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  1. On 3/18/2021 at 9:12 AM, old-timer said:

    Luckily for me, in my household at least both my husband and I are on the same page regarding CV.


    We haven't had the flu jab for years anyway because we both have adverse reactions to it so this is what I have been telling my immediate family outside of my household.


    I had sent them all a link to the Drs speaking out video several months ago and had negative responses so I've not bothered since.


    Last night I got messages from my son pressuring us to get the vaccine almost blackmailing. I haven't told my husband or he'll go mad.


    I won't give in even if he doesn't see me again, in principle!


    I'm so sick of all this, David Icke is so lucky his sons agree with him. 


    Anyone else with family pressures or division?





    I can totally sympathise with what you say. I have tried talking to family and trying to get them to inform themselves but they are totally closed to anything outside the mainstream media. My daughter and I got into an argument about the 'jab', as she intends to take it. My sister has just got her first one despite me sending her links and literally begging her not to. Same with my mother who has gotten the AZ one already and goes for the 2nd one next week. My mother is now trying to pressure my brother (who I live with) who is immunocompromised to get his jab too - even though he is totally against it. On top of all of this, the local doctor surgery kept hassling my brother by repeated phonecalls, trying to wear him down, until i lost the plot and grabbed the phone off him ad ranted at them down the line and told them to fuck off and shove it up their arse. I also told them NEVER to contact either of us again about it.

    To be honest, the stress of worrying about family getting this jab will probably send me into an early grave. I also have conflicted emotions about being in physical proximity to them as I am so bloody disappointed and angry at them for being so ignorant and 'virtuous'. I also worry that when I see them, they will pass something onto me if there is anything in this 'shedding' idea. Family mean everything to me, so I refuse to let the PTB take even that away, so I will suck it up and be physically close to them despite my reservations. The biggest despair I have though, is that my daughter who is pretty creative and intelligent, has fallen for the propaganda and will take the 'vaccine'. Like most parents, we spend our lives keeping them safe and now they are adults, we are dismissed as being paranoid. Right now, the thing that looms large in the immediate future is being witness to the possible 'deaths by vaccine' of the very people in my life that makes my own life worth living. Sometimes I wonder if people who know it is all crap, take the jab too, as what would be the point of living without the ones you love? It is a very depressing scenario for sure.

  2. 31 minutes ago, mathewtwatson said:

    COVID-Status Certification Review - Call for evidence - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)




    I am the son of a hardworking mother, I am the son of a heavy drinking, abusive dad, I am the brother to a overweight truckdriver, I am the nephew to  Aunty with MS, I am the husband to a beautiful wife, I am a dad to a wonderful little girl, I am a human being, a person, a man. I am just like you a person that lives and breathes. Like all of us.....i am more than your.......... a) b) c) categories.



    1. If a person chooses to show their covid status in the form of certification that is their choice and should be respected. If a person says NO to the certification scheme that is their choice and should be respected.
    2. If a person wishes to reject this scheme on behalf of himself, herself or their children then these people get discriminated against, persecuted, then I think this breaks many many many laws. Morally  wrong
    3. It should be made absolutely clear upon on delivery to every man,woman and child that this is not a legal requirement and upon delivery of the operation that any company or organisation have no legal power to reject the people who say NO. My personal information is my information including my medical information. I just want to make it clear on this COVID-status certification scheme you describe..........all vaccine manufacturers direct information states quite clearly these vaccines do not stop a vaccinated individual from spreading the virus. Making such scheme highly irrelevant.
    4. Due to vaccinated people still being able to spread the virus, it should be made clear to venues that just because a person has a certificate stating their vaccination status, this does not mean a thing in the grand scheme of things, because a 20 year old vaccinated person spreads the disease as does a 20 year old non-vaccinated person. A venue could however use this as a tool, for example in past history pubs used to have smoking rooms, and sometimes non-smokers would still use these room of their own free will. If people who have had the vaccine wish to remain separate from the people who haven’t and a venue would like to facilitate this need, then this should be respected, but great work should be done to make sure people (and encourage people to) live in harmony and respect each others bodies and rights.
    6. It is ethically and morally the wrong thing to do, and just because other countries require a ‘’COVID-status passport’’ does NOT mean a supposedly free country like the UK should do the same. If this government wants to truly represent its people, it should go to countries that we travel to and negotiate safe passage and indiscriminate access for all its citizens. For example if Turkey decide against letting non-vaccinated people in its country, then the UK government should make a stand and take our ‘’Tourism pie’’ elsewhere. Some countries depend on the UK. This government clearly does not represent the entire population. A government should serve its people, not serve other countries or organisations. My dream is one day we have a government that fights for the liberty of its people as a whole.
    7. It is obvious that being forced to identify has ‘’INFECTED’’, ‘’NOT INFECTED’’, ‘’VACCINATED’’ , ‘’NOT VACCINATED’’ is not considering any form of ‘’EQUALITY’’.
    8. Privacy? Please.........sitting down writing this response actually makes me feel physically sick. I privacy consideration should be to scrap this whole idea. Unite people....do not divide.



    If you are the person reading this and given the job of interpreting the responses, I would like you to just think about this idea for one moment. I would like to think about the pressure it would put on people to have a vaccine. I would like you to think of who this benefits. Think about who will prosper. Now im not anti-vaccine, im not anti-tech, im not anti-future. People die from medical procedures all the time. If 1 million heart bypasses are carried out and 100 people die, I wouldn’t call for the end of heart bypass operations. This is not what this is about. The evidence on this virus is clear for us all to see and the people it affects. The evidence is clear that if you are over the age of 65 then a vaccine might be worth considering and at this age you might prefer to go on Vaccinated only cruises, I don’t know why because if you’ve had your vaccine then you still have exactly the same chance of catching it regardless of who surrounds you, it lowers the chances of severity of illness according to the scientific data released by the vaccine manufacturers, but this would be a choice. If we takeaway the freedom of people who choose to take their chances on a virus, and some of these people are over the age of 65, what kind of country are we running. People do die from vaccines, this is a fact. What if we bring this in, and people who were not going to have it, take the vaccine and suffer a severe reaction, what if a parent who knew they weren’t at a high risk of severity of illness, understands that data and knows her daughter or son has little chance of even having symtoms, but wants to go on holiday, or a music concert without being discriminated against or turned away,or forced to have a swab shoved down her families nasal passage, what if this person through this pressure decided to submit,then vaccinated her 12 year old daughter or son, what if this child has a reaction that renders them death or blind (both officially documented reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations) for the rest of their life, what does this mean we are as people? The beauty of nature is it is totally indiscriminate. The beauty of all viruses including coronaviruses is we do not have to make this choice, neither does any man woman or child. Mother nature and its bacteria will take a life without asking you to show your ‘’COVID-status’’.


    Something like this as big as this, these are not the decisions of real men and women, these are not the actions of a peaceful loving society, we should be world leaders in making sure these kind of tyrannical measure are not enforced anywhere on this earth. Great Britain should be beacon, Great Britain should be what countries strive to be. We should fight against discrimination, we should fight for the Human Rights of every living person,we should take on corporations, we should challenge the pharmaceutical industry, we should fight for the few, we should declare WAR on any single or united entity that thinks this sort of thing should even be considered. I am appalled, I am disgusted and I am ashamed. People will die from this decision by being coerced, it doesn’t matter if its 1 life or 10....this is very different from choosing medical intervention and dying. This decision is murder. Just like the decision not to treat cancer patients.


    We are not machines, We are not cattle, we are human beings.







    Thank you


    Mat Watson



    Well, my answers could have fitted on the back of a postage stamp as it suggested they wanted a brief response, but I sooo wish I had read yours powerful response before I submitted mine!! 👍


  3. 10 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



    And those we tried to wake up will applaud our incarceration and glorify those that put us there. They don't care who is wrong or right they just want blood sacrifices to appease the monsters that rule them. If enough of us are incarcerated or killed they stand a chance of returning to the horror show they know as the old normal.

    Indeed. However the elites would much prefer to eat us.


  4. 2 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    A minute's silence and a national doorstep vigil will form part of a day of reflection to mark the anniversary of the UK's first Covid lockdown.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson is backing charity Marie Curie's plan for Tuesday 23 March, when those who have died in the pandemic will be remembered.

    There will be a minute's silence at 12:00 GMT with people encouraged to light up their doorsteps that night.




    on that day we can thank the govt for their total destruction of retail and hospitality and over 100,000 deaths 

    They can go and fuck right off. I wonder if he will be backing this charity in five years time when the effects of the jab start playing out big time.  🤬

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  5. 15 hours ago, factJack said:

    I have a weird experience, something like this but I couldn't explain. 

    I was at a sports stadium watching an important football game. At the final whistle many fans including myself invaded the pitch. I was in a state of euphoria I ran to celebrate with the team hurdling advertising hordings and pushing past burly stewards with ease (senate style)

    I headed towards the one player but as I was in like touching distance I was suddenly stopped in my tracks drained of all my excitement and just felt a harsh coldness, I just had to get away from this guy. Which was unbelieveable as for the last hour and a half I'd been cheering him on.

    I'm reminded of this moment in photograph. As I found my friends who were all jubliant, got our phones and took group selfies on the pitch. I'm the one who looks like he'd seen a ghost.

    Weird.  IMO, you were right to trust your intuition.

  6. 39 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


    Sorry I had posted this in the todays minor items thread without realising you had posted it here, however, I will reiterate that I can't beleive we pay arseholes like her to spew out this crap. We'd be a lot better off if she locked herself away  - not just from 6pm,  but forever...😡

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  7. 2 hours ago, Free Range said:

    Im looking to invest a bit of cash ive made this year. The cryptos are too dodgy imo, for me anyway. I did buy some Eos tokens a couple of years back on the off chance it might take off. Probably increased 5x since then but its small change in the scheme of things.

          My interest in buying silver was rekindled after following a couple of exchanges on the covid thread. Problem is i dont know where to start. i was looking at a dealer earlier, an ounce coin about £35.

    A kilo £900. So a kilo is about £350 cheaper. Im thinking its better getting the coins for exchanging stuff down the line if it all goes tits. Is this the only reason for the big gulf?

    2) Does anyone have any advice or recommendations, or links? Probably cant afford gold so im looking at silver.

    3) Dumb question maybe but how do you actually sell it? Is it with a dealer or an ebay type equivalent.

            Im not looking for in depth as obviously i need to research it but any pointers welcome. 👍

    I've been looking at this site:


    You can buy gold or silver coins or bars. Silver has VAT added to it but not gold. I have been told that it is cheaper to buy as big as you can, but like you, I have been thinking about silver if needed for trade. You can also sell your gold and silver back to the company so it makes it pretty simple. I am an amateur in this, but the person that suggested this site to me seems happy with it. This is a reputable company. Don't go near ebay or anything as you are more likely to get chocolate coins posted out to you.😁

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  8. 20 minutes ago, Claire said:

    It is understandable. I mean people wanted you six feet away for having "covid" so I think discrimination does not apply. This is an experimental shot after all. Protect your health best you can but it sure does seem crazy...

     True. People give me the 'covid swerve' all the time, yet when it suits them they have no problem breaking all their own rules. Most folk I know can't even be bothered reading anything about Covid or the vaccines. They most certainly are not 'informed'  and yet they queue up and get the shot because 'it's the right thing to do'. The laziness and disregard they have for their own health astounds me, but worse than that, it is the sheer ignorance and pomposity they spout at others who have taken the time to investigate everything and who have decided against it. The 6 feet they sanctimoniously endorse because they are told it 'protects' them, will soon become  a cold grave 6 feet underground. 😐

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  9. 3 hours ago, rideforever said:

    One of my neighbours has got the chainsaw out and is sawing through some lows ... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW   ...... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW    .... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW    .... ZZZZZZAAAAAWWWW   


    It's 12:15 on a Saturday.  I can see next to him is a family with the kids sitting down to lunch.


    That family sitting down to lunch ... they are actually the ones with the C*** dogs who bark through the night every night.


    Everyone is just f-ing deranged scum.   Aren't they?   They should rename the planet ....





    We take it in turn to f__k each other up until life is not worthy living.


    Another neighbour chooses saturday to throw everything outside of his shed and then rummage around in it like yoga in a swamp and bang everything and be generally f-ing noisy.   All whilst wearing white headphones and listening to some bullshit.  His garden is about 2 metres square after all that.


    Then some old woman across once a week she has the leafblowers come and destroy the silence of the neighbourhood because this equipment is "more efficient" than a rake and broom.


    These people are the dead and damned.  If not were are the living dead, if not here.

    This is what zombies means.

    These people are sort of alive, and sort of f_ing dead.


    Christ have mercy on everyone.



     Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at your venting, as I know exactly how it feels. The word has not been in vented that can describe this madness. Sometimes its comforting to know that others go off the deep end (like myself...) when faced with blatant idiocy and the overwhelming NOISE they make as they disrespect everyone around them.  I've often thought that we are the walking dead and they are the living dead. This is coming from someone who loves zombie movies, lol!

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  10. On 1/18/2021 at 6:33 PM, Claire said:

    What do the issues with people having the shot mean for the blood supply (donations), intimacy, etc.


    To be honest, the mere thought of vaccine infused blood being pumped into my viens fills me with horror. If I could stipulate that if ever I needed a blood transfusion, that it only be from an unvaxed donor, I would. As for being intimate with someone who had taken the vaccine,  I can't imagine a bigger turn off. Reading what I have said back to myself, I can understand that it is discriminatory, but that is how I feel about this vaccine. 😧

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  11. 1 hour ago, Sexpistol50 said:

    Sturgeon being question in Scottish Parliament by committee over harassment complaints, what next for Sturgeon will she step down ?


    Hopefully - but just in case, we should have some vaseline and a crow bar at hand in order to prise her loose 🤬

  12. 10 hours ago, DarianF said:


    Hey Phil, while you're still alive and I'm still a free man - untested for the fake C19 bullshit virus and unvaccinated for it by choice - I just wanted to say, on the odd chance you may see this post via your 77th Brigade connections, go fuck yourself and, when you finally pass, enjoy Satan playing with your arsehole until the end of time. Cheers.


    PS. Thanks for Australia. It's nice down here.

    Nice one 🤣

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  13. 1 hour ago, Curious1 said:

    This person almost did drive me to suicide a few years ago. I have noticed that others deal with them by treating them like they are more important than they are, this person likes to be made to feel important and he rewards those who just seem to submit to them. If you please this person they will give you opportunities and more responsibility, otherwise you get treated as I have. I think those who are in their favour may copy their behaviours in future when they are in a similar position, and the cycle continues. 


     Well I reckon a good few folks would say rise above it and ignore this person etc etc, but from personal experience I would say leave the job and get away from this toxic bastard. You sound like you have been boxed in - not only by the psycho, but by management too,  who very obviously have not addressed your issue. Why give anything of yourself to any person or any company that blatantly couldn't give a shit about you? Get out and find something else - even if its a stepping stone to what you are better suited for. Don't give these life sucking parasites and inch.

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  14. 20 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    Word of caution to those parents tempted to remove their kids from school because of coven-19 insanities. The public school system has a police force to enforce attendance compliance. This force is child services. The minute you pull your kids, a noble gesture of love and respect for youth, you find yourself predated by these wolves accusing you of parental negligence and social isolation. They will try to terminate your parental rights and put your kids in foster homes that will gladly comply. Not to understate the value of the internet to find the files to win in court or to imply people have no fight in them but speaking from personal experience you need plenty of courage and boatloads of determination to prevail in those circumstances. I did but it was long and hard. No lawyer. I would do it all again having seen what its like to see my kids grow up. Not a peep from child services after that. 



    Just thought i'd add this link:



    These people helped me a lot when I decided to take my daughter out of mainstream and educate her at home. For anyone living in Scotland wishing to home educate I would get in touch with these folks. Hopefully they still have their integrity as they did back in 2000.

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  15. On 2/7/2021 at 9:56 PM, ink said:

    What do you think would be the end result if the internet was to become suddenly nonfunctional and could never be restored?


    You know .... if it just NEVER worked again!


    I just need some thoughts as I am sure I have missed some issues / problems in my considerations of the potential.




    I grew up in an age without internet, mobile phones and satellite TV so it may be easier for us oldies to imagine.  We had libraries back then, where we could look for books and learn and entertain ourselves. We had hobbies like writing, drawing, craft making, etc. We met with friends we made at work or school and had face to face interactions. We didn't have much 'one upmanship' cause we were all pretty much poor and we weren't being bombarded with adverts about how we should look and what we should be into etc etc.  It was no paradise, but compared to today, they were 'innocent times' (a perception in retrospect). Any information about the outside world came through the News on the TV or Radio and we believed most of what we heard unless we knew personally something different. In this, the internet is a god send, in that we have access to so much more information in all categories.

    But if the internet disappeared tomorrow, life would not be like it was then. We would be in a worse situation I imagine, as we would be completely isolated from others of similar mind, as most of us are so far apart that meeting up would be impossible. People would be lost and floundering and all the while waiting for the PTB to save them from a life devoid of Facebook et al. We wouldn't get the diverse opinion and input from others around the world, nor really know what TPTB were up to. We would have no way to counteract the lies and manipulation without having access to alternative views and opinions. All written material would be censored too and libraries would hold nothing more than approved reading material. Mobile phones would be just tracking devices (as they are now anyway) with approved apps that would not allow you to interact with anything other than what was permitted.

    I reckon suicide rates would go up and the authorities would come down harder on small groups that may stand against them. If the internet went completely, it probably means that TPTB have won and feel confident that civil unrest could be easliy quashed because no-one would know what the hell was going on and it would be very hard to get together with enough people to protest.

    There are a lot of negatives if the internet went down and if there are positives to it going down right now with the world as it is and with what is going to unfold, I am stuck to think of many. If it wasn't for this agenda unfolding I could say it would be no bad thing really - but it is unfolding and we are all heavily invested and engaged in what the internet has allowed us to pursue. We would be cast adrift and IMO, more helpless to resist this tyranny.

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  16. Just as the PTB get fat by feeding of the collective suffering and misery of the Human Race, I think all of us at some point in our life have done it too with other people.  Often you know you've been in the presence of an energy vampire when you get that heavy draining feeling in your chest and gut and your head seems to be filled with lead in their presence. It's impossible to feel good in their presence. Some energy vampires you can take steps to avoid in the future. However,  other times it's more insidious and seductive, in that it is hidden under illusion (usually your own weaving of one) in the guise of a 'relationship'. These people are usually aware that they suck the life force out of someone and they encourage and drip feed into the other persons psyche to secure  a long term feeding avenue. If you manage to survive a relationship like that, you are inevitably left a shell of a person with barely enough life inside of you to continue to exist.  These relationships can be familial ones, romantic ones (because some folks just love to be 'needed' and give away their energy to secure some kind of validation they think they may get in return, but never do...), work relationships and 'friendships' (usually the ones you'd love to escape from, but feel too guilty to pull the plug). The list goes on and on and on...anyhoo...that's my definition if it helps! lol!


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  17. "...I really can't explain how or why this happened, but I think I was in that much despair that it maybe triggered this response and it felt, in that moment, just extremely peaceful. I had no noise chatter in my mind and I was free of thought for a small period of time"


    I think when someone is really raw and stripped of hope that they spiritually open themselves up. Sometimes that may be a negative experience and sometimes (in your case) a positive one. The fact you meditated in order to 'mellow out',  and that you have mentioned that you are 'someone with faith' - as in a belief in a spiritual being (God) - could have opened a door for that benign presence to 'speak' to you. I have tried to understand it when people say 'God spoke to them' and I have come down on the understanding that it's not verbal as such and that it is deeper than that- in that you feel a unity with something overpowering and benevolent. With negative experiences (of which I have had one) fear seems to be the prequel to the experience. In your case, despair was a process of disintegration of hope for yourself and for others -and also grief with feeling the loss of connection with the divine (as I myself have thought often, that if there is a God or Source then it has abandoned us) and the loss of the world we thought we knew.

    This is an extreme time and it is like we are being attacked on all fronts. I don't think it's selfish to want to experience it again (I hope you do!), however, I think the experience comes out of leftfield when we least expect it or need it most.  🤔

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