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  1. So import CO2 rocks from Iceland. Hit turkey over head with rock. Job done. Food shortage over. And the greenies will be happy as we're not creating more CO2.
  2. And I think they must be using Google maps instead of a decent GPS as I saw one try every street in our block (they don't all join up) before eventually disappearing
  3. So make sure you eat only organic or what you've grown yourself. Perhaps the earth would be better off it we became extinct.
  4. But why would you be in hospital for COVID if you had a mild case or no symptoms? Makes no sense.
  5. Ridiculous! Sambo was a hero. He saved the village by turning all the tigers into butter. How is that a bad thing? It is about 60 years since I read it BTW
  6. Nothing to do with the app. Places like, for example, our public library asked for name and phone number before they'd let you in - no phones allowed in library.
  7. My tiler got shopped by a customer to Test & Trace and lost 2 weeks work because he had to isolate. He was not amused
  8. There were leather horse boots in about 4th century BC and The Etruscans had various bronze circles apparently used on horses' feet, but horseshoes in Europe like the ones we recognise are about 5th century AD. Perhaps sacrificial metal is the root of the horseshoe thing, perhaps not. I doubt we'll ever know
  9. I don't think there were any horseshoes that long ago.
  10. Well, get rid of NICE, SAGE, GMC and all the quangos and let doctors do what they were trained for instead of being bogged down in bureaucracy ... he has a point
  11. True enough. I read Dion Fortune when I was in my teens. But Christian confirmation classes didn't teach me any magic either - and I was taught by an exorcist. Perhaps you just have to work your way up into the inner circle in all these religions
  12. I think this is derailing the thread a bit, but I thought most people who dabbled in magic did it for material reasons - make money; defeat your enemies etc. I think most people turn to religion (including marxism) and cults because they feel that there must be more to life than this shit show and are looking for something different
  13. Didn't teach me any magic, but I only did 3 years of it
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