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  1. You have to wonder who trained her? Who runs todays ukraine? Its certainly not ukrainians.
  2. Like we know this is about russian peoples survival as a people and country. Russians should see what tel aviv, london, and washington has done to ukraine. If russia does not survive, there people will be treated like ukraine people, where there females will be flocked all over, and there white male husbands and boy friends will be dead. So russians should understand this is deadly serious for them as a people.
  3. The red square probably means, what the camera is looking for its found and concentrating on. ie faces So you cannot know what they are looking for with there cctv, but it makes sense they would be wanting to take images of faces, just incase someone does a crime. If you go into a big store, look up, you will be amazed how many cameras there are. I find it amazing how many they have, and one would assume its always recording.
  4. Did you not know, there is another internet for military, and enormous amount of ip addresses just for military use? So there is more then one internet
  5. What a cool thing to have in your back yard.
  6. I would think there blood and health are protected under secrecy laws. I seriously doubt you will get that info, due to them heavily being protected.
  7. Self harm is not a good thing, but there is a reason for it. You can really destroy your ego with self harm, if you know what your doing, and you will never get it back. So, be careful if you ever head down that road, as living without an ego in world of ego maniacs, means your going to be very different then everyone else. Personally such things i will not talk about, but self harming yourself can destroy your ego. Ego is important to function in this society, and if you destroy it, you can be left very isolated as you will not be like others.
  8. Shows you probably associated press or reuters who push most news in west probably pushed this out across the world, to english speaking world i would assume.
  9. Even though i cannot stand alex jones. Even though i do not watch the news, i heard it the other day where i live, and weirdly it told people about this verdict. Why would it be on news where i live, as people here, would never of heard of him probably? We all know why, like people said, they are using this verdict to further push people are bonkers if they are against the narrative rubbish. Brainwashing or what. I wonder how many countries who people have not heard of alex jones, had this on there mainstream news?
  10. You can just be living your life doing nothing, and be banned as someone believed something about you. Its a joke this world, and the amount of people that destroy others by projecting into others, there own rubbish is messed up. More so today as 1st world is flooded by people who come from mob rule areas of the world, where they had no civilised idea of how to live. Waste of time living if your different, and i can see why males and females who had no interest in normal things others did, years ago just went and lived there whole life in a monastery or convent, or something. Sick world, and will only get worse. The internet has given a central way for bullying and organised bullying to be very big.
  11. America will keep pushing. Now america has landed pelosi, america will see it as a sign of weakness from china, and keep pushing and pushing. You all know it. Its about which side wants to pretend to the world to be the good guy. America will keep pushing china, and they will just get emboldened by this.
  12. Yep, shame that more people are not here. The old board was very active, and you did get suspended.
  13. Once you really get into the system, it can change you in many ways. Always happens, and you get to see that you either do what the king makers want, or you do not rise to the top.
  14. Ask yourself, how does bill gates know humans will stop eating meat? Why would that be a thing, as humans have always been meat eaters. Ask yourself, how the ptb of will stop people eating meat? Then you can see why russia may also be planning for that future. Nature is one big ecosystem, and i doubt any country can be an isolated island from what the horrors bill gates and his friends are doing to nature in the long term.
  15. Israel never existed before last century. Jews come from eastern europe, and not from middle east. Dna evidence proves they came from eastern europe.
  16. The ptb of west totally hate nature and god, and think they are above it. No, they are not, they are only masters of a very narrow limited range of what nature is within there boundaries. Tel aviv, london, and washington have no idea what they are doing, but they are in control of west. They are fools, and bill gates is one of the biggest fools there is.
  17. What they want people to believe that a violent thug like pitt, is trans. Yep, really What bull
  18. Who ever made that weapon, it was very clever. It virtually was a mini cannon. The fact it did not explode in his hand, and it worked showed who ever made it, knew how to make it work. That is no small feat. Weapons companies have rnd and spend fortunes making weapons that work. The weapon used in this assassination, was very cleverly made, no matter how bad you think it was. It worked, yep, someone was murdered with it, but it worked as they wanted. Thats not a dumb weapon. Essentially it was small cannon in his hands, and who ever made it knew how to make it safe enough to fire, with that explosive force, and to be safe to fire. Thats no small feat.
  19. I had no life before, and i have no life till i die. So, for me, what ever it brings, it brings.
  20. What ever they are looking for, hopefully they never find it. Like i said before, there ai is just a cabbage. People have been brainwashed by so much hollywood rubbish, that they have been conditioned to believe things that are not true. What ever cern is looking for hopefully they do not ever find it.
  21. Things are never as simple as what public are told. Kingmakers are real, and boris and david cameron both were british pm due to them going to school with a rothschild.
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