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  1. cctv is good, but remember all sorts may be able to hack into them
  2. Isn't that what rosemarys baby was. Unfortunately for illuminati, it has to work the other way round, lol Mother of darkness exists for a reason, lol
  3. People need to concentrate on things they have a role in, and cash in society we have no role in. When it happens people need to stick together, or people are all screwed together, those that are left.
  4. ^^ Well its the colour of spirituality. I wonder what groups she belongs too, is it mothers of darkness? What a name for a group.
  5. Personally i am all for closing down of pubs, i hate them Places where organised crime exists, and people go there being vile to others.
  6. Yep, liverpool is a very dark club, with a dark occult thing to it, manifested by by there fans, and that wonderful song they sing on the kop. I have not seen epl since 2002, so i do not care about what these clubs are today. Liverpool i understand have turned there back really on the working class people of liverpool, ie the white working class. It was very fortunate of liverpool to never leave anfield, at least there owners at time of that decision made teh right one. But i agree from what i hear liverpool has turned it back on the white working class people of liverpool, that were the bedrock of liverpool. Thats there choice, and like i said i do not care about footie anymore, i stopped watching regular footie in 2002. It was a great game, but today its kill or be killed, and football has no unwritten laws anymore, you just do what it takes to win, and screw everyone else. Not surprising that liverpool as a club have turned there back on white working class people of liverpool who made them the club they were. I agree that liverpool had a darkside to them, and thats one of the reasons for them being liverpool.
  7. Personally i think it was a scare tactic. Probably fairly common in south america, with all there violence and crime, and gun crime. Criminals will often just point a gun at someone like that. I seriously doubt if someone wanted someone dead, they would not of tested the gun first, and made sure it works.
  8. Just remember that democracy leads to communism, the jewish political system they want in there 1 world horror world gov.
  9. I am a roman catholic who believes jesus really in the sun in the sky, and that is what we worship, as gods sun. We can only know god through his son, and that is what that means.
  10. Free masonry was a legal way to hide witch craft, and get those in society that society thinks is worthy to be in there, so they are all batting for same team. Most people cannot get past first 3 degrees, and in masonry the higher ups see them as useful fools. You need something most people do not have to get past the first 3 degrees of freemasonry. By the way, the first 3 degrees of freemasonry, is supposedly same as first 3 levels of witch craft. If your worthy in society, they bring you into such groups, but if your like that, and not worthy they have mental hospitals and doctors to call you things like schizo or what ever. The degrees in masonry, is about being worthy to get to that level. Its made in such a way you cannot rise up through the levels, unless you have knowledge and attain the knowledge along the way to rise up. Most masons do not get above first 3 levels, and they are considered no better then the ordinary people. By the way if you get to highest levels of masonry you work out the world is really flat, as you need a certain degree of knowledge and understanding to work this out in your mind. So, like i said. You are never given any knowledge in freemasonry, you have to be worthy of rising through degrees, and show you are worthy of getting to higher levels. Knowledge is only attained by the worthy, and if your not meant to know, you will not know. Like the saying goes, "Those that know do not speak, and those who speak do not know." Water finds its own level op, is another way to put it.
  11. Thanks to someone on another board Did you know gorbachev, died 6660 days after ronald reagan? Bizarre or what?
  12. I agree, if a company wants to control opposition, it creates its own competition.
  13. I believe its half destiny, half free will. Like if you were destined to have your life ruined in some way, if you stopped it, it would be ruined in a similar way, but it will be ruined. Like everyone has a certain amount of humans in opposite gender they can really fall in love with. Those chances can come in your life, and you can take them, but you can also not take any of them. Do you see, why life is a mixture of half destiny, half free will.
  14. People should never believe bill gates. Just remember one day this monster, will be getting a prize in tel aviv, for whats he done for them to ruin mankind. A true Dr Frankenstein
  15. Digital money will be a horrible very controlling thing. If you do not do what they say, they can make sure you cannot spend your money outside a limit of distance from your home. They will in effect have you locked in an area, and you cannot spend anything outside that area. think about it, and all the other reasons it can be bad
  16. After 911, usa gov targeted people for no reason other then they did not like usa gov. One, day they wanted to put me into a hospital, a doctor, and a big massively built male nurse came to our home to put me in one. Did not happen. Uk gov, used to bring females into our home, to sleep with me. They asked, me tell them which female i would like to come see me(they said, just tell us anyone), and they would try and arrange it. I never did, and they wanted to put me into a mental hospital, as i would not let a female sleep with me. So, just because i never let a female sleep with me, they would never leave me alone to live my own life. Supposedly if i did let it happen, they would of left me alone. Messed up life, they still want it, but thankfully i never did. Why this obsession with some female doing it to me, i will never understand. I believe they wanted to measure and test how a female was supposed to do it to me, because i was asexual, and they wanted to know. Messed up being followed around in life, waiting for a female to do it to me, and they never did, then my life was ruined over it. Madness. Imagine just because you stay a virgin, they want to put you into a hospital, as you would not let a female do it to you. Glad i missed out on them measuring how a female was supposed to connect with me. Mind control people just treat your life like a lab rat. My adult life as a lab rat, being followed, and analysed at every turn. This clip symbolised how i gave up on life in 1998, knowing these people were following me everywhere Big joke. Just glad they never did see me get laid by some female, or analyse how we connected or what ever. Being asexual, being so unique, they wanted to know, how a female could do it to me. While its easy for females to do it to others. Thats the messed up thing, my whole adult life being followed. Thankfully i do not have to worry too much anymore, about females liking me, or being able to get close to me, so they can work out how a female can do that to me. They still pay females, lol, to try and have a relationship with me. Glad, nowadays females find it too hard to have big amount of emotions for me. Thats the funniest thing, ie living your adult life as some sort of lab rat, being followed. People laugh at my life, but they do not appreciate how they too are in on this. I am so glad i never let any female get close to me, as these people would of just analysed the stuff out of both of us, and we would of lived as lab rats for those mind control arses who came into my life at school, and never left.
  17. The vaccine already does this. You can bet they can tell virtually everyone body state, once vaxxed. What he is saying is already in the vaxxed. Like i said at start the vax essentially creates a transmitter in the brain, and they you can be sure can monitor all vaxxed people, and tell whats going on in everyones body. Thats how they work out what the next booster will be for the vaxxed.
  18. I am glad i am alone all my life, that i missed out on love, and children, especially now, with vile monsters like bill gates wanting most people dead. Being alone is something, you either are good at, or not. Loneliness is an energy and if you feel it, you feel it. If you do not feel it, you do not.
  19. Very likely if he did survive, that the ptb used him to have loads of babies. The ptb loved hitler, as he was a proven winner, even though he was anti them. He could of taken them down, and that commands alot of respect from those on there side. So, if hitler survived its very likely he had loads of kids, as the ptb would of seen his seed as important, and did not deserve to just die out. The ptb running things are twisted like that, even though hitler could of wiped them out, they would admired that he nearly did, and they let him have sanctuary elsewhere. So i think its quite possible he did survive, and go somewhere, and had children. What he did nearly taking down the western ptb, they would of had enormous respect for him doing that, and nearly getting there. Its twisted, but thats how people in power think. Even though hitler was there enemy, ie uk, usa, and jewish oligarchs, they would of admired how he could of beaten them. Think about it. After the war, they used germany as a scapegoat for so much, and pretence to steal palestine, when if ww2 had not happened, uk had to hand back palestine to arabs. The ptb that run uk, usa, and israel are absolutely vile, but they would of admired hitler for nearly beating them. Thats why so many germans were allowed to go, and so many went to usa to work in usa. You do not throw away such intelligence. Thats how twisted they are.
  20. Thats an example of a true shedding story(very possible, but of course people cannot confirm it). We have no idea how many have died due to shedding, but its quite possible many have Thats both sides of the vax debate. Personally i think both sides are screwed on this
  21. Its who trained the killer, the female russia wants, that really is behind this. Who runs ukraine today? and thats not ukrainians.
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