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  1. The only time someone had a go at me was last year - a woman about my age in the cafe queue wearing a chiffon scarf tied round her face with a bit of string told me (shouting) that too many disabled people were refusing to wear masks (I'd said I was exempt). Being deaf, I just did a lot of "Yer what? Eh? I can't hear you with that thing over your mouth, do you want to go before me in the queue?" Even though she was shouting loud enough to be heard in Yorkshire. What she thought a piece of chiffon draped loosely round her face was going to do, I don't know. The cafe staff asked me if I was OK!
  2. I wish that were true as then I'd have nothing to worry about. I've never been given false papers, nor my mother, my aunt, my cousins or my gran. Don't confuse ordinary Jewish people with the evil elite.
  3. Not working round here then. Roads as crowded as they used to be in 2019 most of the time. Pm rush hour starts about 2:30 pm even though most kids don't seem to be in school.
  4. Hmm. Only 41 in my constituency. I wonder what happens if you sign up with a postcode that isn't your own.
  5. Persackly, so they'd get very upset and have to go back to work
  6. But why should I pay out of my taxes for snowflakes to sit at home on 80% pay when it would be cheaper for me to have them on universal credit.
  7. If they do that, it'll just prove they can't do simple arithmetic as zero x anything = zero as any fule no
  8. Pfft! Bandaid - it's f-ing elastoplast aka a plaster.
  9. Not round here, they don't. A few wear them when walking between shops.
  10. Well, perhaps she'll have it herself and get a blood clot on the brain. How can anyone (inc those who think climate change is problem) respect a person who seems to think that destroying Africa with cobalt mining is good for the environment? I dare say she thinks that the extinction of all farm animals is also a good thing.
  11. Try Settings, Apps & Notifications, Emergency Alerts (but that's with OxygenOS on Android 9)
  12. On an older version of Android it is under Wireless Alerts
  13. Well, it looks as though I'm probably safe as it says you need Android 11 or above and my newest phone is Android 9 - work phone is Android 4 - and it's rare to get a 4g signal round here (not that I usually carry a phone except when I need to for work).
  14. No, that's exactly what I meant - he couldn't have mentioned Cv19 (for obvious reasons) but didn't need to as his comments apply to all viral "illnesses"
  15. Not sure about that as masking started in the hot weather last year (when it was all over if it ever existed) and heat made no difference to obedience
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