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  1. Why is bill gates funding so much of this stuff, and why are gov around the world funding these things, not private individuals? Bill gates has been mostly wrong all the way through this, but somehow, he is used as an expert on this virus, and vaccines? Why????
  2. It certainly is possible, but we will never know, as it was supposedly re edited, to what it became. Most people just see it as a sexual movie, and the final edit probably ruined, what kubrick meant it to be. We will never know.
  3. The poor palestinians should never give up. Netanyahu wants muslims to see palestinians as like gypsies. Never give up palestinians, your land was stolen from you, by the anglo american empire elites, and israel never existed before last century. The history of this world, shows that you palestinians should not give up.
  4. What a load of rubbish. These people are desperate to try and normalise paedophilia. Paedophilia, should always be a banned sexuality. Kids cannot consent to having sex with adults, and when will these people ever accept that, they have no right to rape anyone they want.
  5. People need to remember that michael jackson was only acquitted on child abuse charges, because the prosecutors could not get anyone to testify against him for being a paedo. The people concerned, knew if they spoke, there life would be on front pages on all media.(fear of ridicule, is an enormous thing, to keep such people inline) Thats the way that hollywood keeps its secrets mainly. They all have stuff to hide, and they keep each other from telling, by making sure all involved have plenty to hide themselves. Michael jackson was a paedo, and just because he was acquitted meant nothing. Prosecutors need people to testify, and the feds could not get people to testify against jackson.
  6. What absolute rubbish. Kids have no right to consent to sex, until the age of consent. Thats a fact and anyone against that idea, is essentially a rapist. People that are paedos, and into beastiality, are both humans that are rapists. Neither kids, or animals, can consent to having sex with adult humans, and do not allow anyone to tell you different. What rubbish arguments these people come up with. The 1st world, best rule, was the age of consent, and it showed, that christian people who made first world, understood in nature, how animals look after there young until they can fend for themselves, and are able to do this. Look at lions, and elephants, essentially there young go round with them, like family until adult life, like humans do. These animals protect there young. Kids under the age of consent, cannot consent to sex period. People that think otherwise, are basically rapists. A kid has no idea, of the dangers of sex, or the implications of what it means, or how devious adult humans are to get sex. Kids cannot consent to sex, and anyone who thinks kids can have sex with adults, is basically a rapist, as kids are not allowed to consent to such things they do not understand. Thats why kids cannot sign legal documents, as they cannot understand what they are signing, so they cannot under law sign any document. Same with sex, as kids, they do not understand the dangers, or how they can be manipulated by adults into having sex. This is why the age of consent, was basically one the best rules of 1st world, and contributed massively to making 1st world, fairly civil. I will say again. People that are into paedophilia, or bestiality, are basically rapists. Neither animals, or kids can consent to having sex with an adult, and thats a fact. The persons writing above, are just disgusting examples of humans. The public in 1st world, should never allow paedophilia to become normalised, like also bestiality. Neither are what should be allowed in civil society. People that partake in either, are basically rapists. That there are people out there arguing like the above article shows, proves, there are some twisted sick people in this world, that want to totally ruin the civil 1st world.
  7. Exactly, Millions died in ww2, to stand up for the world they wanted and helped create. Today white people are just throwing away the world, that there ancestors helped create and died for. Those people died for nothing in ww2, so that vile ptb people in places like israel, uk, and usa, can turn the white 1st world, into a travesty of what it once was. All those trying to save jews in ww2, did not appreciate that these same people, would openly for decades to come, stab white people and there countries in the back, trying to ruin white peoples world.
  8. Who ever is behind that netflix film cuties, should be in prison, for making child porn. Its nothing but soft core child porn. Child porn is supposed to be illegal, so why was this aburd rubbish allowed to be made and put on netflix. Govs, should prosecute netflix for allowing this to be shown on there service in there country, as it is basically child porn. The person who made this, should of been a arrested for child porn. Netflix, should be prosecuted, for allowing this on there service, and promoting child porn. Its total exploitation of children. These kids, had no right in the law, to consent to do that. They were exploited by who ever made it. Normalisation for things like paedophilia, or bestiality should never become social norms in 1st world. People that are paedos, or into bestiality are basically rapists, as neither kids or animals, can consent to having sex with an adult human. Glad i do not subscribe to netflix, but if i did, i would cancel my subscription. Its digesting that such a film got on there. Both netflix, and the people who made this, should be prosecuted, for exploitation of children, at the very least.
  9. Jewish people have on talent, and thats stabbing people in the back. The white people after saving jews in ww2, were totally stabbed in back by jews ever since. Anyone making agreements with jews, are asking to be stabbed in the back. There history is full of it. ie stabbing those in the back, who befriended them. Muslims who make agreements with such people, are very naive, and you wonder what the people running these countries are getting in return?
  10. Yep, thats absolutely insane. A society that does not protect children, will have no civilised society. One of the main differences of why 1st world became 1st world, was there ideas of age of consent, and protections of children against predators. In nature, you will see all mammals protect there young, and these are important instincts against the brutal world, that nature is. So the new yorker is effectively saying natures own survival instincts are some right wing rubbish. Paedophilia, should never become a normalised sexuality. Adult humans have no right to have sex with kids, or want too. Kids under the age of consent, cannot consent to sex, and sexual stuff, and the kids in this doc, were victims of child exploitation, and the makers of that film should be prosecuted for such things. This doc, is essentially soft core child porn. There will be alot of paedos watching this on netflix, getting off to it. Meaning that netflix is promoting child porn in effect. Its total insanity that these people try and claim, its some right wing jobs that are anti this. No, all through out nature, mammals protect there young, until they are of age to go it alone. For humans in civilised world, we call this the age of consent. For me the age of consent for heterosexual sex should be 16. Kids, do not understand the dangers and consequences of there actions, until a certain age. Whether people like it or not, that is an absolute fact. This leaves kids open to adults who are paedos, looking to exploit a childs naive ideas, and views on the world. This film is essentially soft core, child porn, trying to normalise paedophilia. The kids in this film, were exploited, and had no way of consenting to this stuff, as they knew nothing about what this stuff would do, and the consequences of these actions. The kids in that film, had no right to consent to doing it, and legally they were exploited. Netflix, should be prosecuted for child exploitation, at the least.
  11. The netflix people should be prosecuted, for doing child porn. This is effectively soft core porn, with children. Its disgusting, and netflix should be prosecuted for this. Exploitation of children. A society that does not protect children, has no civil society. Netflix should be prosecuted, for showing child porn, on there service, as essentially this is what it is. Imagine how many paedo people, will getting off to this disgusting film. The normalisation of paedophilia, should never be accepted by people. All throughout nature, animals, especially all mammals protect there young, against predators. Clowns like richard dawkins tries to rationalise paedophilia, by using nature. But its bull, all throughout nature, animals protect there young. If you look at the world, the only civilised places are places where age of consent exists. Glad i never subbed to netflix, and its disgusting, that such a film is on there, and allowed to be shown. The normalisation of paedophilia, should never be accepted. There should be some parents out there, who should open a lawsuit against netflix, for doing such a film, and showing it on there service. Soft core child porn, is still porn, and child porn, is supposed to be highly illegal.
  12. Go and watch the doc i posted. Crime monthly was on when i was a kid in london. It was a serious show, about crime. They did this special, to show in real terms, the police knew who jack teh ripper was. While media, like movies, and tv shows, have pretended that the police were too idiotic to know who jack the ripper was, it turns out with police records, that they did know, and they had quietly put the man believed to be jack the ripper, into a mental hospital. The murders stopped afterwards, proving its very likely they had the right person. So i respectively ignore your response, and ask you just watch this special on jack the ripper. This show was a serious crime show, about real crimes, but this was a special on jack the ripper. Proving the police by there own records, knew who jack the ripper was, and they put him quietly away into a mental hospital, rather then arresting him, due to him being jewish.
  13. Did you people know that jack the ripper, was a jewish man, who the police did know, but they put him away in a mental hospital. They would not arrest him due to him being jewish, as the police even back then would not arrest people, for fear of causing social problems. Disgusting. That hollywood made all those movies, and never once told the truth that jack the ripper, the most famous serial killer, was a jewish man, and the police did not arrest him pubicily, due to him being jewish. They put him away in a mental hospital, and they must of got the right man, due to the murders stopping. Like i said, do you see all these hollywood movies pretending that either the police were too dumb to know who it was, or it was someone else. Never once did a hollywood tv show, or movie, show the truth about what london met police knew. Here is a doc on it, and the man who tells you straight was a high ranking police officer in uk, so he is not some idiot. Here, the most famous serial killer ever, ie jack the ripper, was a jewish man. Netanyahu must be the proudest man on earth with this news. You notice how hollywood has made endless, movies and tv shows on jack the ripper, and not once did they show the truth that he was a jewish man living in london, at the time. Plus remember, crime monthly was not some rubbish idiotic show. The officer in that show talking of crimes, was a very high ranking police officer in uk, and he told you straight in this doc, that police knew who jack the ripper was, and he was a jewish man.
  14. Just remember our ancestors went through horrible times and survived. There was people born at start of last century, that went through ww1, then great depression, then ww2. In 1930's america, people were dying of starvation, and most people do not appreciate how bad it was there. If you go back before 20th century life was horrible for all poor people, no matter what skin colour you were. So remember what ever is going to happen, and something major will probably happen in future, humans have always come through alot. Its not nice, but thats the world, and the people running uk, usa, and israel, want there idea of the world finalised. The public will be living with the consequences of what ever that really means. Just remember this, and how people before us, lived through horrible times.
  15. The uk gov is just messing about. The eu owes the uk nothing, and how does teh uk think they have teh high ground, when they are the ones leaving, and caused all this mess. How does the uk gov think they have the high ground, on these negotiations. The activated clause to leave, so they should be made to abide by that clause. The uk gov should not have a high ground on this, the eu should. The uk brought this about.
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