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  1. there are over 7000 UK government employees actively scouring the internet for ANYTHING that may go against the ''official line''...this forum and many other like it are not immune and are riddled 24/7 with those obnoxious bastards from 77 brigade ,13 signals etc etc .......you can riddle yourselves into a frenzy about shills and socks or accept it as a fact of life , you are then left with two options...crawl back behind your sofa and tremble in fear because of your impure thoughts...or fuck em and carry on regardless.....hardly likely to stop them are you ?...in fact its a given its an impossibility to be able to stop them....so what next then ?
  2. Reading about it it was a surprise to find out it was religous leaders who opposed it and on the surface at least got it stopped in 1941 (although it did carry on until the end of the war) Our religous leaders seem to have vanished into some celestial blackhole along with gp's and dentists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aktion_T4
  3. what is really puzzling me is that here at least a huge percentage of people know that its all a fake ,that the WEF and various other alphabetti agencies are actually putting a a worldwide set of events together for a pre determined outcome...many people over the months have posted enough evidence to blow out of the water anything the government states as fact......and heres the puzzling part....nobody is talking about how its going to be stopped...there are a few posts as in 'fend for yourself' but that doesn't quite explain peoples reticence to discuss exactly how they see it ending....has the brainwashing been so complete that its too big a question for mere mortals to contemplate ?....are they expecting celestial angels/superheros/somebody else to come along and ''make it allright again'' ...im truly baffled.....no one seems to be looking ahead more than today Is it all just another space filler for people to keep on posting endlessly about pcr tests ? does it help them and does it help others ? and please dont tell me there might be someone who doesnt know...its too late for that in the UK ...the vaccinations have already started Most people are aware of the worldwide situation who are regulars here however i do see some disconnect because people of the USA are having a different but almost the same as the people of Canada who are having ....you get my drift Maybe i ought to start a thread with the question..''how do you see yourself in the post vaccination world'' ?
  4. I stumbled on that recently as well and as a noble project at the start of this it could have taken off...however ...it didn't by the look of things to any extent and just didn't get the uptake it deserved...which is a shame ...but as everyone even remotely awake knows.....trying to convince those who refuse to be convinced is like trying to knit fog
  5. It'll be much easier to generate power for the needs of 20 million than 65 million through renewables.....and they dont need to build any new nuclear....they can import from frances excess capacity as they have been doing for years and years.....edf have been loudly screaming for a long time about how all their electricity comes from renewable sources.....what they dont say is its coming from nuclear and is imported from France
  6. look at the date https://edition.cnn.com/2020/10/22/health/covid-response-deaths-columbia-report/index.html
  7. Some compelling evidence doingt the rounds that both her and bill are 'crisis actors'
  8. Christianity overall has been poorly served during the last ten months......i expect they will all appear at once during this festering season to bring us the dogma of peace and goodwill to all of mankind then i suppose they will trundle back into their boxes until the next outing time....the high priests have desserted their flocks and their temples have been closed .....another casualty of the deadly virus....also helps by not having the public talking amongst themselves...thats dangerous
  9. A god shaped hole you say....dont expect much help from the archbish of canterbury ....he's abandoned his flock to clear off for a year to think
  10. Goes well with all the other slug like creatures to receive gongs and awards especially those for ''response to covid'' https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/queen-s-birthday-honours-list-recipients-2020-a4567801.html
  11. Interesting set of pdf documents https://www.ukmedfreedom.org/resources/vaccine-documents
  12. Nice and to the point if you are interested in something for the non believers....even contemplating printing it on business card size bits of paper for easy distribution https://principia-scientific.com/how-to-spot-a-real-pandemic-versus-fake-pandemic/
  13. Thats an interesting observation that ties in very much with what i experience...i detest phones ...yes they have their uses however they always seem so ...i dont know how to explain it ....stunted...when accessing anything online....i have always preferred to use my laptop for the bigger picture ...its as if someone has taken a once large panoramic window bricked up the edges and shrunk it down to a viewing slit.....people are being allowed a peep via a phone when there is a much bigger vista available
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