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  1. Yep, last year too the uk councils for advertising for those tenders to be taken up, ie mass morgues in uk. People found them last year. The contracts are for many years.
  2. Next years world cup in qatar will be interesting. The combination of these three things 1) Being vaxxed 2) Being targeted with non lethal weapons to stop you fully functioning as a player 3) The blistering heat of qatar at that time of year, and the added stress that will do to a players heart Although its likely i will not be watching as i do not anymore. Next years world cup, is a big worry for teams you can be sure, as they see all these players collapsing. Although the cold can also cause stress to the heart, i doubt it will be as harsh as when you playing soccer in extreme blistering heat, like qatar will be, next year for world cup.
  3. Its none of my business, as i am unvaxxed, and have no intention on getting the vax. I am sure they got something planned for the unvaxxed, and i personally do not care. It is what it is. Vaxxed people made there choice, and unvaxxed people also made there choice. Your damned if you do, damned if you do not. There is no way out of this scenario which ever way, life is never going back to normal. The last real decade of humans was the 1990's, and if you lived some sort of life before covid, be glad, as things will never be the same again. Like the chinese say, its a curse to live in interesting times. There is no right answer to this, and you have to make your own choice.
  4. Star wars 4, was the fine example of it. A man who lives in a cave, comes out of nowhere, and blows up the empires main building. 911, was essentially the story of star wars 4, a new hope. I believe that while william cooper worked for american navy intel, back in start of 1970s he read about such a thing as 911 planned, and thats why he was warning before 911 about something happening with bin laden. Even though i first heard of william cooper in 2004 or so, you have his back catalogue of shows, to show that he knew alot.
  5. I have never been in no military. But you give these people too much credit. People are useless at understanding others, and most people are like this. Tell us how the fruitcakes at the pentagon, will know if a person from there military is posting who knows what, or its someone else? If you have ever been surveilled by fruitcake gov people, you will know how rubbish they are, at understanding you, or even fact checking the info on you is correct. You give these people too much credit.
  6. I see nothing wrong with it. People are allowed to post within reason of whats allowed. Why not just ignore the posts and posters you do not like. Most boards are full of people, really most people would not really want to talk too. If you do not like a posters views, just learn, and ignore. People are free to have very strict religious christian beliefs. Whats wrong with that, they may believe in it, and have a different up bringing as most of you, and may see the world totally different to you. The world is made up of all sorts, and if only the same sorts of posters posted on a board, it would be boring pretty quickly.
  7. I think you are wrong, its only going to keep getting worse, and worse. The lockdowns are preparing people for whats coming. Life is never going back to normal
  8. Who knows what happens to people. Its not like people that know them will come on boards telling people something has happened if it did happen to them.
  9. When you live with organised gang stalking as i did for 29 years now, you have no chance. Your one human, with everyone laughing at you, or bullying you. At 46 now, i am glad i never got to live a life, and do not care one bit about what i missed out on. Just glad i never had no kids, to see them tortured and killed, like my life was. I have been like a walking dead person for along time now. When your a target of people as i have for like all your adult life, you just give up as life is not possible. Garbage humans loved ruining my life. I will never forget what scum the uk usa mind control people are, for no reason and what they do. I went to school with 1st degree murderers, i was dead long ago. You can be living and breathing and dead at the same time.
  10. Thats an under statement. Anyone with just a little more knowledge then most people could con most people, and people are so naive to a person who they want to believe in.
  11. They are not preparing society for nothing. Something very serious is coming. This is not a game. These lockdowns are preparing people everywhere for what is coming, and they are not doing this for something little. They think the public had become too soft to handle what ever they have planned, so they have to prepare the world for it. Like i said, lots of people are going to regret they ever had kids, in the years ahead.
  12. Just remember all this, and lockdowns, is preparing people for whats coming. Its only really starting
  13. I am sure its worse then anyone can imagine, if that day comes. Most people will be totally and utterly ignorant to what ever it is, if that day comes though, just like today where most people live in total ignorance. They are planning for a return to a garden of eden sort of thing, but all humans will be controlled really from underground base. Thats what the defund police is about, they will monitor everyone, and record everything you do, so in essence will not need police to investigate as they will just know, as they will record every second of every life alive by then, if that day comes. A true nightmare world they want, and the fools that want world communism, are fools.
  14. For people that have never had a real spiritual experience, this film shows you what it is like. Hollywood exaggerates like it always does, but if you ever have a real experience, its like this. It really is, but this exorcist movie obviously exaggerates Your family really do look at you like that, and the film goes over the top, but it is like this.
  15. There is virtually no human rights in uk, especially for white people. What the uk gov did to my life, shows they do not care about rights of people born in there country. Those laws are just for show, and always have been.
  16. It probably is legal, unless there is a legal precedence against discrimination on such terms. Unless someone takes someone to court, and wins that case, gov will let businesses, and companies do such discrimination. It needs someone who were not allowed to apply for a job, to take them to court, and file a discrimination case. I doubt most people care enough to do such a thing. Until that happens, i would think companies are allowed to say such things to applicants.
  17. Once they get confidence in committing crime in a new country, they will do what they do in every country, commit crime.
  18. Yep, they are totally destroying gods creation. They think they can do better, what arrogance.
  19. What even more scary for people, is that people just allow these people to pull people away.
  20. These people will never be prosecuted by legal means. They own the legal system.
  21. The messed up thing, is that if journalists were what they were supposed to be, that the public should know by now the whole truths about this stuff, and what epsteins case was about in detail. Journalists are useless nowadays, and i doubt any of them are truth seekers. You have to wonder if journalists are really that sort of person needed to do these jobs, or are they paid shills, without the curiosity and instincts that journalists are supposed to have. You would think that robert maxwells competition, in media would want to find out all the truths about these things. But no, they let there so-called competition have freedoms to be these horrors. So much real news is covered up, or rich people take out court injunctions to stop press releasing. Like that person max cliffords job, was to protect his clients from bad media items. The whole thing is so disgusting, and moulded.
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