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  1. The netflix people should be prosecuted, for doing child porn. This is effectively soft core porn, with children. Its disgusting, and netflix should be prosecuted for this. Exploitation of children. A society that does not protect children, has no civil society. Netflix should be prosecuted, for showing child porn, on there service, as essentially this is what it is. Imagine how many paedo people, will getting off to this disgusting film. The normalisation of paedophilia, should never be accepted by people. All throughout nature, animals, especially all mammals protect there young, against predators. Clowns like richard dawkins tries to rationalise paedophilia, by using nature. But its bull, all throughout nature, animals protect there young. If you look at the world, the only civilised places are places where age of consent exists. Glad i never subbed to netflix, and its disgusting, that such a film is on there, and allowed to be shown. The normalisation of paedophilia, should never be accepted. There should be some parents out there, who should open a lawsuit against netflix, for doing such a film, and showing it on there service. Soft core child porn, is still porn, and child porn, is supposed to be highly illegal.
  2. Go and watch the doc i posted. Crime monthly was on when i was a kid in london. It was a serious show, about crime. They did this special, to show in real terms, the police knew who jack teh ripper was. While media, like movies, and tv shows, have pretended that the police were too idiotic to know who jack the ripper was, it turns out with police records, that they did know, and they had quietly put the man believed to be jack the ripper, into a mental hospital. The murders stopped afterwards, proving its very likely they had the right person. So i respectively ignore your response, and ask you just watch this special on jack the ripper. This show was a serious crime show, about real crimes, but this was a special on jack the ripper. Proving the police by there own records, knew who jack the ripper was, and they put him quietly away into a mental hospital, rather then arresting him, due to him being jewish.
  3. Did you people know that jack the ripper, was a jewish man, who the police did know, but they put him away in a mental hospital. They would not arrest him due to him being jewish, as the police even back then would not arrest people, for fear of causing social problems. Disgusting. That hollywood made all those movies, and never once told the truth that jack the ripper, the most famous serial killer, was a jewish man, and the police did not arrest him pubicily, due to him being jewish. They put him away in a mental hospital, and they must of got the right man, due to the murders stopping. Like i said, do you see all these hollywood movies pretending that either the police were too dumb to know who it was, or it was someone else. Never once did a hollywood tv show, or movie, show the truth about what london met police knew. Here is a doc on it, and the man who tells you straight was a high ranking police officer in uk, so he is not some idiot. Here, the most famous serial killer ever, ie jack the ripper, was a jewish man. Netanyahu must be the proudest man on earth with this news. You notice how hollywood has made endless, movies and tv shows on jack the ripper, and not once did they show the truth that he was a jewish man living in london, at the time. Plus remember, crime monthly was not some rubbish idiotic show. The officer in that show talking of crimes, was a very high ranking police officer in uk, and he told you straight in this doc, that police knew who jack the ripper was, and he was a jewish man.
  4. Just remember our ancestors went through horrible times and survived. There was people born at start of last century, that went through ww1, then great depression, then ww2. In 1930's america, people were dying of starvation, and most people do not appreciate how bad it was there. If you go back before 20th century life was horrible for all poor people, no matter what skin colour you were. So remember what ever is going to happen, and something major will probably happen in future, humans have always come through alot. Its not nice, but thats the world, and the people running uk, usa, and israel, want there idea of the world finalised. The public will be living with the consequences of what ever that really means. Just remember this, and how people before us, lived through horrible times.
  5. The uk gov is just messing about. The eu owes the uk nothing, and how does teh uk think they have teh high ground, when they are the ones leaving, and caused all this mess. How does the uk gov think they have the high ground, on these negotiations. The activated clause to leave, so they should be made to abide by that clause. The uk gov should not have a high ground on this, the eu should. The uk brought this about.
  6. Yep, why is bill gates somehow an expert on covid19, and the vaccine? He has been mostly wrong since the start of this covid19, and people are still listening to his words on this? Why????? Just because he sends money to something, does not make him some sort of expert.
  7. The americans assumed wrongly by the time it got to them, it would be dead in the water. They americans hit china, when this would be most severe, ie in the flu season last year, starting around this time last year. Americans assumed by the time it got to america, it would be spring, and summer, and it would be nothing. They were wrong, but that does not mean, that they did not believe that. Look at trump back in march, he was saying it was nothing, and will be gone soon. These people never envisioned that covid19 would last as long as it did, and do the damage it did, especially to america. Shows, you that if you start things like this, it can get out of control, and then your left chasing your own tail as it were. No expert would of expected that covid got through the summer, and it has. Bill gates the great expert supposedly, went round saying it would be gone months ago. What he has said, mostly has not panned out, showing that he is no expert on this stuff, and why are people listening to his opinion, when he is a computer programmer, not some vaccine expert, or virus expert? On americans doing it, and it damaging them. These people who do such things, do not care about who dies. They see the world, as everyone dies at some point, so why does it matter how many dies at any one moment.
  8. Personally i believe america did covid19 to china, with a bio attack. Thats what russia and china believe too. So why would they go and investigate in china, for the source? This time last year, it was probably seeded in china, by americans, who were losing there trade war under trump against china.
  9. Also remember that while covid19 is here, hollywood is making less and less money. So its probably to do with this also, they are going after these people if that is true.
  10. Also remember with covid19, medics are told not to resuscitate. So if a person commits suicide, or tries too, and there heart is stopped, medics before would of tried to save them, but now, are told not to try. So remember suicides will also be up, just on the fact medics are being told not to bring people back, if there are flatlining, from suicide attempt, where as before, they may of been able to bring someone back. Even though i have no doubt suicides are probably up, remember medics are told now not to stop a person dying, if they are flat lined.
  11. London has just as bad a problem with knifes, as americans have with guns.
  12. Of course they are downplaying it. The media has promoted that terror group blm, and emboldened real dangerous people into believing the twisted fantasies of the media to try and get hate on.
  13. If you have seen the film philadelphia, with tom hanks, when he shows he has marks all over his body. For some reason, i got loads of those marks all over my body, similar to those depicted in that film. I said at the start i believe that covid19 was airborne-hiv, and it a strange coincidence, that i suddenly got all these marks all over my body. Personally i think covid19 is just a starter, i believed that at the start. I think, they are afraid of what may be coming next. Who knows what they are preparing people for? What ever covid19 does to your body, who knows, what role it will play later on?
  14. Are you logged into your google mail account? Thats most likely how this is happening. Be careful what you use to login with your google mail account. Make different accounts on sites, and do not just use google mail account as a login everywhere that can use that feature.
  15. I do not think that will happen, ie paradigm shift. People generally accept what ever is happening at any one moment, as long as they can live there lifes. Look at how a person could be killed in the street and no one will help. All you can do as yourself, is play your part, and what ever happens happens. People have free will, and you cannot force people to change, or do what ever you want. Like the analogy i said about people will just accept seeing others die, as long as they are ok, even if its directly infront of them on the street. Like i said, no one has a right to force people to accept what you or anyone else says. Thats just the way it is, and if something is coming, we will find out how the majority do react. But i cannot imagine them caring or changing without that something.
  16. I would not bother waiting or wanting the masses to wake up. You should appreciate that people are at there level. Like the saying goes "Water finds its own level" So, at any moment of human history there is and always has been only a minority that wake upto what ever. So i would not expect or want the masses to wake up. If people are meant to hear and understand that fine. You cannot force people to follow your train of thought.
  17. For me, there is no way out. This is going to play out till we die.
  18. Glad i stopped watching english football 18 years ago now. Not surprising, its also excruciating to watch these days. Still remember, saint and greavsie when i was a kid. That was the best football show in our lifes for me. No other football show reached the enjoyment for me, of watching this on saturdays. Today they saturate football everywhere, and its all over the place. News and sports have turned into 24 hour rubbish for me, since satelitte tv took over both, and turned them into 24 hour nonsense. Glad there will come a time, when i will not know any of the players playing anymore. When i will hear about famous players, i will be able just to ignore it, as i will have no idea who they are talking about.
  19. People should tell elon musk to do this to himself, and his science people. Who gave him any right to use it on that pig? What the heck did that pig do to deserve that? Nothing. Inhumane treatment of animals is disgusting. These people are great at using techs on others, they would not use on themselves.
  20. Whats messed up, is these people have no respect that the people that pay there wages are effectively working white people, in america. No respect for those fans what so ever. White people should just turn of these sports and give no money at all to them, and see what they think. They assumed wrongly that they could just say anything or do anything, and the white people they are abusing them need them. No white people should just turn them off. Most white people paying money to these tools, are working people, that work hard for there money. They do not need fools on tv, claiming they are this or that.
  21. Yep, in 90's when i was young we had grunge. I think its probably linked to music, and there probably is not much new music being made. Since turn of the century there has not been a new music scene, from what i have seen.
  22. When you hear this fake woke bullshit the bbc tries to claim they are part its bullshit.
  23. No, just females. I said this to show that these people today are pretending they are woke, and they pretend today they are for asexuals. But when i was working for them, they were not.
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