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  1. Yep, no words describe how dumb these leaders are.
  2. Yep, that situation is pure evil, and no one says a word on jewish controlled western media.
  3. They know that russia has evidence. Like putin asked a few years back, why did usa military want russian peoples dna back in 1990s? That and why are so many bio labs on russian borders? What evidence did russians find in these labs? But of course uk media claims these things are unfounded, when western media for last 2 weeks put anything out there without evidence, against russia.
  4. What a joke Zelensky killed thousands before russian military operation. Plus zelensky ukraine, was worst white country on earth for female exploitation. Says alot about this guys desire for freedoms for everyone.
  5. You mean, london, washington, and tel aviv, are upset that russia found the usa bio labs, and they are trying to divert attention, on why usa has so many bio labs on russian borders.
  6. Here is some info about how corrupt ukraine is, from a page on rense Read For Yourself How Criminally Rotten The Current Ukrainian Regime Is Special to Rense 3-6-22 The shadowy composition of the Ukrainian government... you can't make this up! While Russian-Ukrainian war is ongoing, let's take a look at the composition of the Ukrainian government: The core decision-making inner circle of Ukrainian President Zelensky is actually based on his circle of friends when he was an actor. 1. The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Palace, Andre Yemark, is a comedy producer; 2. The head of the Presidential Administration, Andre Bodin, is a lawyer in the entertainment industry; 3. The president's chief policy adviser, Sergey Sheffey, is a comedy writer; 4. Ivan Bakanov, deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Supreme Intelligence Service, is the boss of a comedy film company; 5. Senior adviser to the Ukrainian National Defense Committee, Sergei Sivoko, is also a comedian and is Zelensky's partner in acting. If you just look at their resume, you can't tell whether it is a film and television company or a country's decision-making body. Why has Ukraine completely ignored the geopolitical relations of major powers over the years? It seems that homeland security and national development have nothing to do with these politicians-because it really doesn't matter, they are basically not Ukrainians. Because Ukraine recognizes dual nationality, 80% of senior government officials are American, and 90% of the wealth and people of the rich are in London or Switzerland. During the 2008 Olympics, the pro-American Georgian President Saakashvili, who was ordered to attack by Putin, was defeated and overthrown and transformed himself into the governor of Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. The female health minister of Ukraine is the most typical example. She was born in the United States. Before 2013, she was an American general doctor. She went to Ukraine in 2013, naturalized in Ukraine in 2015, and was promoted to Deputy Minister of Health in 2016. In 2019, Zelensky defied all opposition and was appointed health minister. The three ministers appointed by Ukraine's parliament in November 2014 are all foreigners: The Secretary of the Treasury is American; The Minister of Health is Georgian; The Minister of Economy is Lithuanian; The former president of Georgia was the governor of Odessa; The last president, Petro Poroshenko, was said to be a CIA informant. As for the grassroots troops, many frontline commanders are American and have joined Ukraine in recent years. In terms of quantitative statistics, the indicators are like this: 1) 80% of senior officials hold U.S. citizenship (dual citizenship is legal). 2) 90% of the wealth of the rich are in Europe and the United States. 3) Zelensky is neither Russian nor Polish, but Jewish, and he also has a mansion and huge assets in the United States. Is there any hope for ordinary people in such a country? When the war comes, will anyone think about this land from the point of view of the country and nation? So what is the ultimate goal of so many people with American and Western European nationalities infiltrating Ukraine? The Ukrainian government is a high-sounding government in the name of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people. In fact, it is nothing more than a shadowy cabinet. Living in such a country is helpless and tragic, and it is really hard for more than 40 million Ukrainian people!
  7. No, just because tel aviv, london, and washington were using this to set up russia. Why cannot russia use this to do what they want? Russia had every right to go in there, even though they were being set up for it. It does not mean they are on same team. It means thats although they were setting up russia, russia should take the opportunity to get there version. Russia has a right to play a role in the future, and its upto them. Russia is not part of western power, they want there own position in the world, that tel aviv, london and washington want a world of total hegemony for them, without china, or russia.
  8. Thats the same ukraine, who shelled civilians for last 8 years in eastern ukraine, with military weapons, killing over 10,000, in those 8 years. Where was the outrage in those 8 years, for what the ukraine gov and military was doing to people in eastern ukraine? So many people without any knowledge of the ukraine situation, are just being brainwashed, and they have no clue what they are doing, or who they are backing. The truth does not matter to most people, most people just want to go along with the majority. Most people for definite now. Absurd
  9. What a joke. Uk attacks russia, and uk then pretends that russia is doing something to them for no reason. What a ffing joke.
  10. This anti war rubbish on western media, is pretend rubbish. London, washington, and tel aviv, forced this on russia. Ukraine leader forced this on russia. All these sides are pretending in there media to be anti war, when they brought it about. Imagine what a loony druggie the ukraine leader is, that while he was used by above 3 capitals to push this situation, this loon, pretends he is anti war, when he was the one that forced russia into this, being emboldened by those 3 capitals backing him. Russia had a right to go into ukraine. Did any of these media talk to the world for last 8 years, while eastern ukraine was being shelled and people murdered there, by ukraine gov? Thats over 10,000 people dead, or murdered by ukraine military on civilians in eastern ukraine, over last 8 years. No, you do not say, why did the western media never talk about those dying all these years? Russia had no choice but to go in, and west made them do it, while pretending they are against the military operation of russia. Russia will tell you, nato were transporting shipments of weapons in to ukraine since last december. This was no shock for west, as they were forcing it on russia. Imagine all the people murdered in eastern ukraine for last 8 years by corrupt ukraine gov. Not one word in western media, of ukraine gov using military weapons on eastern ukraine in last 8 years. Shelling those areas for 8 years, with military weapons. Not one word in media, for all those that died. These people were russians in eastern ukraine, and russia had every right to defend them.
  11. Putin went into ukraine, trying to stop the major war, tel aviv, london, and washington is trying to push onto russia, and china. Your aussie gov, was planning for this before covid started, so go and ask them, as they knew this day was coming, and this set up of russia.
  12. Watch this, this is hilarious. The indian presenter, does not know that they have the guests names the wrong way round.
  13. Here is psaki, telling you what i said, that usa is running ukraines war, and telling ukraine russians plans in real time. Usa is totally running ukraines side of the war. Confirmed by psaki(you have to view it from outside of european countries, as most countries in europe have banned rt now)
  14. Just remember russia, this is not about putin what is happening. Usa military decided in 1990s they were going to blow up your country, as they could not let go of cold war, while russia wanted to be friends with usa. Powell boasted earlier this century that usa military decided they would blow up russia, and they had no interest in being friends with them Russians should be proud that putin got in and brought you back from the fate that usa wanted to put onto your country, ie blowing up your country and traumatising your people into subservience. Just remember whats going on now has nout to do with putin, usa plans to blow up russia, were in full force before putin got in. No matter who russian leader was this century, this scenario was coming, you in russia should be glad, that putin gave your country a chance in this. Usa air force for years, have invaded russian air space practising nuking russia. What is happening now, is just a continuation from the 1990s when usa military they would eventually go into russia to bomb your nation, and people. You russians should be glad, that putin brought back russia and gave you a chance in all this, a chance your country probably would not of had, if putin had not go in when he did. Usa bombing russia was coming to russia no matter what your country was, or who was your leader. You russians should understand this. You should be glad, that putin have given you a chance in this. Do not listen to lies in western media, this has nout to do with putin. Usa military decided there future plans for russia in 1990s was to blow up russia, and that fate was coming to russia no matter what leader you had.
  15. Some context French President Emmanuel Macron: 'The world is not at war with Russia - just Putin' Quoting: fool What rubbish Usa airforce, has over and over again, over these years practised nuking russia, by invading russian air space. Usa has done that over and over again, practising nuking russia. That has nothing to do with putin, its usa wanting to blow up russia. Powell, in 1990s knew that while usa and russia ended cold war, usa would take advantage and try and set up scenario they wanted to do a yugoslavia on russia. Powell told people openly this. Proving that although usa and russia agreed to end cold war, usa would not let it lie, and wanted russia to eventually be attacked by usa, as it drove russia into chaos through terrorism, and crime, as west destroyed russia in 1990's. Russia should be very glad putin became leader, and understood usa was not there friend, and what west did to russia in 1990s. Like i said, powell(the man who sat at un, pointing to the vile accusing iraq) openly said, that in 1990s usa decided they wanted to yugoslavia russia, and wanted to go in with military, and bomb them. Usa did not just accept end of cold war, powell proved usa wanted to eventually take advantage of a failed state that russia was becoming in 1990s because of trusting usa, the usa military had planned to destroy russia with there military, in similar fashion they did to yugoslavia. Russia should be so glad, that putin got in when he did, and brought russia back. People do not appreciate back at turn of century, russian military was a mess, and there nukes were rotten, and putin himself did not imagine back then he could bring back russia to anything, of a normal state. He did an amazing job. So just writing this, to show, that although russia and usa agreed to end cold war, usa military decided in 1990s they wanted to go in and destroy russia with bombing anyway. Powell said that openly this century with a great smile. Russia had and has a right to be weary of usa wanting to attack them. Like i said over these years usa air force has time and time again, invading russian air space, and practised nuking russian cities, over and over again. So, no macron, russia has every right to think usa wants to bomb them into oblivion, and that was decided back before putin came to power. Putin brought back russia, in a way usa could never of imagined at start of this century. Just read this for context, and why russia, has every right not to want nato on its doorstep, for its own protection. Russia has every right to think that usa wants to bomb them, and thats going back long before putin became leader.
  16. Some forums on net now, are so full of pro ukraine loonies, these people should just watch mainstream news rather then post on the net. About 1% of stuff being posted in forums for ukraine will be any truth, but its amazing how people just take anything that is pro ukraine, and think its real. They should just be watching mainstream media, if they are like that. Tel aviv, london, and washington are pushing this on world, not russia, who went into ukraine trying to stop the big war from being made by those 3 capitals. Just imagine how many dumb people do not understand this. Its amazing. They do not understand tel aviv, london, and washington want that big war, and russia are in ukraine to stop it going there. The fools do not understand this. If it does come, it will be london, washington, and tel aviv psuhing it on the world. Remember 1) Trump attacked china with covid19 in 2019 2) You get covid19 vax 3) You get major war(they are trying to make, from tel aviv, london, and washington) Whats amazing is that russia are trying to stop that 3rd stage, and the fools around teh world do not understand why russia went into ukraine to stop that 3rd stage, of tel aviv, london and wahsingtons plan. Who knows what part 4 is? Of course part 3 is coming, as they are really pushing it, and i doubt russia can stop it from coming, as these people are pushign is so hard on russia and the world. Just remember that we are entering part 3, what part 4 is, for those still alive, will be interesting for you people.
  17. I see you cannot access youtube channels from russia today in western countries. Says alot about what the west are doing, they need to deny the other side a chance to speak and be heard.
  18. This tweet sums up, how bad the propaganda is coming from west, even though ukraine military is doing so badly even though usa military is running the ukraine war from poland. Its sarcasm, but it may as well not be, and western media could easily con the public who buy anything Tweet Brilliant bit of sarcasm, on how western media watches will accept anything.
  19. Usa are running war, from poland, using there war planes. Usa military are in ukraine, and usa military is running it from inside poland, and flying there war planes on poland ukraine border, just to keep within nato countries. Usa, and allies do not think russia knows this. Usa running war from poland, is how usa military is getting around not activating nato yet, and using usa military in ukraine. Just remember this. So all you people without any knowledge understand how, usa is there in ukraine fighting, and there planes are running there war, flying, on ukraines border with poland. Being in poland means they can pretend that they are not in ukraine, but run the war from nato country poland.
  20. That stuff is so dumb, wanting to blanket the earth in extra em pollution so that humans can be on the net. Lets just ignore so many animals survive based on there empathy of reading the energies that naturally occur on earth, and these things will make it harder for so many species to survive. Blanketing the earth in that rubbish is pure lunacy. These people think just because a tech does not kill the majority of humans, its safe. What about all the animal species, that need to read the energies of earth for there survival? Lets just ignore all those species, that need empathy to just survive. I cannot stand the idea of this technology, and its absurd that its allowed. Humans keep coming up with more and more ways to poison the world, and em pollution is in many ways as bad as chemical waste, or some other form of pollution.
  21. I believe its possible that humans are here to make creative life energy for some other group of intelligent beings. Thats why i believe most humans are very sexually obsessed, and thats the creative force in the universe, and its what the masons g on there apron stands for, ie the generative force in nature. I think humans are here as a tool to create that energy and harvest it. Its certainly possible, that creative force in nature is so important that humans are so sexually obsessed, that they are being harvested for this energy. Think about it. Thats what i believe the battery symbolism means in that matrix film. Ie humans are here generating an energy for something bigger.
  22. Yep, while borish johnson, and biden is pushing russia into it, they pretend that they are not, by claiming it would be tragic. Ukraine before civil war had no problem with being next to russia. Its tel aviv, london, and washington, that pushed ukraine into this.
  23. I noticed that the other day too, nadal used to look so youthful, sure looks alot older then i last saw a picture of him.
  24. What disgusting perves these people are Star of david pushing there hatred for age of consent and decency. I bet there is no black person who has lived with his life being ruined for 30 years like my life has been. This rubbish about white privilege is bull, and its just about star of david people wanting white people gone, and wiped out. White christians to be replaced by the star of david sexual perverts governing the humans race. What a joke. For people that do not know. Star of david teachings, teach that having sex with kids, as long as they cannot think, is ok, as they do not know or understand. Thats why the jewish people circumcise there baby boys, and it most definitely is sexual trauma of a baby. They believe that if a kid does not think, ie like kids do not do generally until a certain age, when they are toddlers, its fine to have sex with them, as they cannot know, so it will not harm them. What bull. Disgusting perverts or what. White peoples history is worse then any other groups history, and they are trying to white wash it away, pretending all the crimes of star of david people are that of white people. Anyone that speaks like these people, they should never be allowed kids.
  25. Like henry kissinger said, if covid19 does not work, only alternative is all out war.
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