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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8867021/Coronavirus-Scotland-Nicola-Sturgeon-rocked-lockdown-backlash.html Well it was only a matter of time before Sturgeon went one better. Her and her party are the 'virus' up here. Amazingly, a lot of the folks I showed this to, are thinking she is doing the right thing. Seriously??? I am amazed at how compliant everyone is and that they follow along as if this woman is God. They question NOTHING. We have become a nation of sheeple in the truest sense. I am ashamed to be Scottish
  2. This is something I have wondered about too.
  3. I seriously wish that Matt Hancock would be hoisted by his own petard. The guy is an arse.
  4. I first remember David Icke from the Wogan Show in early 1990's, but it was after 9/11 when I started to seek more understanding on what was happening in the world that I saught him out (among others) to get another slant on things. I think it was the youtube videos of him at the Oxford Union a few years later that really sucked me in. His research and how he 'dot connected' was eye opening. Ever since then, I have kept aware of what he has written and talked about. More than anyone else he has made sense of this world and what is happening in it and even his most 'outlandish' theories (as others may describe them) are things I would try to understand, as I always felt David had/has real integrity and intelligence.
  5. I too have wondered 'why the rush'. It's a relevant question and I would love to hear what others think the answer may be because to me it suggests that there is something coming down the pipe that has forced them to bring it all forward's, otherwise we would not so easily roll over and comply
  6. Wow! Facinating posts with so much information that knits together so many loose ends. I have read some of this stuff before from other sources, but it has never really been so coherent as you have presented it all. Thank you for all your hard work and research digging deep and putting it out there. My mind boggles at getting my head around it all!
  7. I don't actually feel Nicola Sturgeon has any gun to her head. I think she is either, thick enough that she actually believes there really is a virus or is totally getting off on a power trip. Actually, it's probably both.
  8. I'm not so sure. Most of the people I talk to seem to think we should have made the lockdown a lot longer and all of them firmly believe that Covid19 is a real and present threat to them. None of them are remotely interested in any other view than what comes from the main stream press and media. They would rather about 'Nicola' Sturgeon as if she was some kind of close friend who has their best interests at heart. Most of the women I work with prefer in depth conversations about what design of material they want for a face mask - as if it was a fashion accessory. If they are indicative of the great british public, then we truly are fucked.
  9. Interesting video. This guy makes a lot of sense.
  10. I had seen this on the The World Integration Trade Solution on 5th of September and downloaded the data in excel. The dates show that the UK had partnered with 182 countries and if you look at the screen shot of that Excel sheet you can see that as far back as 1989 Covid19 was mentioned in relation to Sweden. Don't know if this helps anyone.
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