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  1. I'm sure we can spare you a Cheviot, Nip. Or you could just make do with Penshaw Monument - it's on a bump (a mountain to those from East Anglia)
  2. Well, I'm hearing-impaired (aka pretty deaf), so perhaps that helps
  3. So, at the time of the alleged offence, he was - what? 30? I've known many teens who went for men in their late 20s and early 30s- and if star struck... Yes, he should have known better, but many, many blokes will do anything for a legover.
  4. It might depend on what bacteria are making it go off, but at times when I was poverty-stricken I had to use milk that was well past its best and although it it tasted bad and made lumps in the tea, I was never ill. Raw milk goes off "better" than pasteurised milk. If you search the web for "uses for sour milk" you'll find a load of recipes, so...
  5. And I meant any harm that comes to them won't be from using off milk, but from the jabs
  6. Has anyone actually tried blocking wifi completely (or almost completely). Do those paints really work? Obviously I don't have any wifi of my own, but neighbours do.
  7. Yes, a gas boiler is more expensive than a woolly jumper, but a jumper won't heat your bath water
  8. I don't se how it can, as VPN is the way most remote workers access company data
  9. I was thinking more of Hrútspungar, Slatur and Gellur - they go for lamb and fish more than beef.
  10. I thought Iceland was big on guts and offal, so that's quite surprising. I used to work with a guy from Iceland who moved to Glasgow.
  11. Absolutely - then they hypnotise you into worshipping them and mummifying them when they die, so that the bacteria get passed on. My cat just smiled and blinked when he read this.
  12. If you went down even 100 metres round here, you'd hit old pit workings and flood the entire area. And imagine the cost of the digging - Actually round here, you hit a fault long before that. I hope calor gas will still be available, otherwise it'll mean ditching the central heating all together and relying on portable electric fires.
  13. Why on earth would you want to control your heating with a phone? Much easier and cheaper to just set the thermostat and the time clock - then you don't need a fancy phone. Anyway, I think you can already do that with that BT Hive thingy. Most installers say something like this: "Your radiators or underfloor heating will have been installed to provide your home with heat at high temperatures. With the efficient running of low flow temperature heat pump you may need to upgrade or install additional radiators; and not all pipework is suitable. Whatever your current system is, it will need checking and flushing before connecting to your new heat pump." and "The cost of installing an air source heat pump in a new or self build to be upwards from £11,000. The cost will be significantly higher in an existing property, taking improvements to the house’s fabric and replacing and removing existing heating systems into account." Considering that getting a new gas boiler is less than a third of that cost... Given that they have to be installed where there is good airflow and at least a meter from any boundary, it's pretty much impossible to install one in an older terraced house.
  14. I seriously doubt that. Heat pumps are apparently very inefficient (and noisy) at actually heating anything compared to gas central heating and a condensing boiler - and you need to change all your pipework and radiators - very expensive. Ground source might be better than air source, but you need to be rich enough to have a decent garden for ground source. Why would we need to cool anything artificially? Just open a door or a window...
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