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  1. Maybe he wanted rid of her to trade in for a newer model and made sure she got the jab, not the saline
  2. And you can't opt out. What a waste of money. I've been binning these - and the cancer screening letters - for about 10 years, possibly longer, but I'm not allowed to say I don't want them.
  3. Well, if you've been conned into a smart meter, it would be silly not to. And the times are when most people are still travelling home from work so wouldn't be doing the washing or whatever anyway. Of course, I don't have a smart meter. I get my dosh off National Grid by running exams for their supervisory staff (they have to redo security ticket every year). And I have to turn the power ON to do that
  4. Heat can't flow from a colder to a hotter It might try But it didn't ought'a
  5. Why does everyone seem to think Diana was so wonderful? She was a Spencer and therefore a member of the PTB and aware of/bred for what she got herself into. Probably related to Henry VIII, certainly related to the Stuarts. Only good thing about that family was the Gunpowder Plot - unless Catesby was the one who gave it away of course.
  6. Bio identical HRT isn't pig hormones, you're confusing it with thyroid treatment (NDT)
  7. But they shouldn't be getting menopause symptoms under 50. And what about those who have already been through menopause? Oh, but all women are hysterical hypochondriacs and only men *actually* get "long covid" - so we'll go on treating the women with GET and CBT and brainwashing them back to "normal", so they can be "good girls".
  8. And if they are public sector employees, don't forget to add that it is disgusting that they are allowed to discriminate against those with hearing disabilities and mention the Equalities Act 2010
  9. I do this but not as politely (as I am hearing impaired). First I ignore them, when they get cross, I say something like, "Oh, were you talking to me? How am I expected to understand what you are saying if your mouth's all covered up. If you want me to know what you are saying you'll have to take it off as I am deaf."
  10. Rosehips definitely better after a frost. Be very careful with the seeds and hairs, we used to make itching powder from them when I was a kid. Nasty stuff.
  11. AFAIK my GP (no idea who s/he is) does not know my phone number - they always send letters which go straight in the bin
  12. I've been making elderberry rob every autumn for decades. Excellent stuff for colds and flu.
  13. k_j_evans

    New 5g mast

    Does anyone know what the safety distance is for 5g masts in case of lightning? For an electricity pylon, it's 10m from base. These masts are pretty tall, and I think that the local council should put up a notice near each one warning the public how far they need to stay away in the event of bad weather. Should be able to annoy a few Councillors that way.
  14. Er, it was always Indigo and Violet; Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain = rainbow colours, or it did 60 years ago. And no way is Indigo pink. Perhaps you went to a brainwashung school as pink is the colour for gay men and lavender (which is sort of purple) for gay women
  15. You seriously think a billionaire knows how to do anything for himself - they have servants who know how to do things. I wonder if mines work on modern yachts...
  16. So the plebs can't drive cars as there aren't enough to go round. Where's the problem? All part of the plan
  17. So non-binary perthings are not allowed to cross. Seems a bit un-PC...
  18. I don't think he'll last long - looks like heart disease (face, fingers) and dementia. Get ready to go through this all again for William
  19. The UK had a heat wave??? I missed it. We had less than 5 nice warm days with no rain, but it's been raining ever since. How do they know what temperatures were before the industrial era? The first records for temp and rainfall are from around 1865 and you can't really compare temps taken at Heathrow airport, for example, with masses of reflective concrete with some rural hillside. Bah humbug!
  20. Basically, National Grid runs the electricity infrastructure for England and some of Wales. It's Scottish Power in Scotland (mostly). It's strange, as their safety rules and guidance are slightly different - like order of earthing things and so on. You'd think electricity would be the same anywhere. They are what's left of the old nationalised body whatever it was called - possibly CEGB - got split up into gas side and electricity side, plus National Powergrid, who fix more domestic stuff like meters. It's a lot less confusing for the engineers if the rules they are working under are the same. Don't think that there is anything weird there. Of course, it would be more logical just to re-nationalise the whole thing
  21. A phaeton was the sports model of the "horse and cart" for boy racers
  22. Well, only 15 degrees this morning, although it's now about 22. Some heatwave!
  23. Well, we had one hot day on Monday, perhaps 26 degrees. Light rain Tuesday am and about 21 and cloudy for the rest of the day. Yawn. Summer.
  24. Trouble is, you can't really shut them down and it takes about a decade to decommission one (I used to train people who worked in nuclear decommissioning near Sellafield). All that happens if you "shut down" is that "rods" are dunked in circulating cold water. When the water stops pumping, that fails. Probably takes about a month from "shutdown" to happen.
  25. Of course one thing they didn't cover in that series was that, if that many people die, there's no one left to run or decommission nuclear power stations. You really don't want to be within a few hundred miles of a reactor when it overheats. That basically wipes out all of Europe, UK and USA as possibilities for survivors. Perhaps that's why the elite are so keen on Australia and New Zealand. We'll all need to go to Africa
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