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  1. How would someone prove they are such a thing.


    I know such a thing exists in this world of sex mad people, that males that have no interest, and eventually become eunuchs, but how or why could society prove it?


    Just be glad if your a eunuch, while everyone else is sexual.


    Thankfully only a very small amount of people will ever be on road to being eunuchs, and once you get there, at what ever age, any sexual doubts you have, as your not like everyone else is gone, as its literally over, thankfully.


    Personally i would not tell anyone your a eunuch, people will hound you for life. People can be such arses when your not like them, panting to get into someone elses pants, or lusting over body parts of others, like most people.


    Your better of keeping it to yourself.


    People like this used to go and live a religious life away from a society that hated them for not being a normal sexual wanting person.


    Now eunuchs are stuck in a world where people will be questioning it for life, when they are really wasting there time after a certain age.


    Just be glad if your one, and its your own business. It should be nothing to do with others, but if people know, they will probably hound you for life, and desperately try to turn nothing events in your life into there sexual ideas of what sexuals are, when they are nothing of the sort.


    So, although i agree that eunuchs exist as i am one. How you can prove such a thing to others, is something you cannot, as you can never prove a negative to people, who think best thing in life is lusting after someone elses body parts, because a certain energy is given of at those parts, and they stir some sort of thirst or lust in most people for them.


    There is a condition called klinefelter syndrome, possibly why a certain amount of males are not meant to be like most males, and some of them will in turn become eunuchs in effect at a young age.


    Being a eunuch is a very real thing, and probably has a real scientific reason, why some males become it.


    Just be glad if you are a eunuch, as society will not approve, and they will spend rest of your life ruining your life if they know, and hating on you. Good for scotland, but like i said, i doubt people can prove such a thing, as its impossible to prove a negative beyond proving it to yourself.

  2. There was alot of force behind that slap

    A well built male, can strike a slap harder then most average males can punch.

    Just saying for all those fake people.

    He put alot of force into that.

    I wonder what hollywood has to say now about toxic masculinity?


    There was alot of force behind that slap.


    Obviously he did not intend to punch him out on stage, but clearly knew slapping him, would make a point.


    People do not appreciate a well muscled man, can slap harder then most males can punch.

  3. So finally Jordan Maxwell has passed on, yesterday it seems, wed 23rd march 2022.



    Considering the important he had in helping david icke launch his career as speaker, jordan maxwell.


    So rip jordan


    Just telling you, as jordan played a role in your person david who you people like here.

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  4. Even though its before my time, lennon sure was right.


    Just remember these people would of met all sorts of powerful people, and knew who really ran things back then. I doubt he was saying this out of ignorance. Obviously he said it, for some reason, like he said, you can read into it what you like.


    But i doubt he would of said it without from his view it was right, as lennon was very calculating in his words, as he knew he was being listening too.


    Before my life, but shows these people abused there power back then too.


    Obviously he must of believed judaism, was a dark side religion, like i always say.

  5. NASA = Never a straight answer


    I personally believe they did goto moon, but i believe what they hid, was that they used better techs than they told people. ie they were hiding the real technology they used. Even though that was before i was alive, we can see how things work today, and its very likely nasa is a front, for just show, and what really goes on in secret is never told to us.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


    Le Pen and Trump are part of the problem and not part of the solution imo.


    They both support Israel as does Putin and most Governments worldwide.





    No one gets a hint of power in west unless, they are given that position by the oligarchs.


    Look at farage totally in there pocket, playing the game of the western oligarchs.


    Trump is totally dominated by jewish oligarchs who have that blackmail on him, like they do with anyone in usa that has any real power.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    Spoke to a women at the counter in Tesco.she was harping about Ukraine etc, evil Vlad. When I responded about NATO pressure and egging on for a war for years, the best response was well I still feel sorry for the Ukrainians.

    All these people understand is what there told by the media and they’ll die defending it.


    Yep, most of these people have no idea zelensky murdered thousands in eastern ukraine since he got in, and was there controlled, by tel aviv, london, and washington, to goad russia into this.

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    No hope for Yemenis because the Saudi Regime who are bombing them have the support of the

    Zionist Occupied Governments (mainly USA/UK) and their media



    Yep, that situation is pure evil, and no one says a word on jewish controlled western media.

  9. 1 minute ago, Doc said:

    Here is an article about the BioLabs in Ukraine. Russia are taking their 'unfounded' claims to the UN. The article doesn't explain why Russia are claiming there are US funded biolabs developing race targeted pathogens in Ukraine, it just says they are 'unfounded'. This makes me think the whole purpose of the 'special operation' was about these labs.







    They know that russia has evidence.


    Like putin asked a few years back, why did usa military want russian peoples dna back in 1990s?


    That and why are so many bio labs on russian borders?


    What evidence did russians find in these labs?


    But of course uk media claims these things are unfounded, when western media for last 2 weeks put anything out there without evidence, against russia.


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  10. 1 minute ago, skitzorat said:





    What a joke


    Zelensky killed thousands before russian military operation.


    Plus zelensky ukraine, was worst white country on earth for female exploitation.


    Says alot about this guys desire for freedoms for everyone.

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