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  1. Minority Report is pretty close to what they are brewing now Cornea Detection | Driverless Cars to steer you where THEY want you to go | Leveraging Seers to "predict" the future [we haven't heard of this in real life now] | Download your Mind onto a hard drive [this, after they do the Brain Nano Chip?] Even Eagle Eye showed the Network getting a mind of its own. It shows the Network, the Deep State [TDS], trying to get the Govt killed [see how they are trying to get a persona non grata, Biden onto centrestage as a stooge of TDS and decimate Donald Trump who strangely appears t
  2. Hi, I am Sid I have been at it since 2012 when I discovered the sham called nine eleven leading up to as many as three theories where I finally settled on No Planes & Twisted Metal Tech of John Hutchison [he is a saint and ought to have been more famous than the overblown scientist duo: E & N] somehow used through a faintly visible glob of a missile [thanks to Judy Wood]. Whoa. My journey started then... and continued [with David Icke a major influence on the way] and many a eye-widening rabbitholes later, culminating in two Science Fiction novels called Mission: Utopi
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