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  1. The british empire was built on an illusion.


    Once countries woke upto how small uk really was, countries drove uk out. They were only able to con the world with that illusion until, the natives woke up. The british empire only existed on an illusion of strength.


    Thats why ptb moved there power base to usa.


    The socalled illuminati are not as good as people are led to believe. Yep, they may be ok, but in reality a tramp on the street may of had just as much to them, then any in the uk illumined society.


    Uk power and strength is mostly just an illusion, and thats why the ptb moved there power base to usa last century, and the uk empire really fell away.


    The ptb would like you to believe they are so powerful, but in reality they are often missing things most poor people have that they do not. What ptb families have is drive, and alot of poor people miss this.


    The ptb families drive, is more important than there supposed skills in occult.


    The uk empire was mostly an illusion. Once natives in countries woke upto it, there illusion mostly fell apart.

  2. This is why uk police used to ask for a higher lever of intelligence before you could be a police officer in uk.


    Now anyone can get in, that is physically able.


    Thats the main reason.


    If you have no standards of who you let in, your going to get a mixed bag. Higher up in police in uk, like in london, you need to be a freemason to get higher up, so that gets the better ones, i assume.


    The lower ranks of uk police today, anyone can join. It never used to be like that, as probably the quality they wanted goto more safer jobs, and jobs where they are valued.


    Todays world, being a police officer, is not the same, as the respect it had long ago.


    If you have no real standards, of who can become a police officer, you will end up with many who should not in reality be smart enough to be one. But uk police probably use these people as front line people, and real policing today in uk is done by many you never see.


    So, my answer is no, to op, they do not need mind control stuff. You just have a lower standard these days for front line police, so they will less likely be able to think through what they are doing. Plus being police in big cities you see so much, and hear so many bad things, it really wears people down, to see the public as all like that, ie suspects.

  3. Law in enforced, by humans, and that means its always going to be stacked against the male.


    Police mainly are most concerned about most dangerous and violent people. More often then not, they tend to be male, but not always. Females would have to do something really bad, compared to man, to get same punishment as the male.


    Police are called law enforcement, and law enforcement main concern is people being violent to others. More often then not, thats males, but not always, there is quite a alot of violent females.


    Laws are enforced by humans, and that means that humans do have biased ideas on how to enforce it.


    This is why more often then not, the female is believed over the male, but plenty of times, its the females fault. Females that are bad abuse this position, and always have.


    Just because a law exists does not mean, police will prosecute over it. They are most concerned with people being violent on the streets, and to others, and more often then not, thats males.

  4. I have never, and would not bother trying to convince anyone in public of anything.


    The people are summed up by, everyone who leaves school think they know everything. No matter how rubbish of an education they got, or how good that education was, everyone is convinced by day they leave school they know it all.


    Schools teach people to believe this, and it works well.


    But what most do not appreciate is that school was set up mainly for repeaters. That means you just learnt mainly to repeat something back to something in exams, you just learnt. Yep, repeating is a skill that can be important, but that does not mean they are capable of original thought.


    Most people only wake upto the world, in there 30's, but if you wake up before, your in the minority, as most before 30, just want partners, drink or what ever, ie socialising.


    So, mostly if you ignore people before 30, as most likely they are just interested mainly in things most young people are interested in. That means that most people only wake up after 30 or so, and alot of them lack any real personal knowledge on any subjects that will help them acquire more knowledge. The world of the net is full of con artists, and most people who lack any real personal knowledge, will only acquire knowledge due to having to place trust in others for it.


    So for me, all that added up, i doubt many are willing to care too much about how anything works, that does not directly affect them.


    Look at youtube, and i would suspect most famous channels, are mainly idiot channels, where people know most people choose the video for clickbait, and the video has no real info or anything worthwhile, other then you watching a fool.


    So although i cannot answer your question, as i do not talk to any number of people. I can safely say, that most people do not care about anything, or are willing to learn about any of the truther stuff, unless there life is directly affected by it.


    My attitude, is that everyone is a know it all. Good for them, they know mostly everything about nothing, but thats there life.


    If they were meant to know about stuff, there life experience would of shoved them to know it, or learn it, in how many different ways life teaches people.


    I believe in freewill, so i do not agree with forcing my views on others. If someone wants to read what i write, fine. If you do not, fine, i do not mind. Most people though for what ever reason do not believe in others freewill.


    So all in all, those who want to know about what ever stuff your on about will want to find out, or listen to someone, because they lack there own personal knowledge. For most people they already know everything(even though they know very little), so leave them too it.


    I will just finish this, by saying, i doubt anyone on earth has 1% of total human knowledge, no matter who they are. How arrogant they are, to assume then, that they know exactly what the truth is, when most of the time, they would not know the truth if it was right in front of there face.


    Just think for a second, on how much knowledge do you think the average person has, or needs to live there life. Most people have very little knowledge, when you compare that to all the human knowledge combined. While they are like this, they all assume that they know everything.


    Me personally, just say let them believe that if they choose. Its there life.

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  5. Uk being the home to world freemasonry, surely there is someone there that is channelling the light, lol


    Uk is like mecca for witches, and you telling me farage that there is no one with any sort of intelligence to work out what your asking. I thought uk had loads of high ranking masons to make these decisions.


    This is what farage means, by he would rather leave it to one enlightened person, then a hundred people not knowing at all what to do.


    The uk has to answer this for themselves.

  6. 8 hours ago, northern star said:

    Just to put things in perspective, for CNN - a compilation of a year's riots that make yesterday look like a picnic




    Yep, the blm/antifa created 2 billion in damages, and who knows how many they killed last year in there rioting and looting.


    But the media ignored while black thugs were running around looting chicago, they virtually hid it from the worlds news most times it happened.

  7. No, i just analyse stuff.


    Its called being an "analyst".


    I totally agree conspiracy theorist is a derogatory term, meant to marginalise people gov and media do not want people to listen too. For me, anyone who uses that term, is a person who never found out nothing by themselves in life, and assume no one else has either. Most people are just repeaters, and they assume all people are like this.


    I just ignore it.


    People that use terms, and words like conspiracy theory, coincidence, common sense are just people who have no idea what these terms or words mean.


    Tell me how is there common sense? What does that even mean?


    People use all these terms, and words, and have no idea what they even mean. I just ignore anyone who says anything about common sense, just as much as anyone saying things like coincidence, or conspiracy theory(theorist).


    Next time someone talks about common sense, can you ask them what they hell does that even mean?


    If there was common sense, then why do we have the police, or military to enforce rules or laws?


    There is no such thing as common sense.


    These terms are just ways people wash away ideas, or arguments with buzz words, because they are just too idiotic to have a reason why they disagree.


    I view myself, as an "Analyst".


    Thats what i do, as with many others. We analyse what ever, to the best of our knowledge, and instincts, like any other people analysing anything.

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  8. How do you know, they are not just covering up problems with the vaccine admitted to people?


    Its easy to say these things are spoiled, after a person gets a bad reaction to them. Just saying, taking things at face value, is not a thing you should do, when people have motivations to inject large amounts of people, and they employ massive numbers of pr people.

  9. I am not into conspiracy theories.


    I am just an analyst, and i want to analyse the world, and i like the truth, in this world of lies.


    I never got into it from the net.


    I became a target for uk gov mind control/usa mind control, in school, in 1992, and never have had a moment of privacy since. I lived my life until working at bbc later in 90's. When i left the bbc, i could not get another job, and they had stepped up a step in ruining my life.


    By turn of the century my life was ruined so much, it was practically impossible to live a normal life with the lack of privacy i had, and the way the invasion of privacy and fun these monsters were doing to me, ruined my life.


    So i know what it is like to have your life ruined for no reason by your gov. I personally believe they did this to me, as i was born of irish parents in london, and i would assume many irish descent people, must of been targeted for the garbage fun of uk gov. Brent council scum also played there local role in it.


    Thats what got me into analysing the world the way i do. Seeing as i have my own personal knowledge i know what gov targeting is like, and the very same way they targeted and ruined my life, i see similar tactics in how uk, and usa ruin countries they go after. So it means i have quite a bit of knowledge from my own life, and knowledge, things that most people never found out, or learned.


    I ignore the idiotic term conspiracy theorist.


    If they go back over what i said over the years, they will see how many times i was right, and they cannot stand it.


    They did there best in effect to drive me into the grave, and the fun they had they never assumed, i would work out the things i did, and i take great pleasure in using what i know, to see there plans ruined.


    The biggest fun i got in these years, was explaining how cheating existed in football, by big teams, and big nations. Today the english premier league teams and just destroying each other with non lethal weapons, and the epl is virtually a destroyed league, of teams destroying each other with weapons. Pure garbage the english premier league, and they are welcome to the world in which they are all ruining each other with non lethal weapon techs i told them about.


    Its funny how the net, if you know something, you can have an impact.


    I am not a conspiracy theorist, i am a analyst, and the fact that i know from what they did to me certain things, means i know more then most about things work.


    The people with mind control techs, from uk, and usa are pure sadistic scum. At least in my own small way, it has cost both for ruining my life. The net and a bit of knowledge can go along way.


    If you have more knowledge then the average person(thats not saying much), you can make a small difference.


    Football as a sport is virtually ruined because of me telling people what i know about how non lethal weapons were being used by big teams and big nations(like england, and man utd) to cheat.


    Also it showed me, that humans are mostly corrupt arses who are not worth anything real, as given the chance most people would screw over anyone to get what they want.


    Today football is now kill or be killed. No morals exist in the game anymore, and have not this century(although mostly this past decade), as info and knowledge takes quite a while to get around.


    Because of me, there is a non lethal weapons race in todays football, and they are all welcome to the idiotic world of cheating football teams screwing each other over.


    So like i said, i do not use term conspiracy theory, and if they go back over the years, its amazing how many times i was right.


    Up yours mostly to my country of birth uk for what they did to me, with there sadistic mind control.

    They never thought i would work out what i did, and how that in turn led to other things.


    These people do not care how they ruin a persons life for there fun.

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  10. Bill gates is not assocaited with nazis.


    America is going communist, and its not the chinese making it happen. Those running uk, usa have for along time wanted communism. They used russia in 20th century to learn about the pros and cons of it, before communism fell in russia.


    The people running uk, usa must assume they have the knowledge to make communism work now.


    Personally i do not think they know what they are doing, but people will buy it, as its trendy and most people do not go against the trendy curve.


    Look how many communist countries killed in 20th century. More then even western countries had abortions in that time.


    Its like what bill cooper said long ago, democracy leads to socialism, then to communism.

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  11. For those that do not know.

    Diego Maradona, for many of us, the greatest footballer of all time has died.

    His greatest moment


    The best goal ever, scored by the grestest football ever, in probably his most important match ever. For those that do not know, for maradona and argentina, that match was revenge against the english for stealing the falklands war.

    It was probably maradonas finest moment, before going onto lift that world cup days later.

    Apart from that this is my fav maradona moment.


    Maradona, was literally the only footballer a brazil team has been scared off, and it showed in above clip, how all the brazilian players ran to him, before he set up cannigga for that winner.

    1986 the world cup, maradona effectively won by himself, had also the best movie made about it.

    It had a fitting ending to it, here.

    Maradona - Hero


    I will never watch another world cup. But i always will be glad, that out of the 9 i saw, 3 times, the final was between my two fav football international teams, ie germany and argentina.

    So i salute you maradona, the best player ever.

    One of the few lights have gone out today on earth. Thanks for the memories.

    Sure there will be many a tear shed today.

    Maradona, the man who came from a shanty town in argentina, to the top of the world.

    No matter how much the hireachy in football hated him, because he beat the teams they did not want beaten, lol. Maradona will always be a hero to the poorest and weakest in teh world, for where he came from, and he was always one of the fans, so he knew what they were like.

    Maradona, showed what the symbiotic relationship between players and fans was. Where maradona was loved by his fans, he played his best football. When he went to clubs where fans were indifferent to him, he played quite sporadically.

    Here in his final


    No sport player in history or today, got the love from his fans maradona got, as we saw there. The symbiotic relationship between maradona and his fans, will never be seen again.

    I am just glad maradona reached his peak, before non lethal weapons took over football, like it has done over last couple of decades. Maradona got to show us what he could do, and vile nations like england could not stop him, like they do today with players, with non lethal weapons.

    Again, here is that video summing up what he meant to so many


    RIP maradona, a real light has gone out on the world today.

    Even though i will not be watching football anymore, today its ruined by non lethal weapons use, and they have destroyed football. I am glad maradona got his peak in before that took over football, and we got to see it.

  12. 1 minute ago, Morpheus said:



    May I ask andy1033 how you've concluded that due to Russia being the first to produce a vaccine that cv-19 is therefore an American bioweapon? As well, how do you know it is airborne HIV?




    No, i believe that hiv was created by america, and covid19 is an airbourne version of that.


    That i believed first.


    The fact that russia came up with the first vaccine, adds credence to that. If america had a bio weapon, surely russia would also have a counter to it. So for me, russia coming up with the first vaccine for covid19 proves to me, that covid19 was an american bio weapon.


    Also when it first came out earlier this year, russians believed that america had attacked china with a bio weapon(covid19). This was pretty common belief in russian media.


    Trumps america was badly losing its trade war with china, and i believe covid19 was seeded in china, this time last year, by them.


    The more that comes out about covid19, proves to me, it is airbourne hiv, like i said at start. The deaths show, that people mostly die of other conditions with it, going along with how hiv killed people too.


    Then now, russia making the first vaccine, for me, adds to me belief that covid19 is an american bio weapon.


    It makes sense that if covid19 was an american bio weapon, that the country that was americans enemy for alot of last century, ie russia, would have a counter for it.


    Thats my belief, and for me, time has proved my idea on this right, and russia making the first vaccine, adds again to my belief, that covid19 was as american bio weapon.

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  13. No, i did not know this.


    I said at start of covid19, that covid19 was an american bio weapon, and it was airbourne hiv.

    (this has proven to be true also, as only 6% of deaths are by covid19 alone. Meaning that with covid19 like hiv, a person dies from other problems, that they cannot counter in there body)


    That said, it would also make sense, if that was so, that russia would have a counter for it, ie a vaccine.


    Who made the first vaccine, russia.


    Russia making a vaccine first would make sense, if covid19 was an american bio weapon.


    So i totally say that covid19 is an american bio weapon. What adds concrete to that, is that russia was first to a vaccine, showing, that if such a virus existed and was made, by america, it would be americans main enemy for alot of last century that would have a counter for it.

  14. Why is bill gates funding so much of this stuff, and why are gov around the world funding these things, not private individuals?


    Bill gates has been mostly wrong all the way through this, but somehow, he is used as an expert on this virus, and vaccines?



  15. People need to remember that michael jackson was only acquitted on child abuse charges, because the prosecutors could not get anyone to testify against him for being a paedo.


    The people concerned, knew if they spoke, there life would be on front pages on all media.(fear of ridicule, is an enormous thing, to keep such people inline)


    Thats the way that hollywood keeps its secrets mainly. They all have stuff to hide, and they keep each other from telling, by making sure all involved have plenty to hide themselves. Michael jackson was a paedo, and just because he was acquitted meant nothing.


    Prosecutors need people to testify, and the feds could not get people to testify against jackson.

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  16. On 9/11/2020 at 9:33 PM, oddsnsods said:








    What absolute rubbish.


    Kids have no right to consent to sex, until the age of consent. Thats a fact and anyone against that idea, is essentially a rapist.


    People that are paedos, and into beastiality, are both humans that are rapists. Neither kids, or animals, can consent to having sex with adult humans, and do not allow anyone to tell you different.


    What rubbish arguments these people come up with.


    The 1st world, best rule, was the age of consent, and it showed, that christian people who made first world, understood in nature, how animals look after there young until they can fend for themselves, and are able to do this.


    Look at lions, and elephants, essentially there young go round with them, like family until adult life, like humans do. These animals protect there young.


    Kids under the age of consent, cannot consent to sex period. People that think otherwise, are basically rapists. A kid has no idea, of the dangers of sex, or the implications of what it means, or how devious adult humans are to get sex. Kids cannot consent to sex, and anyone who thinks kids can have sex with adults, is basically a rapist, as kids are not allowed to consent to such things they do not understand.


    Thats why kids cannot sign legal documents, as they cannot understand what they are signing, so they cannot under law sign any document. Same with sex, as kids, they do not understand the dangers, or how they can be manipulated by adults into having sex.


    This is why the age of consent, was basically one the best rules of 1st world, and contributed massively to making 1st world, fairly civil.


    I will say again. People that are into paedophilia, or bestiality, are basically rapists. Neither animals, or kids can consent to having sex with an adult, and thats a fact.


    The persons writing above, are just disgusting examples of humans.


    The public in 1st world, should never allow paedophilia to become normalised, like also bestiality. Neither are what should be allowed in civil society. People that partake in either, are basically rapists.


    That there are people out there arguing like the above article shows, proves, there are some twisted sick people in this world, that want to totally ruin the civil 1st world.

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