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  1. In 1992, in london at school, i became a target of remote mind control techs, by uk/usa gov. That taught me alot, and really woke me upto the world, and how bad gov are, and how they ruin your life for nothing more then just there fun. I have not had one second of privacy since. When the net came along and 911 happened, i knew from my targeting, that no way on earth would america not of known that was coming. As i cannot fart in my life, can you imagine what usa gov does to spy on people they really follow, and watch. I knew that day, news is just a story that is shaping your events, as virtually no one on that news could be telling the truth. Based on my life, i know what gov surveillance is like.
  2. Totally crazy. Unis exploit the best people, and i doubt they care what colour they are. It just so happens, these were mostly white. Its totally insane.
  3. Considering we as humans are not drawn to eating insects, its just another forced idea onto us. Humans are 100% meat eaters. No, we are not meant to eat plants, or vegetables, our intellect brought about those ideas. We are 100% meat eaters. All animals are drawn to there food, like all are drawn to who they mate with. Humans are only drawn to eating meat, not insects or vegetables, although we can eat them. Disgusting that they want humans to give up there main food source, the one we are born to eat. All animals are drawn to there food, and these people want people to believe we just pick our foods at random. No, a cow in the field is drawn to eat grass, it does not guess to eat grass, like humans are guessing at eating vegetables, or insects, like they want. We are 100% meat eaters, and humans are not drawn to any other food, proving this. We only eat other things, as it was our intelligence that worked it out, probably by seeing other animals eating things, we questioned if we could eat that. This news is more lunacy, showing they are moving further and further away from what was gods creation, ie humans. This news, shows they want humans moving away from eating meat, which is disgusting as meat is 100% our main drawn to food source. We as humans do not go red eye on any other foods, we were 100% predators for meat(obviously that includes fish)
  4. You may of been a member at old board, and when they moved over to new board, people had to re register.
  5. Surely gov are trying to work out how many of such people exist. Such topics are disgusting, and porn is too. Just remember, that if your watching it, its likely gov are recording this data, and working out what people exist in society.
  6. Trump is part of the ptb, they put him in. If a real president of usa wanted america to come back, they would have to cut of from israel. Anything else is just bull.
  7. Yep, i agree, i never watch any of his vids, or searched for his vids, and i never know why his vids show up on my youtube page. Makes you wonder, why it does, and whether youtube wants his videos watched. Yep, i ignore celebs, and i always ignore celebs who then believe they can take on the mantle of speaking the truth for everyone. No matter how many times i block his vids, they always seem to show up.
  8. Personally never seen a vid of his. Celebs are boring, and celebs become more boring, once they start using there position to play people.
  9. I seriously doubt its a scam. Club football in europe has real problems, and its not surprising mega rich teams need something more to pull in viewers, and they know it. I do not watch football anymore, but i doubt this is a scam long term. Its very likely they said this just to see what the reaction is, and its very likely its something all these clubs want, as football today has destroyed what traditionally was club football, and club football has lost the basis on which it existed. Like i said, i do not care about it, but i would suspect these clubs are serious.
  10. I think its absurd, that world population has nearly doubled in my life, from 4 billion, to nearly 8 billion now. Personally like i said all these years, i think planet earth can only sustain a population of 2 billion. I think the world economy can only give around 2 billion people a decent life. Beyond that, people are living in the dirt, and no real economic system will go beyond that. Thats my personal opinion. Even though i do not believe in climate change, its just weather. Humans have polluted earth to extremes levels, and it just cannot continue.
  11. Just remember that covid19 was essentially the start of ww3. Its very probable, the lockdowns, were there to condition a society to things not being the same anymore, and things being wrong. They probably assume western people were too soft to just spring it on them, and its likely lockdowns, was to condition you people to hardships that probably are coming. These people probably assume you had it to good for too long, and you needed some conditioning for real ww3. Just remember that.
  12. Most high profile sports people are masons, and know more then most. Thats all i would say.
  13. No, russia is not wanting to be run by america. Russia wanted to join nato in 1990's, as equal partner. America said no, and has no intention of sharing the world with either russia, or china. Russia does not want how america runs west in there country. What ever the system is that is run there, russia does not want it. They conned russia to end cold war, and it was supposed to make for a better world. After they ended cold war, russia tried to join nato, and america refused. During bill clinton years, they were worried yeltsin would fire nukes at america, and once bill clinton even said, there policy would be if that happened, that usa would take 1, without all out response. There was a real danger as russia was collasping in 1990's under yeltsin, that russia would fire of nukes at america. Of course they did not. Americans ideas for russia, was to let it be ruined in 1990's by mafia crime, and terrorism, so eventually america would come in and liberate russia from these things, and america would steal russia, and split it up, as they did with yugoslavia. America conned russia to end cold war, and yeltsins russia was slowly being ruined by america, with america thinking tehy would liberate russia one day. Then by end of 1990s, putin got in, and started getting all the pro american out of power positions, and by start of century, was slowly turning russia around. At turn of century russian military was in shambles, and there weapons and nukes were threadbare, meaning they were gone, and america never considered that russia ever again would be a world voice, or force. Even putin himself doubted at this time, russia would be coming back to position where it is today. Slowly but surely russia came back, and in 2011, finally was back in some sort of position to say no to america, in syria. It truly has been a wild few decades for russia, and they should be so grateful that putin turned there country around, and putin himself would admit, that at turn of century russia was practically failing so bad, i doubt he ever could see them back to where they are today. Putin and his people did a great job, and they should remember what plans america had for them, and how america conned them to end cold war, and then virtually ruined there country in 1990's, trying to ruin russia into nothingness. That is some of history of russia, over these decades you may not know. People should be glad that russia came from, from being a virtual failed state in 1990s, where by turn of century there country and military had been turned into a disaster by pro americans willing to sell out there country. Putin got in, and got pro americans out of power, and led russia back, to a place of pride, and world position, where they can speak in this world, a world where america never thought they would see a russia again, speaking on world stage. By the way, america thought 21st century would be just them, and a cornered in china. The ptb running america viewed china as uncontrollable, and viewed only all out war could conquer them. Chinese only made illegal cannibalism in last century. Those running america, viewed china as a place thats beyond becoming civil. They viewed that 21st century would be just america and allies, hemming in a china, by themselves. They never considered russia would ever be back. America only perceived big war at turn of century was for them against china later, as they viewed them as too uncivil a people to join in the world that america wanted. America never saw russia being back, and america having to go at it with russia.
  14. I personally do not require vindication from others. Personally i do not care that people think you are all sorts of things, just because they assume no one can know anything apart from main stream media experts, lol If you do not go along with majority like we don't, it can be lonely and very isolating. Its just the way it is. Like i said i do not bother wanting vindication from others, for stuff. Makes me laugh to see that gov and local places are looking for such people. Just imagine how many people are paid to work online, rubbishing anything said, that is anti who ever they work for, or there group is pushing.
  15. Yep, he called putin a murder a few weeks back. He clearly was batting for ukraine, a country his family has gotten rich off with corruption. Biden, and Putin, clearly do not like each other, and its one possible reason elites of america put him in. Bidens family has gotten rich out of corruption of ukraine. You would suspect one of the main reason elites put biden is, he does not like putin, and he has a self interest in ukraine, a country he and his family have made fortunes out of with corruption there.
  16. They have to allow someone to say something, or it would really upset many in public. Allowing alex jones, and tucker to speak on media, allows those in charge to control them within limits. Tucker is saying what they are allowing him too, just like anyone on foxnews. If there was no one for those opposing the left to listen too, they may actually do there own research, and learn for themselves how to find out facts. This way its controlled what they are given. People like alex jones are nothing more then gossipers on the net, thats full of useless gossip. The net is massive on people gossiping. Alex jones, for people in power, is doing nothing more then gossiping, and is of no concern. Thats why they allow such people to speak, as it keeps people fixated on what those pushing things through them to control this side of things.
  17. Still not nirvana, or kurt cobain. No ai induced song could create the energy surrounding nirvana. Music scene has not seen a band since, that created that energy, and no ai creator song, could do it. Music and masters of records, were mastered in unique ways, and its a far more complicated issue, then just some sounds of a guitar.
  18. You leave out that america started this civil war in ukraine, just because russia did not allow them to steal syria, for israel, who has no right to syria. Obamas admin, which had todays president as vice president, ie biden were in power, when ukraine civil war started, and its no coincidence, that ukraine is being flooded now with american weapons as biden is president. I wonder how much money biden family made out of corruption in ukraine? Its amazing that just before civil war there, ukraine jointly held european football championships. Look at it now. Crimea has historically belonged to russia. The reason why london, washington, and tel aviv, could not start a war with russia in obama years, is because ukraine people mostly said no way are they dying for these countries. Most people in ukraine, have too many ties with russia, plus nato countries did nothing for ukraine since end of cold war, and just left ukraine there. They only now need ukraine, and there people, as they want war, and thankfully most of ukraine people know that, london, washington, and tel aviv are using them as cannon fodder. Most of ukraine people do not want to know, and thats why in obama years this war could not be started.
  19. If true, you cannot blame iran. Israel has been totally going terrorist on iran, and its hardly surprising if true that iran would counter.
  20. While its doing this ai thing, its probably calling home, all the back doors it finds.
  21. WW3 has already started for me. Covid19 was an american bio weapon attack on china, and i fully believe trump knew about it in 2019. I believe that was the start of ww3.
  22. What a bunch of loonies, these people are. They just want people out of there mind, and incapable of doing anything, while gov and oligarchs ruin western society.
  23. People are so trained to view anything about the brain and negative times, as something to do with mental illness. Think about it. People that go through such episodes, are wrongly taught that its bad. Sometimes it may be, but alot of times people do not appreciate they are going through this for a reason. But they are never taught that maybe you are going through this for a reason, and its about learning something within you coming out. The film the exorcist shows a real spiritual awakening, and most people do not understand this. Its exaggerated of course like hollywood does, but its a real version of what a real spiritual awakening is. If you go through one, and i assume by your writings you are, one thing thats very important is to stay grounded. Many people go through such things, and are lost the rest of there lifes and are hospitalised till they die. Its so important to stay with some form of grounding going through these experiences, and eventually you will get through it. Thats all people can really say, as its your journey, but remember there is a reason your going through this, and a minority of people all over the world go through something similar. Keep something within yourself grounded, ie to keep it real. It can be a wild journey going through such things, and you should not just see it as a negative experience, but something a minority of all humans go through. Also remember that going through this, be careful of who you listen too, as the real answers your looking for come from within. People are so obsessed with looking for external answers, and only you know what your going through in this. My only advice with it, is keep a part of you grounded, no matter how wild your brain, or mind goes, and eventually you will get through to the other end. You will be a different person, and depending on how you took that journey, you will have a new way of looking at the world.
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