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  1. Watched this and then 2.12 to 3.16 watched that guy having a meltdown. Have to say have we not all felt like him? I know I have. The utter frustration in the face of all this insanity needs an outlet somehow. I guess most would believe that it's best he is just addressing a camera rather than taking it out on people.
  2. Council recruits men with TVs strapped above their heads to walk the streets and warn public not to break Covid lockdown rules https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9126229/Council-recruits-men-TVs-strapped-heads-warn-public-not-break-Covid-lockdown.html
  3. You are correct. Their 'justifiction' is that they had suspicion that they had siomeone else living there. I hope they felt big about themselves for creating terror in that young child by their actions towards her parents. Absolute bastards.
  4. I know bugger all about Maths, however, I am interested in Tesla and knew he was obsessed with 3,6 and 9. Also, the number 9 is facinating - as we all learned in school. The 12 hours and the 60 minutes, 60 seconds, 12 months etc, all come from the Summerian base 6 system. The bigger truth behind these numbers are encoded in nature it seems. The subject is way beyond any of my meagre abilities, but I follow this thread with interest!
  5. I always believed that the term ' Conspiracy Theorist' is a dismissive term used by those who are mentally dulled against those who have an active curiosity and imagination for the weird and wonderful in the world. People who use that term towards me are usually folks who think they are intelligent and informed - but are sadly not. I do not consider myself as a conspiracy theorist, but I do research conspiracies - as a lot of them are worth looking into. Many so called conspiracy theories have been shown to be conspiracy fact. Too many people do not research their ' belief system' and take
  6. Dreams where water is the most dominant element signify emotions. The bigger and more turbulent the water, the more extreme and volatile your emotions. Sometimes there is a psychic factor in dreams of water, but to understand it you have to pick it apart and decypher the emotions to the symbol. Cars in dreams sygnify the body of the dreamer and if you are the driver then it symbolises that you are in control of your life but if you are in a car where you are a passenger, then it reveals that someone else is calling the shots. Being in a car which is out of control and where you are the drive
  7. kitkat

    Disease X

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9106277/Doctor-discovered-Ebola -warns-new-deadly-viruses-set-hit-mankind-medics-fear-new-Disease-X.html Typical fearmongering by the Daily Mail, however as we all suspect by now, this is just one of the many bleed ins leading up to the ' Big One' that Gates says we will definately give attention to. Drip, drip, drip....
  8. Totally agree. It was the first thing I thought of too. Talk about ' in you face'...
  9. Couldn't agree more. Like the picture of Dorian Gray - but in reverse. Evil is an understatement.
  10. I totally sympathise and kudos to you for trying! I had the same response with my family.
  11. A truly sinister dream which, if it was a movie, I would have enjoyed watching. However, I don't envy you enduring this for two years as it must have been truly traumatic! God knows what snapping the tooth off and stuffing it down your shirt means, but I think that's the freakest bit of all, as it's so bizarre.
  12. So weird that you wrote this, as for the last 4 nights or so, I have been woken up by birds tweeting really loudly around 1am ish. I live in the countryside and so I am used to all the normal sounds at night, but this was unusual enough for me to take note on what was happening. No idea if it means anything - probably not - but it was strange nevertheless!
  13. Gmail was down earlier but it is now working again for me right now.
  14. I've seen all of those films and loved them all. However, Prince of Darkness really got under my skin. For some reason this film kept coming back on me when thinking about the bigger spritual aspects of current events. The clip you posted where the woman puts her hand through the mirror to summon the darkness beyond, really freaks me out. Always did. I have no religious beliefs, but I do beleive that the PTB end game is to bring through something from the 'beyond' and give it physicality in this reality.
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