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  1. Being so immensely grateful for the impuls that comes from David and that will make us move towards our deeper truth, I feel urged to share this info: The real and artificially manufactured virus Covid 19 is aimed at the neurological system of the body - as most of the new diseses. There are many more symptoms possible than the usually quoted ones. And these symptoms are real! Got Covid after I did not have a flu for 34 years ( I am 73 years old). Symptoms included loss of taste - which is a neurological symptom. When I thought I was over it, I felt extremely tired and had to take a nap 3 times a day. Now I have wierd marks on one eye lens and the eyes are more itching than they do anyway from the chemtrails. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, perhaps the most experienced doctor in the area, who spends most of his time in London knows all the possible symptoms and after-symptoms. His website : Klinghardtinstitute.com . The increase of Chronic Fatigue is one of the after-symptoms... The good news: there are simple remedies to heal all that - some of them just food and herbs. But, of course, there is already a wave of persecutions against doctors who prescribe the simple and effective drugs like Hydroxychlorochinine. Covid should be treated and not denied. Would be fantastic if David could connect with Dietrich Klinghardt, who is of the same spirit! So much LOVE to you all at davidicke.com!!!
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