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  1. Well, I hope it's heart disease caused by vaxxed minions shedding
  2. Quite. We need a bit of heat to dry out the recent flood waters - I don't think 8-15 degrees is particularly warm for April.
  3. k_j_evans


    If you want beef fat, look for suet. Lovely stuff - used for making the pastry for steak and kidney pudding and dumplings, among other things. Primalmeats do organic suet and quite a few places do grass fed. There are Youtube videos on rendering beef fat (I think you need to use suet or tallow as a keyword)
  4. Pity the Dutch didn't leave her in the nick. She should get a job in a cold store for a while and then see how much she appreciates a warm day
  5. It's not in a food exactly, your body makes it - better known as ACE2 - how well it makes it can be genetic. Since it's mainly expressed in organs, perhaps eating animal organs - kidney, liver, sweetbread, testes etc might increase it. Needs zinc. But otherwise all the things we know help with CV19.
  6. Do you need special trainers like Fred Flintstone - or just keep along the electric train line
  7. Does not compute, as Jesus was Jewish - so is that just for quoting parts of the New Testament that disagree with the Old? If not, surely it is an anti-Semitic law...and what theological qualifications do the members of the Canadian government have?
  8. PC just gets over-excited, you think?
  9. The jumping up and down happens when he links to another forum post with what looks like a photo/screenshot of the post on a phone (with scroll bars) - I do hope no one actually uses smartphone for this forum... (I have 32gig of RAM on my workstation so the images and video aren't an issue).
  10. On my PC, I often can't read them as my screen bounces up and down
  11. How did they miss "pissing it down with local flooding" for 2-3 days (so far)? Light rain my arse!
  12. That just made me deaf! I used to get an interesting ticking/clicking about 3 inches away from my left ear, but it went gradually when I upped my B12 intake, and I haven't had it for a while now
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