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  1. Thanks very much Basket Case and gregory-peccary - great options
  2. Hi Everyone, Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and there has been an exponential increases in many of their values in 2020. The positive attributes of Bitcoin or Ethereum and blockchain technology means the transactions are private and de-centralised which in theory gives the monetary power back to the people, irradiating the corrupt banking system. However, a cashless society has long been discussed by David Icke and other such researchers and can clearly be used to orchestrate and totally control society. I would be very interested to hear peoples thoughts as to whether the rise of Bitcoin and other Alt coins could be viewed as a positive, liberating, empowering technology for the people. Or if this is part of an agenda and could be seen in a dangerous or negative technological transition. Thanks
  3. Thanks Basket Case, its true, it is not compulsory to upgrade existing meters....but I am finding it hard to get any company to install an old style, non-smart meter as they are not stocked or made anymore
  4. Hi all, Does anybody know of an energy provider that offers non-smart meter installation in the UK? It seems this is a pretty difficult thing to find. I am moving to a renovated house that doesn't have a meter of any kind, so one needs to be installed...I just hope not to have a smart meter! Thanks
  5. I came across the Ubuntu movement at the end of last year and was very impressed with its manifesto. I think it is very difficult to plan how society can drastically improve, in the way that is needed, given the corruption within every system. However, I think Ubuntu presents the most logical, practical and affective way to transition into a new more conscious society, based on cooperation and community. I really recommend looking into it.
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