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  1. Answer to op, is that it may affect other animals, or other life, seeing as our dna, is alot like many other animal species.
  2. No one in there right mind would take that tech, or want it. If elon musk wants to plays games with his brain, let him do it to himself. Disgusting technology. Although such techs are in high tech planes, as people can think faster then they can think, and react with limbs to move or push buttons, or levers in flights of planes, like in dog fights. It was called psychotronic techs, and such planes use super computers. The stealth fighter has that tech, and super computer, and the psychotronic techs was originally stolen from russians during cold war. Its been in stealth fighters for decades, showing how far advanced military high grade techs are, compared to consumer techs. The techs allow pilots, to activate weapons and use weapons faster, then you can with your brain to hand communication can. So, you would think what musk is showing here, was probably being done back in maybe 1970s in secret labs, in usa, or soviet union. Shows you how long ago, such ideas and techs existed. No one in there right mind would want such techs in them.
  3. Its amazing how when events involve royal family of uk, there is a weird amount of numerology involved. Prince phillip died at 99 years old April the 9th, is 99th day of the year(2021) 9th of april obviously is 9th day of april written out day is 09/04/2021 in uk 09/ 04/2021 ^ ^ 1st 9 adds upto 9(2nd 9) 3 is the most important number in occult, and 9 is obviously 3x3. But 9 is also a secret 18, ie 9 is made up of 1 and 8, and put them together, to get 18, ie 3x6's. One would assume, that this day and death of prince phillip has a amazing amount of projection for these people in royal family, who seem to obsess with numerology, as all there major events always have such weird amounts of such numbers involved. Its amazing how many 9's are involved in prince phillips death as shown here. I am always amazed when uk royal family events happen, that such numbers come together. Put that together with prince phillip being most famous for declaring he wanted to come back as a virus to wipe out most of mankind. Then he dies in middle of pandemic. So weird. I have no interest in royals, or numerology in general, but these numbers that involve themselves in royal events, are just beyond weird here.
  4. It shows again how ironic the world is, considering prince phillip would be mainly remembered for his idea, that he would like to come back as a virus to wipe out humanity, when he died. For him to die at a time of a global pandemic, is rather ironic, and shows how much irony plays a role in our world. On the man himself, at least he was not a two faced fake, like most royals. The political correct bull of today makes people so fake, and at least he just said what he felt about things, although it may not of been correct to do so. Although he was a total hypocrite like all these royals, at least he was up front about it, in most ways. Personally although i never normally speak out about people after they have died, as i believe people should leave the dead alone. I do find it rather ironic he died at this time, considering what must of been important to him, dying at a time of a global pandemic, and how he said he wanted to come back as a global virus to wipe out most of mankind. Irony or what? (this world is full of irony) But on his death, i never knew the person, and most people have no idea who he was either. Like all that die, only those close to them really know them, and people should respect that some people may not feel the hate you have for such people, and you should respect people when they die, just out of respect for the living who may of seen that person differently then you, and may feel what ever towards them. For all you that hate such a person, would you have done any different in there shoes? For me, i have no feelings about his death, and for the most part his life will be remembered by his family and friends. I like most people have no real idea who he was, and how he impacted other peoples lifes, and i just for me, have no feelings about his death.
  5. People ignore the racism of black players. When thierry henry went to arsenal from juventus, he brought with him, his racist views towards white people. Most people do not appreciate how racist he was against white people, and his massive chip on his shoulder. Typical, how people totally ignore the shoe on the other foot.
  6. It has often snowed late, like in april, in british isles. (remember we are only in 2nd week really of spring) This snow was not a surprise in terms of those on weather.
  7. I think you will find, that news stands for North East West South The first letter of all spell out news.
  8. That was one of the weirdest things i have seen since this started. Its so weird to see police telling people they cannot goto church. We know it was a rule, but actually seeing it in reality is a weird thing.
  9. Considering mothers maiden name often is a security question, i wonder how that will play out?
  10. andy1033

    Red heads

    Generally speaking, when your outsiders in society, most people view you as being without a soul, so thats where that sort of thing comes from. Plus being outsiders, means your cornered alot in history, for who you are. When your a cornered animal, or human, it brings out things in people that most people do not awaken. So thats why that sort of thing happens. Its like albinos in africa, are hunted and killed if born, and for that reason, they would have more awakened state within them to survive. This is where that sort of thing comes from. Trauma affects peoples genes, that they pass on, and the cycle never ends. Without trauma in your genetic history, ie your ancestors, your likely to be weak. The world is harsh, and for outsiders, its harsher. Genetic memory plays an enormous amount and trauma in your genetic history of how well you handle problems in your life. If your ancestors had no trauma in them, you would likely be very weak. Thats why people judged as outsiders, are often seen like this. If your like a outsider, and hated for who you are, you yourself will often be like a cornered animal. This is why they in history judged red heads as witches, as these people would of been outsiders, and hated, and its likely then they have awoken something within them, that most people, ie majority do not. Thats why people who are outsiders all over the world, are often seen as witches by there native culture for being different. Even though i have no interest in people, or like people really. Red heads were my main preference. I never liked blonde hair at all for some reason, and i assume red heads were my preference, due to them being outsiders like i was. I find it interesting that blond hair has never really appealed to me, but red hair did. Energy is so important for me, and like i wrote above, its likely that red heads have awaken something in there genes, that in small ways got me to react to them, unlike for instance a blond would. Somewhere in my answer above, is probably why red heads appeal in small ways to me, while something like blond hair never really appealed to me. Its likely that people with red hair have trauma in there history and genes, like i probably do as well. Most people do have alot of trauma in there genetic memory, but some more then others obviously. Red heads in britain probably have more then most, thats probably why in small ways it was my subconscious preference.
  11. If you have ever seen phil schenider vids. He talked in 1990's, how satellites could see a penny(dime) on your kitchen floor with the infra red tech they had. ie computer tech with infra red sats, capable of building a 3d image of your home inside, based on what the infra red sats pick up. I personally doubt you can stop them knowing where you are, if they know where you live. If these gov people want to target you, i doubt you can go anywhere to get away from it. If schneider talked about that tech then, and he worked in secret world, thats like 25 years ago, you have to think, its all gotten more and more advanced since then. I understand what your asking, but i doubt these people have not thought of all ways you try to stop them, ie you as a targeted individual.
  12. @Eldnah Supposedly there was a dust storm at the time, and they were speeding. Although 13knots is not technically speeding, it is alot faster then they should of been travelling. It was not an illegal speed, but 13knots was effectively going full throttle, for where they were. Plus given they did not have enough crew to fill the quota of jobs required to sail, or drive a ship. Those things were supposedly why this happened, but mainly because they were speeding in dust storm. The speed was not illegal speed, but it was full throttle, for where they were, and should of been in advised to be going that fast, with the size of the ship, and where they were. Just saying for those that do not know, as most media have not reported this stuff. Being under manned, plus speeding, caused the accident, supposedly there was a dust storm too. Just saying, and put it out there for people who have not heard it on media, as media are giving people a very basic idea of why this happened, ie heavy winds.
  13. What i find hilarious in this, is that it cost around $160million to send that ship from asia to europe, with all those containers, but the shipping company cannot afford to have the ship have a full staff to sail the ship. Just how much profit does it make on $160 million to send all that cargo to europe, but somehow cannot afford a full crew to drive, or sail the ship. I would like to know how the shipping company does not make a profit on $160million for this trip to europe, for a full quota of crew to be onboard, to drive, or sail the ship? It was supposedly speeding at the time of crash, ie 13knots, just imagine what momentum 200,000 tonnes going at 13 knots ie 15 miles per hour is like to stop, no wonder its totally stuck.
  14. White flight from london, has been speeding up since 1990's. Seeing blm on london streets last year, probably convinced many more whites, to just leave london. They leave out how white people are running from black over run areas of london, as white people in many london areas cannot even walk down the street safely now. The media last year in uk, were egging on black racist thugs to go into london and attack white people in centrel london. So do not forget how white people are just running away from over run areas of london, where white people are hated by those moving in, where white people cannot even walk down the street, especially at night.
  15. Just remember the pilgrim society is above the round table groups, like the cfr(council on foreign relations). Its the next level up, for people that do not appreciate what it is. Context here, is the council on foreign relations is americans secret gov.
  16. andy1033


    Yep, the cia, and mossad must be hurting, as there illegal trade has diminished over last year.
  17. andy1033


    Virtually identical apart from the ears.
  18. These people play the public. Both harry and meghan want to be in white house, and are just playing you. Will americans really want a british royal in white house? Are americans so daft for celebrity, that they really will be fooled by these two?
  19. These two want to end up in the white house. Are americans really going to want a person from the british royal family in the white house? Its very likely his brother will be king of england one day, harry and his misses wants to be in white house. Will americans really want british royals in there white house?
  20. Law enforcement needs motivation to go after someone, and especially someone who is mega rich like that. He must of upset someone, as it takes real motivation for law enforcement to go after a person is a billionaire. You must of had to upset someone really bad, for police to go after you, if your mega rich like him. I have no interest in him, but it makes one wonder who he upset?
  21. Supposedly 31 emergency vehicles at the scene. Thats alot of emergency personnel, for one incident.
  22. https://www.the-sun.com/news/2455946/wales-stabbing-attack-live-latest-news-updates-treorchy-incident/
  23. thanks, interesting vids on crypto currencies, and how they work.
  24. Covid19 like i said at start is airborne hiv.(an american bio weapon) America did covid19 bio weapon attack on china, as trumps america was losing its trade war with china. America did in in last quarter of 2019, thinking that by time it got to america, it would be soft. Thats why trumps team were so quick on banning people from china when it went public. It was the only way america could stop china in its trade war, and it certainly put a massive dent in chinas exports overall. America thought it would do more damage, but there plan overall failed other then that. The covid19 is very real, and its airborne hiv. I said, this at start and still hold to it.
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