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  1. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/313310 The Coronavirus Act grants potentially dangerous powers including to detain some persons indefinitely, to take biological samples, and to give directions about dead bodies. Powers last up to 2 years with 6 monthly reviews, and lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures. The Act also lowers protections under the Mental Health Act. Only one medical 'officer' is required to sign off a compulsory treatment order. There are changes to the court system and registration of deaths, and inquests have been suspended in some circumstances.
  2. 9-PART DOCUSERIES https://upvir.al/ref/Je46879092/ FINALLY, A series That Uncovers The REAL Risks Of Vaccines. The Safety Risks (And Real Health Damage) They’re NOT Telling You About…
  3. This is a documentary that tries to go deep into the assumptions that mainstream doctors hold about the nature of disease. From an historical perspective, it relates the work done by Pasteur, Koch and other founders of the Germ Theory of disease (as well as the rising of allopathic medicine). But the crucial emphasis is in explaining why the ideas taken for granted in this "theory" are scientifically wrong. Finally, the documentary makes some proposals to get out of this social crisis we live in.
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