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  1. Considering they want people away from christianity, they probably want rid of the christian burial ceremony too. So, such news is not surprising, these people want that changed too. Once your dead, and in the ground, how will it be different, then going through this process. Only difference is time, and christian burials, allow the human body to decompost slowly, like how all animals do in nature.
  2. Yep Looks like a horror movie, really does look that bad there.
  3. Another african country destroying its food supply. Also, a few weeks back at g7 in england, for some reason south african leader was there, and biden was delighted with him being there. One has to wonder is there a connection, seeing as dems and biden last year pushed blm riots and looting in america?
  4. Once covid19 started, there is no turning back. Stop pretending things will go back to what ever you called normal.
  5. Typical from that garbage paper. They really write at a low quality in those papers or what?
  6. For the uk gov to find racists, just goto most london councils, and you will find plenty of people that racially hate white people, and want them driven out of london. The main reason for brexit, was london became a haven, for anti white racists, who drove out white natives.
  7. Someone should point out what a racist anti white area, wembley is, where wembley stadium is. The council there is brent council, and its totally a hate white people council, and literally out of brent the white exodus out of brent over last 3 decades, has been enourmous. The media will leave out, how racist the area, where the final is played, ie wembley is actually a place where they do not want white people or white males. So rather ironic, that england while playing final in wembley stadium, lost to a team of white males, in the final. Rather ironic that. This rubbish about black players, is nothing comapred to areas around wembley and the hatred towards white people there, especially white males.
  8. I have no problem with such things. But the problem with it, is that such things, will bring what ever problems you have deep within you to the surface, if you have any. Whether that is good or bad, depends on what those problems are. So, yep such things may help in depressed people, but it can also, bring things to surface that may destroy you even more, as a human.
  9. A person running an anti virus company, would be able to get aload of data from users, that used there software. Anti virus software, runs at deeper levels, then we as public know, and for those softwares to work, these people have to know exactly how computers work, at the gov knowledge level, ie things like nsa. We only see the surface layer, of how computers work. So, undoubtedly that if someone ran an anti virus company, and themselves had the knowledge needed, and i assume he did, its very likely such companies can have access to enormous amounts of peoples computers, through backdoors, or what ever back doors, gov level puts into computers. The gov did not give you computers, and techs, without serious amount of ways round security to get into your devices, that we will never be told about. But you can be sure, people working on anti virus, know far more how computers work, then we do, as we only see the surface layer, and have no real knowledge how computers work, at all the lower layers. So, it would surprise me, if he had knowledge collected through his life. I would assume all these types steal info from all people, through there devices. Its pretty common you would suspect at that level of knowledge, that these people use it to steal information. He certainly was a shady character, and quite capable from the sounds of the knowledge he had to do it.
  10. Its beyond most peoples intelligence to think of such a situation may be real. Water finds its own level. Just leave them be. Why should it matter if you believe something, and others do not. Its your universe, ie your mind, and others mind is there universe. I believe in flat earth, but not because of others, because i think the theory is something most do not understand and are incapable of accepting.
  11. Tower blocks in london were a disaster by 1990's. Are you saying op, that london wants to start building them again?
  12. Someone is speaking into his ear what to say, at those times. Some times he keeps up, and sometimes he cannot keep up, as we see here. Its crazy that american president needs such guidance to just speak. Even though i do not like trump, there is no way biden got record number of votes.
  13. No, i do not believe in evolution. I believe on earth, that intelligent life has come and gone(destroyed itself, or what ever), over and over again. Remember saying intelligent life, does not mean humans like us, it may of been a different version of intelligent life. There is no missing link, as it never existed. Evolution was made up by english, as they hated the power of catholic church, and there creation idea, in bible. I personally believe humans were created, and different races of us. Like in bible, it states that we are meant to by god to be separate races, and not be as one. I believe humans as we know us, are around 6-10 thousand years here. I believe we were made, as latest idea of what intelligent life here on planet earth is. I believe the pyramids of giza, were made by the last intelligent life before us, what ever form, or beings that form of intelligence was, as it does not have to be our form. I believe the pyramids of giza survived what ever happened to that stage of life, and stayed in place to touch our civilisation too. There is evidence of water erosion in giza complex, showing that its older then what humans say it is.
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