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  1. Bbc are garbage.


    I worked for bbc, and i lost my job, because they could not force me into having sex. If i had sex with someone, i would of kept my job.


    Today they pretend to be woke, but i got fired for not having sex. It makes me laugh they pretend today to be all for asexuality. But when i worked there, they wanted me to have sex or lose my job.


    Scum company.


    Pure garbage company. Glad i have not seen the bbc channels, for around 20 years.


    On topic, i never even heard of him, and have never seen any movies he is in.


    If you saw bbc around 6 weeks back, they were claiming any group of 2 or more white people satnding together in london, was a far right group. They were effectively triggering racist blacks to go into london and attack white people, just for being white and standing around centrel london.


    Bbc, sure hate white people today.

  2. Todays world, i think the socalled illuminati are not as big as decision makers, as probably they were along time ago.


    You have heard about all the things that push power in these countries.


    One thing people never speak about is ai.


    What i mean by ai, is humans connected to computers, ie super computers, with synthetic telepathy.


    The uk, and usa gov is using people they think are sensitive, and connected with super computers, this is what these countries see as ai(artificail intelligence).


    So although there is many things that force leaders to make decisions.


    One thing, people ignore today is that uk, usa gov are using people in society they think are sensitives, to make judgements for them.


    The ai you keep hearing about, is really human sensitives in society these people use, connected to super computers, with synthetic telepathy.


    Ai super computers by themselves cannot do everything, and thats why these super computers are connected to human sensitive people in society, against these peoples will, just stealing everything about them.


    Thats what ai is, and its also one of the reasons for decision making, in uk, and usa today.


    So when you see trump, or boris, making decisions, they often will be making them, based on such people in society these gov are using against there will. They assume these people being sensitives, will be making better guesses at what to do then most folk, so they use them without any consent from those people being used.


    So although, there are many things that help leaders make decisions. I just wrote here, something going on, that most people do not know about.

  3. What i would like to know is, epstein was running a breeding programme(as well as his blackmail programme), with high ranking people and young girls.


    I wonder, does the feds have records of this breeding programme, and what was its purpose?


    I wonder how many famous males were brought into it, and what was its purpose?


    Considering epstein was working for israel, in very real terms, what was this programme for?

  4. Welcome, can i ask you, if you really are you.


    Do you think the uk gov did a good job, of protecting you, and your rights?

    That is, as a uk citizen.

  5. I do.


    I think a minority of humans are followed around all there lifes, by something watching over them.


    This is what this means from bible


    Hebrews 13:2

    “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”


    Meaning, that treat everyone with some respect, as you never know who is being followed around, as they do not know either.

    It shows that its an old belief, and i totally believe in it.


    When i was at school i believe i was driven to find out something that totally changed my life, and i lived with ever since.

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