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  1. 21 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    China has banned BBC for fake news.






    The only strange thing is it took them so long to ban that dreadful organisation, that points fingers, while doing the same things themselves.


    Any gov around the world wanting to stop negative impact on your society from abroad, should ban the bbc. They are the media arm, of uk intelligence, and have been at this game longer then most countries.


    What the bbc recently claimed about china, its not surprising, that china has closed them down there.


    10 minutes ago, HerrShultz said:

    Free will hacked: AI can be trained to manipulate human behavior and decisions, according to research in Australia



    What a load of bull.


    I have been a target for mind control techs for 29 years nearly now, and these people have been a disaster in my life.


    These people want you to believe they are all conquering but they are not.


    Free will being hacked on people that do not know about electronic mind control, is not free will being hacked.


    Electronic mind control probably works very well, on those un-suspecting of it. But thats not the same as free will being hacked. The electronic mind control techs are no better today then they were nearly 29 years ago when they started in my life.


    So i personally do not agree.


    They as usual are over stating there ability, and its disgusting anyway that they are doing this.


    Its a disgusting technology, and its no better today then it was 29 years ago. Its been going on for decades this stuff.


    Today these techs are far more subtle, and that in its own way makes it easier for those with technologies to manipulate there target people. Back when i first became a target nearly 29 years now, the techs were very aggressive, and they did damage to your brain, in how aggressive they were. Today people being targeted, have no real way of knowing they are targeted, and thats why its easier for these people to manipulate people with these techs now.


    So as a person who has lived with these techs being used on my life. No, they are no better today at messing with your life, then they were back when i first became a target back in 1992. The only reason these people think they are better at it, its because the techs are very very subtle now, and you will not know your being manipulated with them today, as they are so subtle, you will assume its just your own thoughts.


    So i do not agree, and my life was ruined with these techs being used on me, for nearly 29 years now.

  3. The fact the usa gov last year did not use such techs, show, that there must be dangers to these techs, they are not disclosing.


    You had blm, and antifa last year causing $2billion in damages, and looting, and never did they bring out the toys to use to stop the looting, or rioting.




    One would assume there are real consequences for being targeted by such techs.

  4. 1 minute ago, DarianF said:


    Beautiful times. Beautiful memories. I'll never forget. And the young generation will never, ever know what freedom is again. And when we all die off, they will have no one left to remind them. It will be wiped from the memory of man as if it never happened.


    Too right.


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  5. I notice now, that on some topics, i am unable to play videos which are controversial now. Most videos are fine, but if title of video has a controversial title, i cannot play it now on youtube. Just says does not work, try later.


    Anyone else seeing this?


    For me, for some reason now, videos are being blocked that have titles where people are questioning anything, or controversial in nature.


    More censorship rubbish.


    Next step i assume here.

  6. 7 hours ago, Seconal said:

    Live and let live. Your free expression of self can not effect me as I must know that my freedom of expression is not to cause effect in you. Only with permission are we allowed to effect another person. Mentally or physically, lest you have permission you have no right to force effect and change in another person. If they allow you in then permission is granted.


    These people running uk, usa had no problems invading my life, and ruining my life. All that live and let live rubbish is only there to keep people quiet while they are being stepped on, by anyone and everyone. People, most people took part in ruining my life, and enjoying it. They could not care less, about ruining a persons life for no reason.


    So as far as i am concerned, i have every right to speak out against such people, or peoples.


    When you have your life very much ruined by organised gang stalking for 29 years, you appreciate how much of that talk is bull, about live and let live. No one let me live my life, and i have every right to speak out, against the people i do.


    Telling the truth against such people and groups, who took part in ruining my life for there fun.


    The uk, and usa gov came into my life, and ruined my life, so there is nothing i will not say about them, or there plans.


    Loose lips sink ships, and i have every right to speak out against them.


    People totally ruined my life, for no reason, so i have every right to speak out as i do. They never left me alone to live my life.


    So stop with being on your high horse, some of us, have had our lifes ruined for no reason, and we have every right to speak out against the vile people running society, and what there plans are.


    I have every right to speak as i do, people joining together to ruin my life at every turn. They thought it was so much fun to do, and did it for no reason.


    This, gives me every right to speak out against these people and groups.


    Loose lips sink ships, and these people running society are vile.


    Just look at the vile stolen country of israel, created by force from uk, usa, for no reason.


    What uk, usa, and jewish groups did to set up germany in ww2, was disgusting, and people of all walks of life, have every right to speak out against the worlds biggest terrorist group, ie state of israel.


    Thats an example.


    Thats a good example, how freedom of speech was silenced over israel, when in reality the world has every right to speak out about the horrors of that state, and what the ptb of uk, usa have done to western christian society, and being paid for by rich jewish oligarchs to ruin that society.


    Rich jewish oligarchs have spent fortunes ruining western christian society, so people have every right to speak out against them, and israel.


    You see where this goes.

  7. 4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



    You cannot blame white people for leaving london.


    We saw last year, how blm were on the streets doing anything they want, ie attacking white people, and the media was egging them on.


    These black thugs were so confident, they actually threatened to start killing white people if uk gov does not hand over large amounts of money to black people in brixton.


    Seeing as so many areas of london is over run, its hardly surprising, people are running from london.


    London is well on its way to europes version of chicago.


    Where i went to high school in london, is so over run by black racist thugs, that white people cannot walk through the streets.


    Some future for white people in london, and white people know they are not being protected. So its not surprising that white people are running from london.


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  8. Anyone that cares about what the truth is, is rubbished like this.


    The last thing people want to hear is the truth.


    They cannot push there agendas, and having anyone pointing out the fallacy of there words, and lies. It certainly points to how this stuff must of always went on, and leads one to doubt what accepted history is or was.


    These people, even though ww2 was a living persons memory ago, conned the world that america beat germany. they have brainwashed the german people that america beat germany. When in reality 2/3 of all germans who died in ww2 fighting, died fighting on eastern front against soviet countries.


    But for some reason, uk, and usa totally ignore this truth, but weirdly there version of events that america beat germany is a majority accepted view of the ww2 ending.


    If you watch ww2 movies, you would think a group of 5 american soldiers beat germany on there own.


    That in many ways sums up the world we live in, and how manipulated truths are, when they are not truths anymore, just accepted ideas, that people present as facts, when they are not.

  9. 30 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

    I genuinely feel defeated. Worthless. Disappointed. Lost. Confused. 

    I wish I could just snap out of it.


    You need to try and find something that makes you feel positive about yourself. If you do not, you will not get out of that way of thinking.


    I know its hard if your life is bad, and there seems no way out.


    Lots of peoples lifes never get better, and its just empty words by many who say such things to those, who have no life, and no real way of living a life.


    But there must be something that can make you feel more positive about yourself.


    Like just owning a pet, and looking after it, for example.


    There are no easy answers, only you know what will make yourself feel positive about yourself. People will always be pushing useless ideas on you, trying to tell you this and that will change your life.


    Depending on how bad your situation is, will determine if that is true.


    I myself, have no way out of my bad situation, and never will be, so i know what you are saying. Lots of these professionals just have empty words to tell you, as they have no real way of understanding what you have gone through or are living with.


    So, like i said, first thing you need to do is just find something, that makes you(you), feel positive about yourself. If you rely on others to do this for you, that may never come. There must be something that lifts you, that you can do.


    I totally agree that professionals have aload of empty words. But appreciate maybe they have never been where you are, or experience what you have experienced. They assume telling you what they tell you will help, but depending on your circumstances, many times such words will make your situation worse.


    I have no way back to society, so i know how people like you feel. I fully appreciate peoples life can be beyond there control to come back.


    Like i said, first step you need to do is find something to do, that makes you feel good about yourself.


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  10. 7 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    well considering they are supposed to advise you of the risks before injecting it you would think it would take at least 5 minutes per person and if they are old and take time to move around it may take even longer


    So, is it possible do people think, that they have done 10 million vaccines already?


    If like you say 5mins, that like 12 an hour, and thats pushing it probably, for any professional, and that would be like 90-100 a day at max, per professional. Thats if they work at it 8 hours a day.


    Considering how poorly bureaucracy works, do we really believe they have done 10million so far?

  11. I would not believe those numbers either.


    Can anyone tell us, how much time it takes to give the vaccine to one person?


    Surely its not an instant thing, and they are claiming they have now gave it to 10 million. I seriously doubt thats true.

  12. On 1/15/2021 at 4:09 PM, johnkim said:

    If you are “awaken”, the world seems hopeless and going in a terrible direction.


    Elite’s plan is working and nothing seems to be able to stop them.



    Where is that?


    Plenty of there plans go wrong, and you just assume that all there plans work.


    No they do not.


    They have everything, media, power, and still loads of there plans fail.


    I am glad i woke upto the world, even though my adult life was ruined for it. I am glad i was not like most people, banging out babies, wanting to affect the world, by having as much sex as you can with as many as you can. No thanks, i am glad i woke up when i did.


    Where this will go no one really knows, but you can be sure of one thing, these ptb running uk, usa, israel, there plans are all over the place today. The 21st century has been a disaster for them.


    So i do not agree.

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  13. On 1/15/2021 at 2:06 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


    These folks look more irrational.






    I bet the white females in sweden thought that too.


    Today white females in sweden are too afraid to go out after dark, for fear of being attacked(due to non whites).


    So much for there hatred of white men now.


    The females like ones in this pic, should be very careful of what they wish for, they may just get there wish.


    These white females should travel to sweden to see how white females today are too scared to go out after dark. Female police officers in sweden need body guards to go home at night.


    The fools in this world are just beyond reasoning with.

  14. 8 minutes ago, chud said:

    Nature is nature while 'economy' is a men's creation, a set-up intended mainly to benefit the mightiest at the expense of the rest… a handful privileged ones stealing and wasting 1000 times what to deprive their millions victims from living decently…



    I'm not advocating 'communism' or anything but if we're to intervene in the natural course of things then it should not lead to worse than what might happen otherwise… they aren't the handful ones who're bearing the difference but the all rest of the mankind…




    We are all entitled to our opinion.


    I just think its wrong, that the world let the situation get this far, so that probably there are literally billions not living any sort of life. I cannot speak for all those people, but i can assume these people are not living any sort of life, ie those very poor.


    Most of the worlds problems are down to over population. I think its disgusting that the world let this get so bad, ie its nearly 8 billion now. You have to wonder how many people actually have a functional liveable life?


    I have always believed that the world economy can only sustain 2 billion at a max, and me living all these years, and seeing how things work, i do not have a different opinion now.


    Its my opinion, and its fine if people do not agree. I just think the world economy cannot sustain any more then 2 billion living a decent life.


    I think its disgusting that in my life, and i was born in 1975, that the world population has doubled from 4 billion when i was born, to nearly 8 billion. So in 46 years, its doubled, and people do not see that as a problem.

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  15. Just now, chud said:


    yes by killing off one newborn on three and spreading STD's, but it was just because of people's lack of hygien and knowledge, so why depriving them from the benefit of it all now that they finally got it ?... maybe 90% of Earth's surface remains unhinabited or unexploited, anyway as I said the problem will soon get solved and we'll not survive enough long to check what 'overpopulation' might feel like... 50% of the Earth's oxygen production sources got destroyed or depleted already and it's still going on...


    Nature had its system, and humans being humans wanted to over step it.


    We will have to agree to disagree on over population.


    I personally think the world economy can only really sustain 2 billion people. Beyond that, people will be living in the dirt. I doubt any world economic system can sustain more the 2 billion to live a decent life.

  16. 3 minutes ago, chud said:

    There'll always be room on Earth for more than the mankind could ever get, not to mention that we'll soon have got done with the oxygen we needed to breath on this planet so problem solved anyway, people are already suffering from altitude sickness at sea level...



    Personally i do not agree.


    Before modern medicine nature had mankinds population under control, and kept it quite low.


    Its totally absurd how quickly the population has risen just in our lifes.


    When i was born, it was 4 billion, now its nearly doubled just in my life, to nearly 8 billion.


    So i respectively disagree.

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