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  1. I was wondering if this nothing story would make it to world wide news, when its not news worthy at all? Jones is a fool, and does not represent others, but media will pretend otherwise.
  2. Someone would of had to advise who ever did the bomb, on how to get past the detectors. Someone would have to know how russia defended the bridge, and how to get past that defence.
  3. Yep, the sickest man alive bill gates.
  4. Good for that person. White people have a right to survive like all other animals on earth, and racism was only made up to destroy white peoples survival skills.
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    That would be cool, to buy one of those, and hook it up.
  6. andy1033


    That is so true People are so shocked by truth, but they love being lied too.
  7. The ptb of west are brain dead perverts, who have no intelligence. All they do, is live a pervert life, and think thats what nature intended for humans, as they do it and want it. What vile people they are. The food chain exists, and it means animals, are drawn to there food. Humans are not drawn to bugs, look how many famines existed, and not once did these people turn to eating bugs. Did the famine in ireland, move people to eating bugs? Did the famine in ukraine, move people to eating bugs? No, on both counts, and every single day people are dying from no food, and they are not drawn to go and eat bugs. The ptb are fruitcakes.
  8. No there is not They speak when they want to speak.
  9. I would not believe it for one second. Animals are drawn to there food, and we definitely as humans are not drawn to cockroaches. Humans generally think they are disgusting.
  10. Do you know if it was on any other station, ie bbc, or what ever? ie what ever your sister, and others heard?
  11. Bizarre how uk can talk about the cult like status in places like north korea for there leader, when the royals are same in uk. Same in usa, where people are obsessed with celebrities, and people outside of usa have no clue why usa are so obsessed with celebs there. Usa version of royals is celebs, who are all paedos in hollywood, which should be called paedoville.
  12. Those denver murals are really starting to show what they are saying today, aren't they?
  13. Why wouldn't they, these people seem to have there death planned in advance. Still believe they meant for her to die on friday 9th sep 2022. She was 96, and they wanted her to die on 09/09/2022 which is 9/9/6 Numbers are such a big thing with them. Well it was 9th in one of her countries australia.
  14. Israel hands out prizes to who did covid19, and the vax This is just pretending they are victims again, while they are the ones doing it.
  15. Who cares, who uk has as the prime minister?
  16. The current money with queens head on it, will only be allowed to be legal tender for so many years. You know what i am saying
  17. Interesting you do not see too many black people there. Weird given that uk was a good country for black people, and the lack of respect they have for her.
  18. Yep, i agree, he is more powerful then people think. They the royal family have real power in uk, just that its not seen.
  19. Do you know how big ukraine is as a country? Russia is not fighting ordinary ukraine people, they are after there military
  20. Very likely they will announce her death tomorrow, on friday 9th 09 2022 She is 96, and die on 9/9/2022 which is 9/9/6 while she is 96 Very likely they will announce her death tomorrow Will be interesting to see when
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