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  1. Hi guys, joined the forum as I just wanted to share something from today. Before I get to that bit about myself I am 55 and it was my gf now my wife who woke me up. She did warn me before she started. We used to listen to youtube videos of Davids work every night which is why when we saw him live in Cardiff a couple of years ago sitting two rows in the front we both fell asleep. We used to go on marches in Cardiff but became very disheartened by the apathy in South Wales. Was expecting a bigger turn out when NATO came to Cardiff and they ringed it with fences facial recognition etc. My wife made a pantomime horse that we called the peace horse and that was fun but I spoke to more plain clothes police/people who were obviously not who they said they were than actual protesters. We used to say we were with anonymous but truth be told we just wore the masks! Anyway the reason for writing today was because I was on a speed awareness course which was on a zoom online link. One of the people on it wore a mask all the way through. Bear in mind everyone was in their own house! My wife said maybe he was scared of getting an online virus but it shows what a good job the fear factory has done. I think David is a modern day prophet I have bought and read several of his books - except this one called robot or something which for some reason I couldn't finish. I am a big fan of Richard D hall who turned me into a McCann nut and other things where the narrative just doesn't make sense just like this covid crap anyway that's my sharing over my wife really wants to go to this march on Saturday but she isn't well so I think we will give it a miss but hope that it is a massive step forwards.
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