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  1. I can totally sympathise with what you say. I have tried talking to family and trying to get them to inform themselves but they are totally closed to anything outside the mainstream media. My daughter and I got into an argument about the 'jab', as she intends to take it. My sister has just got her first one despite me sending her links and literally begging her not to. Same with my mother who has gotten the AZ one already and goes for the 2nd one next week. My mother is now trying to pressure my brother (who I live with) who is immunocompromised to get his jab too - even though he is totally against it. On top of all of this, the local doctor surgery kept hassling my brother by repeated phonecalls, trying to wear him down, until i lost the plot and grabbed the phone off him ad ranted at them down the line and told them to fuck off and shove it up their arse. I also told them NEVER to contact either of us again about it. To be honest, the stress of worrying about family getting this jab will probably send me into an early grave. I also have conflicted emotions about being in physical proximity to them as I am so bloody disappointed and angry at them for being so ignorant and 'virtuous'. I also worry that when I see them, they will pass something onto me if there is anything in this 'shedding' idea. Family mean everything to me, so I refuse to let the PTB take even that away, so I will suck it up and be physically close to them despite my reservations. The biggest despair I have though, is that my daughter who is pretty creative and intelligent, has fallen for the propaganda and will take the 'vaccine'. Like most parents, we spend our lives keeping them safe and now they are adults, we are dismissed as being paranoid. Right now, the thing that looms large in the immediate future is being witness to the possible 'deaths by vaccine' of the very people in my life that makes my own life worth living. Sometimes I wonder if people who know it is all crap, take the jab too, as what would be the point of living without the ones you love? It is a very depressing scenario for sure.
  2. Well, my answers could have fitted on the back of a postage stamp as it suggested they wanted a brief response, but I sooo wish I had read yours powerful response before I submitted mine!!
  3. Indeed. However the elites would much prefer to eat us. https://www.cannibalclub.org/index.html
  4. If she was a dog she would get a good kick up the arse.
  5. They can go and fuck right off. I wonder if he will be backing this charity in five years time when the effects of the jab start playing out big time.
  6. Weird. IMO, you were right to trust your intuition.
  7. Sorry I had posted this in the todays minor items thread without realising you had posted it here, however, I will reiterate that I can't beleive we pay arseholes like her to spew out this crap. We'd be a lot better off if she locked herself away - not just from 6pm, but forever...
  8. Baroness Jones calls for ban on males after dark to 'make women feel safer and lessen discrimination' as women share their fears of violence in wake of Sarah Everard murder https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9350711/Green-peer-calls-MEN-face-6pm-CURFEW-wake-Sarah-Everard-murder.html FFS...
  9. I've been looking at this site: https://atkinsonsbullion.com/ You can buy gold or silver coins or bars. Silver has VAT added to it but not gold. I have been told that it is cheaper to buy as big as you can, but like you, I have been thinking about silver if needed for trade. You can also sell your gold and silver back to the company so it makes it pretty simple. I am an amateur in this, but the person that suggested this site to me seems happy with it. This is a reputable company. Don't go near ebay or anything as you are more likely to get chocolate coins posted out to you.
  10. True. People give me the 'covid swerve' all the time, yet when it suits them they have no problem breaking all their own rules. Most folk I know can't even be bothered reading anything about Covid or the vaccines. They most certainly are not 'informed' and yet they queue up and get the shot because 'it's the right thing to do'. The laziness and disregard they have for their own health astounds me, but worse than that, it is the sheer ignorance and pomposity they spout at others who have taken the time to investigate everything and who have decided against it. The 6 feet they sanctimoniously endorse because they are told it 'protects' them, will soon become a cold grave 6 feet underground.
  11. Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at your venting, as I know exactly how it feels. The word has not been in vented that can describe this madness. Sometimes its comforting to know that others go off the deep end (like myself...) when faced with blatant idiocy and the overwhelming NOISE they make as they disrespect everyone around them. I've often thought that we are the walking dead and they are the living dead. This is coming from someone who loves zombie movies, lol!
  12. To be honest, the mere thought of vaccine infused blood being pumped into my viens fills me with horror. If I could stipulate that if ever I needed a blood transfusion, that it only be from an unvaxed donor, I would. As for being intimate with someone who had taken the vaccine, I can't imagine a bigger turn off. Reading what I have said back to myself, I can understand that it is discriminatory, but that is how I feel about this vaccine.
  13. Hopefully - but just in case, we should have some vaseline and a crow bar at hand in order to prise her loose
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