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  1. I searched the forum and found no mention of this. Many of us have heard of Zachariah Sitchin (i hope my spelling's correct, i've had beer and can't be bothered checking) and his interpretation of the Sumerian creation story and other of their writings, but not so many have heard of Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien. They did an amazing analysis of the aforementioned Sumerian writings and have pieced together an intriguing analysis of them in their book The Genius of the Few, available here : https://www.goldenageproject.org.uk/genius.php I loved reading it, it conjures up images that coincide with Bauval, Hancock, John Anthony West, Randall Carlson and the like. All the best, Gary.
  2. Thanks all, i'm open to questions but let's not clutter the Hello thread I work on the PC all day so i'm open to answering questions and will reply fairly quickly, but to save your time and mine i tell the full legal history and all about the hack on my YT (Boooh!) channel here (i do not monetise (i hate that word) my channel so i'm not here to pimp it :
  3. Hi Andy, i posted the video so there'd be no doubt it's me, the audio is a little quiet though. The short answer is no. The UK government doesn't run the country, the unelected individuals within institutions like the Home Office do, and many of them wanted to bend over backwards to help the US authorities. Then i was stabbed in the back by the UK Labour party, many of whom also want to please the US, most notably Baroness Patricia Scotland, who is now the secretary-general of the Commonwealth of Nations! We had to fight the US and the UK governments and only won the fight due to having legal aid (which is now almost non-existent for the lone individual now) and because we had good evidence for every judicial review we brought to court. And they still haven't changed the imbalanced UK-US extradition treaty, the US can still grab UK citizens with zero evidence of their alleged crimes. Here's to truth! Gary.
  4. Richard Dolan does nice analyses and this is his of the Wilson documents. If you haven't heard of them before i hope you find them interesting. One of Richard's videos on them : Links to the documents can be found in the video description. Here's to truth! Gary.
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Gary, some of you may have seen my case in the news a few years ago : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_McKinnon Luckily for my family and i we won the fight against extradition back in 2012 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MEQVo8ENC8 I've always thought that David does a great job of disseminating information that a lot of people would not normally come across in the course of their daily lives. I left Farcebook and Twatter because of the behaviour of both companies when it comes to free speech. I am still on Youtube, even though that is now a pile of corporate-media dogshit since Google bought it : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGgSY0uFZWvIaamVOi2N1KA So with the lack of decent social media i'm now joining the various forums of activists such as David, in the hope of some decent discourse on a multitude of topics. For some reason i have quite a few sock puppets on the net (people pretending to be me) so i've attached a short video saying hi. Here's to truth! Gary. david icke hello.mp4
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