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  1. @oddsnsods yes, I know her, but not this particular video. Thanks. I find it very telling that every single newpaper or TV-station seem to ignore Eckert fund.
  2. Here is a German guy named Samuel Eckert who want to pay anybody 1 million Euro who can isolate the SarsCOV-2 Corona virus properly. He says it hasn't been done yet. https://www.samueleckert.net/isolat-truth-fund/ He did this before with probably 400k Euro (so ), but no lab or virologist has bothered taking the (supposedly) easy money. Now he's trying it with 1 Million . I'm curious if at least Drosten can bring that prove. It should be so easy, otherwise how could he have developed a PCR test for it Actually I think he has used used a computer model for the PCR test
  3. those people need to be outnumbered by far. Nothing can be done about it anymore. We just need to make the best out of it.
  4. @Grumpy Grapes local initialtives are organizing all their own rallies. World Wide Demonstration on Telegram
  5. some more nice footage from Leipzig , from the evening pls share.
  6. Leipzig Germany - Nov. 7th 2020 Police got overrun by people, just like 31 years ago (exactly to the day) when the protests took place in the same city in the same streets that lead to the fall of the East Germany. Despite that politics prohibited the protests, people came and stayed anyways. Peaceful protests with tremendous positive energy. Police forces didn't aggressively stop the protests. In fact they were securing the protests again aggressive antifa people and even opened up the roadblocks after massive pressure from the people.
  7. LIVE - Protests against the world wide WHO summit in Berlin
  8. German Speaker Heiko Schoening (Schöning) was arrested yesterday and is now here: Wandsworth Police Station, 146-148 Wandsworth High Street IMG_7013.MP4
  9. a German Telegram channel is providing regular statistics about Corona. Not sure if this has been posted already here. it's called "Analyses, graphics Covid-19" and the German channel Samuel Eckert is posting this document with 500 page (110 MB) regularly / monthly. Download here It covers all continents and about 70 countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany Below is the UK as an example. There are also additional statistics which don't have screenshots below. This following one is very interesting. It visualize that they are only increasing the number of tests, but the actual positive tests are in the range of the error rate (false positive's) of the PCR test (orange area). They are testing like crazy, but only increasing the false positive rate "Corona death's". There are virtually none. The shutdown didn't help preventing the increased death's and it's now in a normal range since 3 month
  10. Gathering is not banned anymore court decision just came it. Apparently wearing a mask is also not mandatory. Either way, in every group and every person I've seen said that people will travel anyways to berlin. No matter what police say's and no matter what a court will say. The protests will definitely take place!!! not matter what the media will say
  11. some people have something called "immune system" . It will kill the virus. If you want to strengthen your immune system, go out in the Sun and let your body produce Vitamin D. It will make your immune system function properly. This is scientifically proven with various studies. Take a test for your Vitamin D level. There is a good chance that it is too low. I can tell you that I haven't been sick from flue since I take supplements for 8 years (cause I don't get enough sunlight exposure).
  12. during the march officially yes but if you say you are exempt - then no. Many exempt people will come though there is always an opportunity. There was also one on Aug. 1th in Berlin, but nothing has happened. If you constantly live in fear, you will not get anywhere
  13. here is one major reason why Youtube video's are censored CNN Interview with Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki about Statements against the WHO - Ploud Video France 01:15
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