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  1. there are over 7000 UK government employees actively scouring the internet for ANYTHING that may go against the ''official line''...this forum and many other like it are not immune and are riddled 24/7 with those obnoxious bastards from 77 brigade ,13 signals etc etc .......you can riddle yourselves into a frenzy about shills and socks or accept it as a fact of life , you are then left with two options...crawl back behind your sofa and tremble in fear because of your impure thoughts...or fuck em and carry on regardless.....hardly likely to stop them are you ?...in fact its a given its an imp
  2. what is really puzzling me is that here at least a huge percentage of people know that its all a fake ,that the WEF and various other alphabetti agencies are actually putting a a worldwide set of events together for a pre determined outcome...many people over the months have posted enough evidence to blow out of the water anything the government states as fact......and heres the puzzling part....nobody is talking about how its going to be stopped...there are a few posts as in 'fend for yourself' but that doesn't quite explain peoples reticence to discuss exactly how they see it ending....has t
  3. I stumbled on that recently as well and as a noble project at the start of this it could have taken off...however ...it didn't by the look of things to any extent and just didn't get the uptake it deserved...which is a shame ...but as everyone even remotely awake knows.....trying to convince those who refuse to be convinced is like trying to knit fog
  4. It'll be much easier to generate power for the needs of 20 million than 65 million through renewables.....and they dont need to build any new nuclear....they can import from frances excess capacity as they have been doing for years and years.....edf have been loudly screaming for a long time about how all their electricity comes from renewable sources.....what they dont say is its coming from nuclear and is imported from France
  5. One amazing growth industry during thee whole plandemic has been cycle lane painting....they have proliferated like rabbits not just in the UK but worldwide.....wouldn't you think that in the midst of a plague like the world has never seen before they would have more important things to think about than cycle lanes ?
  6. it wont be forced this year or most of next....the backlash would be unmanageable....the forcing will start in hospitals care homes and prisons and other closed communities not subject to scrutiny.....the forcing that will come much later and will occur in 'isolation camps' where people deemed to be anti vaxx will be taken as a matter of ''national security'' under rapidly and surreptitiously drafted new laws possibly snuck in on the back off something innocuous....you'll be given options of course....get vaxxed and we send you back to your family and friends or stay here indefinitely
  7. I went to the premiere in manchester at the hilton and it was totally spoiled for me by two clowns who sat next to me and just wouldnt shut up yakking (i think they had been at the powdah and a bit too much ale beforehand) in the end i could hold it in no longer and exclaimed rather too loudly FOR FUCKS SAKE GIVE IT A REST which worked but they accused me of being an anarchist ! i really ough to rewatch it without the distractions
  8. Thats my biggest thing ...masks over beards ...and like you ive had to wear masks at work i've even had to work in full B.A ....but its got to the level that short of 'that nice man on the tv' telling them they are useless nothing and i honestly mean nothing will convince them otherwise...all you'll get off them is anger for questioning it and emotional bollocks to back up their ridiculous beliefs...leave them to it....you cant save them from theirselves.....the only help that will work is for them to get involved with people who normally decompress ex cult members...but the scheittshow has to
  9. Really i must have missed a gem...but you dont want to talk about windpower ?...its a genuine question and im pro wind because i used to build the fucking things but i'll leave you to your paranoia and i'd best go got to report to my commanding officer at 7 a.m for a full report on antivaxcovid denial on the David Icke forum...give your head a wobble you (unt
  10. 1982 and i used to listen to the american top 40 and dance like fuck in my cell to this,early adopter of the short sharp shock ! (it had gone out of the uk charts at that point)...even got the single cover tattooed on the back of my l forarm
  11. Have you ever heard the Duran duran live version of it ?...i prefer it
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