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  1. You know I had a headache yesterday amd my arm itches, so I must have caught monkeypox. It's so unfair, I've been nowhere near Hartlepool (local centre of past monkey abuse)
  2. Ah, we gave up on IBM and went with ICL (as Fujitsu were then) so used ICL NRX not AIX (but that's a few years on from my Xenix days) - instead of having nice easy to understand IP addresses we had give terminals addresses in binary using dip switches, and twiddles to printers drivers were done in octal - not even hex! The height of sophistication was amber text instead of green.
  3. Well, all the oldies will be fine as we all had smallpox vaccine as kids and have had chickenpox
  4. Well, I'm old enough to remember the Microsoft version of Unix - called Xenix - which we used to use as a multi user platform for our financial services software. It was actually quite decent. You had to write your own printer drivers in order to get a GBP sign, but you had to do that on SCO Unix, too. Neither of those was free.
  5. Seems like a good reason to use old non-tech machinery. Surely there must be someone around who still knows how to steer a tractor? Perhaps all those "work from home" public sector workers could be drafted in to harvest veg. Then they'd know what a day's work actually meant.
  6. Ha, I have a hasmat suit (from a paranoid boss) left over from covid days, so no one will be able to tell if I have blisters
  7. We didn't have those - didn't really work. I went to boarding school and it still took 3 outbreaks before I managed to catch chickenpox - and all the kids were together all day and all night
  8. Well, at least if you wear a mask and gloves no one would be able to see if you had pustules and should be isolated. Might be a plan.
  9. Masks only work if you put them round your - er - bits... cling film might be better
  10. Oohh scary. So that's about 1 in 6231656 with it. Boring!
  11. Plus, according to mainstream "science" the vaxx can trigger latent herpes to produce shingles, which is just the same "virus" as chicken pox, which is probably the same as monkey pox, so ...
  12. ooohhh, it's spreading. Seven cases in a population of how many billions?
  13. But he actually seems to be warning against NWO. Remember that these guys are the Jewish version of the Amish - no mobile phones, TV or internet
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