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  1. If you apply, you probably need more skills then most people have, or know they have.
  2. Thats the main reason it came out in ww2, and since. Humans developed radar, and nuclear weapons, two things that would be a danger to them on this planet they share with humans. Everything is some form of energy, and once humans developed techs to scan all known freq, humans will know they are here, and they are. ie in underground cities and bases across the world. Project harp, main task was to find all underground installations on earth, whether thats human, or alien.
  3. Op, its your choice if you just do not want the hassle. Personally i would say openly i am not going to take the vaccine. People hate me anyway, so i do not care if people are motivated to hate me over this vaccine, i do not want.
  4. It probably means, they are expecting more biological weapons to be released in future. They probably want to react quickly. The uk gov last month or something set up a new health department.
  5. Absolutely disgusting. Some crimes do not deserve a second chance at life, and things like this is one of them. Age of consent laws are there for a reason, and this is one of them. Disgusting.
  6. Considering judaism, is the most eclectic religion out there, meaning they stole bits and bobs from all others. One would suspect that king solomon, was really the sun in the sky. sol = sun One minute they were worshipping, the sun, then moon, then jupiter, then who ever. People should appreciate judaism, has never been one fixed thing, and they always have been changing it.
  7. Typical nonsense today from israel, pretending that they are this and that, while this war yet again proves there side are cold blooded killers. Last night like i said above, they bombed a civilian building in an act of what is essentially 1st degree murder. Today they are out there pretending yet again, that they are holier they thou. Nothing holy in israel, its just the anglo american empire in middle east.
  8. Like i said at the start. This should of been called operation mass murder. Israel set out here to murder gaza people, with the con of gaza people doing anything. Gaza people are just defending themselves, and keeping a predator at bay. Israel wants to steal gaza, and all countries around it. Gaza people have a right to that land, its theres, and no one elses. What israel did last night was downright murder, blowing up that building, knowing all too well, that civilians were in there. Absolutely an act of cold blooded murder.
  9. At least everyone is seeing the mass murderers, the vile israelis are, being backed heavily by american military in there operation tonight. Imagine this disgusting mindset of these depraved people called jews, just believing they can murder any group of people they want. Filth or what, no wonder they were thrown out of so many countries, throughout history. What a disgusting race of depraved people, who hitler was totally right about. Total degenerates, who never heard of the word moral in there history of crimes against children, that got them thrown out of so many countries, before they stole the land of palestine. At least everyone gets to see what horrible people these depraved people are. We have endless examples of there depravity. Hollywood, epstein, israel state, ie biggest terrorist group on earth. The jewish talmud tells how jews are entitled to commit crimes against children, and they totally believe this in there depraved mind. They were thrown out of so many countries for having sex with kids. You see in there war crimes, endless little kids, and israelis having picnics enjoying it like it was a cinema to them, ie killing children. How the feck any arab nation signs agreements with israel is totally absurd. Hitler and his people were totally right about these scum, the world calls jews, and there depravity, and what they would do to the world, and we are seeing tonight there thirst for blowing up kids has made them so thirsty.
  10. Look at this. Biden, while on one hand having usa military giving help to israeli military in form of logistics, in there operation mass murder in gaza. Then on other hand, pretending to care about muslims here, what a joke While american military is taking part in israelis mass murder of gaza people, a people that have nothing to defend themselves with again, israel and american military just doing anything they want. Then here biden pretending to care about muslims, the same muslims he is helping israel kill right at this moment, in operation mass murder in gaza right now.
  11. Just remember american military is giving massive support to israeli military for there operation mass murder here. Americans are massively involved as well in this slaughter of unarmed people. American military is backing israeli, and giving them massive support with logistics here, while they mass slaughter people of gaza, who have no defence.
  12. Israel, has just started, operation mass murder. Pure filth from the biggest terrorist group on earth, ie israeli gov. This is called mass murder, and the world is seeing them murder a minority within there own borders. Disgusting world, and most notably arab world sitting there allowing israel to just mass murder people in gaza.
  13. The problem with that, is that gaza is a place within israel, not outside. Israel, wants the world to believe gaza is outside its borders, but it is not, its in affect an open prison. That means, israel is using war weapons and planes, on a minority within there own country. No country on earth is allowed to do such things, but israel. If china were to use war planes on a minority in china, then the world would go crazy. But weirdly israel is allowed to use war weapons on people in a minority in there country. Also, israel tried to steal syria, with help of usa, and uk. Strangely the words above meant nothing when syria needed to defend itself. Syria for some reason had no right to defend itself, it needed russians to come in and provide help, to stop america stealing syria for israel.
  14. I just wonder is israel iron dome, really a directed energy satelitte or something in space, probably operated by american military?
  15. Good to see so many protesting against the vile nation of israel. Gaza do pretty well, when you consider what a monster israel is. People ignore american military will be involved helping israel on this. For a people with nothing, gaza people do pretty well, all things considered. The poor people should never give in, its there land, and country that was stolen from them. Arab nations should be ashamed for signing agreements with that monster nation israel.
  16. Israel never existed before last century, and new testament from behind the scenes of roman empire. Only a white person could of wrote new testament. The bible was put together by people running roman empire, and thats why jesus was a white person, as new testament was written by white men behind scenes in roman empire.
  17. Yep, they want a world where there is two classes of people, and them upper tear, and the rest nothing people. White people fell for there depraved version of the world, these jewish oligarchs have, and now white people are so brainwashed, they will not wake upto who is doing the crime, of trying to rid the world of white people. ie jews and israel Russia should of shown the whole world, what horrendous filth these jewish oligarchs were, with what jewish oligarchs pushed onto russia in 20th century, with communism, that led to 10' of millions of white people dying under that system. Hitlers people were absolutely correct to hate these people, and stop them taking over germany, as they could see the evidence of how depraved these jewish oligarchs were in what they did to russia. Disgusting how history records hitlers germany. When hitlers germany was reacting to the total threat that jewish oligarchs put out there to destroy germany, and its people, just for germany denying jewish oligarchs to push there filthy version of politics ie communism onto germany, back then. Disgusting how history how twisted the great feat that hitler and his people did, by stopping these depraved people from taking over germany, after the horrendous stuff these depraved people did to russia, to take over russia with communism. All the 10's millions of white people dying at hands of communism in 20th century, was down totally to jewish oligarchs depraved ideas of pushing this filthy system on russia, as russia wanted jews out of russia for there depravity at end of 19th century. Tens of millions of russians died, in communist soviet years, down to the vile depraved jewish oligarchs thirst to ruin these people, that the world called russians. You never see any history book tell the truth about how jewish oligarchs declared war, on germany just because hitler and his people stopped jewish oligarchs forcing communism onto germany. Only after that declaration of war, did germany want jews to leave, and told them your free to go, and most left. History sure leaves out alot, and never tell people whats in the jewish talmud. How filthy a book of darkside spirituality.
  18. That started about over a decade ago. Before that israel could do anything. Media over last decade has slowly turned its back on vile israel. The adl, in america, and israeli lobby in uk, control both parties. These controlling interests made the left side of politics in both countries, into the hate white people party. Before the dems in america, and labour in uk were on side of working class. They twisted politics away from class division, into a race division, to get people away from there crimes against humanity. Gaza, is a place within israel, its a virtual open prison. Israel has no right to use military weapons on them, as gaza is within israel. If chinese, used war planes to attack a minority within china, the world would go crazy. But somehow, israel can do this and world ignores it. There is literally no real border between israel, and gaza. Gaza is within israel, its virtually an open prison. Disgusting depraved people, running israel. You can see why jewish oligarchs pushing communism on russia in last century, led to death of millions of russians at hands of there jewish overlords in 20th century. You can see why hitlers people were right to want to stop jewish oligarchs pushing communism onto germany, after seeing what they did in russia. These jewish oligarchs are totally depraved people, and always have been. Also remember its jewish oligarchs pushing for getting rid of age of consent laws, so adults can have sex with children, without any laws protecting kids. Total depravity exists in the world of jewish oligarchs, and history never learns. Hitler warned the world about these people. Hitlers people stopped jewish oligarchs and there people pushing communism onto germany Then jewish oligarchs declared war on germany, and german people Then and only then did germany and hitler tell jewish people to leave germany, as germans had every right There was no way there was any significant amount of jews left in germany at end of ww2. Most had left freely of there own choice, through 30's, and early 40's. Whether you like it or not, this is true. Jewish oligarchs pushed communism onto russia, for russians wanting there depraved people to leave at end of 19th century. These jews, pushed the horrific communism onto russia, as we know, which led to death of 10's of millions of russians, under there horrific depraved leadership during 20th century. Hitlers people were right to not want communism take over of germany, and all the words hitler said about these people were true. Jack the ripper was a jewish person, that london police put into a mental hospital, as they could not openly arrest him, for fear of anti jewish feeling back then. There is a reason these people were literally asked to leave so many countries. There religion is totally on darkside of spirituality, and having sex with kids, is massively involved in there depravity. Look at there high priests, ie rabbis, who bite of foreskin of baby boy penis, and then suck blood from it, just for there own sick twisted depraved ideas, that they are allowed to do this. Does not matter, that it very likely traumatises these boys, no matter what they say. Passing stds to kids, from rabbis, just because they believe they had a right to take what they want from a child. These people , ie jewish oligarchs, are totally depraved people, and the fools in western world, are backing them, while israel wants western white world destroyed to get rid of white people, there only real competition. Without white people jewish people would have nothing really, as there people would of endlessly been thrown out of one country to next, due to there depraved religious practises, especially raping kids. Jewish oligarchs, believe in there own depraved mind, that having sex with a kid, means nothing, as a kid does not know any better before a certain age, and if they do not know, it will not matter. Thats how depraved these people are. They want rid of age of consent laws, that protect children form people like them. Age of consent laws, is one of the best laws western white world came up with, and made sure kids are protected from predators like them. The world should be on the side of gaza and there people on this. In gaza over the years, kids out playing in streets have israeli snipers shooting at them, terrorising them. Are you surprised that these people hate israel? Israel, and jews openly call for end of white people, they want them gone, mainly white males. Jews and israel want white people gone from the world, and the fools in america backing israel, you better wake up, you were conned to be brainwashed into backing them. They hate us as white people. If anyone wants to see what jewish oligarchs communism is, just look at soviet union, where they literally killed millions of white people. Jewish oligarchs are totally depraved. Israel never existed before last century. What israel meant to be in bible, was a place within the human body, it was never meant to be a real place on earth. Jewish oligarchs are totally depraved people No need to say any more, and how they conned you all, as most media is owned by them. Just remember people. Jews and israel, openly are calling for end of white people, while they use your countries and people to get what they want. They want white people dead and gone.
  19. What a load of rubbish. Jews openly hate white people, and want white people gone. The pushed blacks onto white world, trying to ruin western white world, and these very same jews you claim are victims, are out there trying to get rid of white people all together. Jews would have nothing without white people, that they absolutely hate.
  20. I disagree. Jews pushed communism onto russia, due to russians not liking jews at end of 19th century. The horrors of communist soviet union, is far worse then anything hitler did, and they did all the things you state above. The garbage behind nwo in west want people to associate today with germany, as hitlers germany was there enemy, they do not want people to associate today with the horrible system pushed onto russia in 20th century by jewish people, called communism. So for me, i do not agree. They have brainwashed the masses to pretend hitlers germany was this and that, when in reality germany told jews to leave germany, and most of them did. There was no way such an amount of jews existed in germany during ww2, when jews have always been a small minority people. Jewish oligarchs declared war on hitlers germany in 1930's, due to hitler stopped there communist take over of germany back then. Hitlers people had every right to want these people to leave germany all those years. Jewish groups declared war on germany in those times. Hitlers germany was severely under attack from jewish oligarchs spending fortunes trying to do there thing, like they did to russia decade or so before. Hitler warned the world these people would make, if given the chance, and you see it today. Madness. What is taking over western world is communism, not nazism.
  21. Big difference is what is happening now is real. Plus its only starting. There is no turning back.
  22. Al bielek and preston nichols were two very smart people, totally beyond most average intelligence. The american gov let them speak, as what they spoke of was so outlandish that most people would laugh at it. These two are the only two i have ever heard talk about mind control techs as they were at time of end of cold war. I became a target in 1992, and i can tell thats how it was. I believe back then these techs caused me brain damage, as the techs were very aggressive. Today the techs are so subtle, they do not do that damage any more, and people targeted now, will probably never know. If you ignore the alien stuff they talk off, these two knew there stuff. I can verify as a target that they knew what mind control techs were like. Most definitely as well montauk chair tech does exist, but they used since end of cold war, people remotely with that tech, they did not need the sensitive people to be physically there. Personally i believe there was something like the montauk project, but in reality it was alot worse then these two said it was. Gov when they target you, and use your life, treat you like dirt on there shoe, and you can be sure such programmes of absolute horrendous evil do take place. Although the cold war was never going to go hot, the competition to get to that point of being better then other side, would of made america do anything, and they probably did. They conned russia into ending cold war, and russia learned during 1990's they were conned into it. So al bielek is not debunked. Just some fool claiming so, does not make it so. No one alive is 100% correct, but if they are more right then not, they are better then most. lol
  23. You should see what they tried to do to me. I used to have one of the major shrinks to come round and visit me in london. They had this weird thing about trying to get me to go with a female. Just because i did not want it, they really wanted me to be put into hospital. They claim that if i did ever go with a female like they wanted, they would leave my life. Absolutely crazy, imagine if your a male, and just the fact that i would not go with any female, at that time back in 2002 or so i think it was, they wanted to put me into a hospital in london. I have no choice in my own life. They claimed they would of let me live my life, if i ever had sex with a female. (i am totally asexual) Absolutely weird stuff they were doing to my life, and they would never allow me to just live my life. Just because i would not go with a female in my life, they for some reason just will never get out of my life. Its madness, but once they get into your life, you cannot get them out. Just saying this, as its never left my life, and i was very fortunate back then in london they did not put me in hospital, as i would not talk to the female they wanted. What the feck is that about? They have no idea what an aseuxal is. They have absolutely ruined my life, and its mainly because i never had sex with a female. Its totally absurd how they would not let me live my own life. They literally brought in girls to talk to me, lol back then in 2002-2004. I can say more, but will not, as its so weird, people will find it too weird. They would ask, who do you want to come and see you, just tell us. ^^ crazy I would not do what they want, and back then because i refused to go with females, they wanted to put me into a hospital in london. If i remember, that was probably 2002, or 2003. It just was so crazy, back then. Glad i do not live in uk anymore. I am writing this, to show how weird this stuff is, and how they will never leave my life.
  24. I have not, but considering what has happened, its likely to exist. When you lower peoples freq, they tend to concentrate of lower freq things. So it would be surprising that people are not as sharp as they used to be. Remember the lockdowns are probably preparing people for something.
  25. There is no such thing as being gay. Energy is what people are attracted too, and every human alive, can connect with a number of the opposite gender. So if a person like anti christ exists, then that person would understand how people connect and know there really is nothing that exists that is gay. A person with the knowledge of such a person would understand people are attracted to energy.
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