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  1. For people that have never had a real spiritual experience, this film shows you what it is like. Hollywood exaggerates like it always does, but if you ever have a real experience, its like this. It really is, but this exorcist movie obviously exaggerates Your family really do look at you like that, and the film goes over the top, but it is like this.
  2. There is virtually no human rights in uk, especially for white people. What the uk gov did to my life, shows they do not care about rights of people born in there country. Those laws are just for show, and always have been.
  3. It probably is legal, unless there is a legal precedence against discrimination on such terms. Unless someone takes someone to court, and wins that case, gov will let businesses, and companies do such discrimination. It needs someone who were not allowed to apply for a job, to take them to court, and file a discrimination case. I doubt most people care enough to do such a thing. Until that happens, i would think companies are allowed to say such things to applicants.
  4. Once they get confidence in committing crime in a new country, they will do what they do in every country, commit crime.
  5. Yep, they are totally destroying gods creation. They think they can do better, what arrogance.
  6. What even more scary for people, is that people just allow these people to pull people away.
  7. These people will never be prosecuted by legal means. They own the legal system.
  8. The messed up thing, is that if journalists were what they were supposed to be, that the public should know by now the whole truths about this stuff, and what epsteins case was about in detail. Journalists are useless nowadays, and i doubt any of them are truth seekers. You have to wonder if journalists are really that sort of person needed to do these jobs, or are they paid shills, without the curiosity and instincts that journalists are supposed to have. You would think that robert maxwells competition, in media would want to find out all the truths about these things. But no, they let there so-called competition have freedoms to be these horrors. So much real news is covered up, or rich people take out court injunctions to stop press releasing. Like that person max cliffords job, was to protect his clients from bad media items. The whole thing is so disgusting, and moulded.
  9. The most interesting bit, is that uk gov did this for themselves, as its very likely usa gov does not share its tech secrets, and knowledge on such matters with its allies. So the uk gov, had to go do what the usa had done decades before. So, what usa did with la riots in 1992, uk gov did with london riots in 2011. Like i said, the most interesting bit, is that it shows, usa gov, like nsa, and cia, are not sharing tech and knowledge with socalled allies, and these allies are going through these same experiments because they have t do it themselves.
  10. They want all humans to be basically one single gender. Puberty breaks apart boys and girls enormously, and thats why they are trying to destroy puberty in boys and girls. Obviously they must be planning to make a world, where babies are made differently because if they do this, boys probably will not be able to have sex, and without intercourse, they can be no natural way to have babies. Thats what this trans thing is about. They want to destroy the differences created by puberty, that make humans as adults, different enough to want to have sex with each other and breed. If you destroy puberty as they are doing, you will end up with males, who are too afraid, to stick there penis into a womans vagina basically. ^^ Thats what will happen, and how are they planning to make babies in future? One would assume, by test tube or something, and basically humans at that time, if that day comes, will have one single gender, in effect. Boys and girls before puberty are very similar, and can play sports together. After puberty the drive that normally is given to most males, separated the two genders enormously. If you destroy puberty, you will end up with no drive in males, and they will be too scared to put there penis into a vagina. ^^ That what will happen, if they go through with destroying puberty as they are now doing in 1st world western countries. Basically they want one single gender. Girls and boys before puberty are very similar, and can play sports against one another. If they destroy puberty, the process nature uses to separate genders so they can breed, you will end up with one single gender really, and there will be no real difference between males and females, and not enough for them to want to have sex. So, how are they planning to have babies in future?
  11. On his talk about 2011 london riots. I said, at time, uk gov were testing techs, to start and stop rioting by public, and people were being duped. Usa gov did these experiments a couple of decades before, in la riots. Uk gov, who are not given access to american tech, wanted there own version, and knowledge. The techs usa have, probably are highly secured by usa, and they do not give out such techs to others, including allies. Thats why uk, wanted to do that in 2011 riots, and proved it for themselves. By the way how they stopped the london riots, they used the mobile phone masks, to microwave the whole of london, in a massive array, and gave virtually everyone in london, a small headache. Microwaving humans, can stop any form of madness. If ptb wanted they could microwave really bad areas, and stop most crime, but they do not, as everyone will have an endless headache, and the techs would cause real health problems. Thats why they only use a low level of it, to limit crimes. The london riots was the uk gov, doing this for themselves, as usa gov must not let other countries have real access to there techs, and knowledge.
  12. Leave them with there ideas, and delusions. Personally i am glad the people running society do not have all the answers. They stole alot of people like me, but will never truly answer questions that were most important. Humans are vile, and should never know answers to real questions. To destroy the god given rights of any human, is the worst thing humans can do to anyone. These people do not deserve to understand the universe and never will.
  13. I do not want to be alive in this horrible world. One life that was horrible was enough. Nature sure can be cruel, especially when outside of norms I would rather it to be, just one life and to be finished. I should of been able to live some basic rubbish life, but never was, because of gov ruining my life, trying to bully me into something i will never be.
  14. Empathy is not telepathy. Telepathy in what humans believe does not exist. God gave every human privacy in there brain and mind. Empathy exists between some people, that let them know some of what the other person is about, and they are able to read them. Telepathy is not real, empathy is, and there is a big difference. The persons who were your true soul mates, would have real empathy with you, and you should be on verge of things like reading each other enormously. Thats not telepathy. God gave no human any right to be in anyones head. But god gave empathy to animals, so they can read others, so they can end up mating, as these things come about in puberty to get you over your fears, about someone touching you in private areas, so you can mate. Most people use it just to have casual sex, but nature did not intend it that way. In my young life, i probably had two types of this stuff, i always call it my first and last chance. Neither of them happened, as my life was ruined, and i never let it happen. But real empathy exists between people, and sometimes people get scared its telepathy when its not. Telepathy is not allowed in nature, as god gave every human a right to there own mind. But empathy can be very true between some people, and its very rare that its so pure, its like your both connected as one. People get confused and think this is telepathy when its not. Its empathy. God does not allow telepathy, as all animals and humans are given there own mind, and free will. I would say my first and last real encounters with females that liked me, were like this. But like i said, my life was ruined, and neither happened, when in others lifes these connections would go further. I am just writing this, as people are confused how empathy works. Empathy between some people is very real, and this is where some believe its some form of telepathy, when its not really. Yep, you may pick up some things, but thats just empathy ready each other, not telepathy. So i say again, telepathy does not exist, but empathy does. Most people do not understand what empathy is, because if they did they would not bully people, when most people like bullying. I understand op, that you never forget them, and are haunted by them. But try and understand its not telepathy, its empathy, as god does not allow anyone to have any right to be in your mind but you.Empathy exists between some people, to get them together, and these connections really do mean, that two people become 1 in effect. Just saying this, as people get confused alot about this, and i just want to explain that telepathy is not real. Empathy is very real, between some people you meet. So i agree op, its very rare, and unique, and you never forget each other, and you effectively haunt each others memories while living, no matter how long you lived.
  15. Trust me, the uk gov, like usa gov are as thick as sh.t. They spent 29 years ruining my life with mind control techs, and they literally ruin my life using the net, and cannot even tell people my name. There surveillance of my life is down right awful. I would never believe anything that uk gov people say. If you have ever been targeted by these people, you will know. They have stolen every bit of me, for there ai garbage, and that stuff is still useless. People without an original thought in there lifes, get these jobs in gov, and i mean all the way to the top of pm. So them rubbishing people who will not take the vaccine, just ignore them. I have been rubbished for 29 years, and they spent this decade using the net to ruin my life, and the people reading the net about me, think i am other people, as surveillance is that bad, and these people are beyond dumb, and they do not even know it. How alot of gov people, high up get there jobs, i will never understand. Ai will be a joke really, they believe they are stealing everything from people like me, but they do not. I have been ridiculed to death, and trust me, they are literally rubbish on how they target you. Organised bullying is massive for gov when they target you, but what they never seem to understand they never fact check about who you are or even if the knowledge they think they have on you is true. It literally is absurd to know how bad gov surveillance really is. So them ridiculing you gets even more absurd. I have lived with it for 29 years, so i know what gov like uk, or usa do to you, and trust me, the ridiculing they do to you is beyond moronic. They never get facts right about you, or just project endless rubbish from themselves into your life.
  16. The best rebel song in this world, is the "fields of athenry", an irish classic, about the horrors the english gov did to them. Very haunting song. Although i do not watch football anymore, its great to see it sang during games like games here between liverpool, and celtic Such a haunting song, singing about something we all know humans want, ie freedom to live ones own life, without powers destroying it. Most people in this world, just want some sort of freedoms to live some sort of life for themselves
  17. The future is not set in stone, but ptb want you to believe it is, and thats why the protestant church in usa, was used to brainwash american right, so they could make the future the ptb want in west. The future is not set in stone, but ptb want people to believe it is. Its like say you were meant to love someone, but it did not happen. Nature wanted you to come together, but from what ever reason the two never did. ^^ That is an example of the future not being set in stone. The future is half destiny, and half freewill. There is no absolute end to this. The bible describes the transitions between different ages of man. How this all plays out will be decided by humans, and how they interact with those events. The vile ptb ruining the west want you to believe its set in stone, when its not. Yep, they are powerful, but they are not absolutely powerful, no matter what anyone thinks. Its like what robbie williams said, about the socalled illuminati thing. Its exaggerated. The ptb do not want anyone in public to believe the public also has a role in this too. The vile people ruining the west are just laughing at the american right, that they used to get a power position, and backing from those people, while actively destroying those same people. Those in tel aviv, will one day laugh about the american right, that backed them, while those in tel aviv were spending fortunes ruining the american rights dream of a decent society.
  18. Totally insane. They have no right to stop people getting food. They can ban people from doing most things, but its against people basic human rights to want to stop them getting food. Gov have no right to stop people buying food. Eating, is a basic human right, that is god given, not a liberty given to people by gov. Gov give people liberties, not rights. God gave humans rights, and gov are not supposed to interfere with those rights. What a disgusting thing to say, and that person should not be any office. Bullies make there way into high office, and ignore basic human rights. Disgusting thing to say. They can take away human liberties gov give you, but eating is not a liberty given to you by gov, its a god given right. Humans have a god given right to have food, and that means going to shop to buy food to eat. Its people that are vaccinated that are passing around, the covid19, not unvaccinated.
  19. Considering they want people away from christianity, they probably want rid of the christian burial ceremony too. So, such news is not surprising, these people want that changed too. Once your dead, and in the ground, how will it be different, then going through this process. Only difference is time, and christian burials, allow the human body to decompost slowly, like how all animals do in nature.
  20. Yep Looks like a horror movie, really does look that bad there.
  21. Another african country destroying its food supply. Also, a few weeks back at g7 in england, for some reason south african leader was there, and biden was delighted with him being there. One has to wonder is there a connection, seeing as dems and biden last year pushed blm riots and looting in america?
  22. Once covid19 started, there is no turning back. Stop pretending things will go back to what ever you called normal.
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