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  1. When they charge me, I'll let you know as I AM deaf.
  2. I don't think you are any more likely to survive one than the other. See UK yellow card stats. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions
  3. Well, he doesn't exactly look healthy, does he? I'd have expected a medical professional to take more care of his health. Man boobs, gut, puffy face, skinny arms - perhaps he has an undiagnosed thyroid problem.
  4. It's obvious. You need a protective scotch egg if you are indoors. Don't forget that you can't sit on a bench outdoors with someone else to drink your beverage as viruses know that standing outdoors is safe, but sitting indoors is safe (sometimes, with a scotch egg). It all has to do with how high the virus flies through the air in different locations - *sigh* - *face palm*
  5. So, WHY is your home page Microsoft? Set it to about:blank and see nothing except what you want to see. Why are you watching the BBC? Are you a masochist? I'm still hoping that some enlightened hacker will lock Billy Boy in his "smart" home and leave him to starve to death.
  6. Well, of course it does if it kills you. Dead people don't get cancer...
  7. Way too far to travel, but if you find a large toy horse that's been lost on the Tor since 1965, please let me have it back.
  8. But where can an old white wifey without a passport go? And I don't mean a digital passport - I've never had a regular one. And I want to keep my cats. I don't think anywhere except the UK likes illegal immigrants
  9. You mean people actually bought them? We made our own. I thought everyone did.
  10. One of the things we were advised/made to read at school, along with 1984, Brave New World and Catch 22. I think education has changed ...
  11. Well, when they say, "Are you exempt", just say "I am". We all ARE, we exist, we be. Stuff what they think you said. I've never been asked as far as I know, but I'm hearing imapired so I wouldn't hear them anyway.
  12. Freecycle has shut down its groups in some areas, so we use Freegle instead. Basically the same thing. https://www.ilovefreegle.org
  13. Why not just run a good old-fashioned mailing list? Easier to run and not nearly as heavy on resources
  14. But how long was that cat's life? Was it the 20+ years that a healthy cat should live? Potatoes contain protein and some vitamins and minerals as well as carbs and can be used as a main food (as the Irish had to at one time) - both potatoes and a meat and fat diet probably helpful in getting rid of vit A toxicity also, and keto diet is followed by many humans. I feel that anyone forcing at cat to be vegan should be fed to said cat. (I am vegan but feed my cats raw meat and eggs). Fish isn't great for cats as you have to be careful to research the type of fish as many contain thiamin
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