Surely the need this online?
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