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  1. People just do not appreciate top level sports, is effectively a war nowadays. A weapons race for non lethal weapons to use to destroy your opponents has been going on all this century, and mainly picked up over last 11 years or so. These tournaments are effectively countries going to war with each other, and they effectively do not care what they do to each other, with non lethal weapons to destroy there opponents. You people are so naive, about how far this stuff goes.
  2. Like i said 2 days ago about weapons being used on football. Football today is ruined, due to countries like england weaponising it. 3 years ago, tunisia goalie had to go off, due to the weapons being used on him by vile english fools, destroying him with sonic gun binoculars. That and combination of covid19, where even fit peoples hearts are damaged, so not surprising seeing really fit people collapse under the strain. Here is what i wrote the other day about how english teams and national team have ruined football. -- First time i will not be watching a football
  3. That kneeling for those non victims, makes you want to puke. English football team is the last one to talk about what right. First time i will not be watching a football tournament in my life. Said last world cup, i will not be. Garbage teams like england, have ruined football. Sonic gun binoculars, plus microwaving the dressing room of opponents. Last world cup, english teams plans were to use sonic gun binoculars on goalies, just as english team shoots, to get easy goals. Against tunisia, they destroyed the tunisia goalie so much, with these t
  4. Personally i have my doubts about that story, and that video. But the video that shows an alien, i believe is closest we have seen, is what william cooper showed here. Before photoshop, and the remarkable detail on that thing, makes it most likely it was a real being, ie living thing, that was waving. For me, thats a real being. Whether its a real alien, or some lab animal they made in some genetic experiments we cannot know. But for me, that pic shows a real being, not a statue, like they claimed to cooper.
  5. People are trained to believe they know everything, and the only ones they should listen too are payed, trained professional experts, that are above everyone, and should not be questioned. When you live like that, and most do, its quite difficult for anyone to question. They personally have so little knowledge they knew themselves, they cannot imagine anyone else has more knowledge, without listening to experts.
  6. Op, does not know what flat earth means. You listened to fools on net tell you a version they think it is. Just because people on net says something, does not mean, that is what the believe is about.
  7. The bbc are the biggest promoters of lies, and these people go round pretending others are pushing disinformation.
  8. I bet that show never spoke about how if you got covid19, and got over it, you will have anti bodies yourself.
  9. Totally agree, its disgraceful, that tv people are promoting these ideas, on impressionable people watching there shows.
  10. Staggering the amount of garbage you went to school with, pure filth, ended up doing jobs, that are things like social workers, or police, lol No wonder these jobs are seen as problems, by many. The people that got these jobs, were real filth while at school, and i doubt they changed in real life. I remember the last time i saw someone, i went to school with. He said he became a social worker. This same, night, these same people were effectively organising someone to rape me, and these people are social workers. Pure garbage. I went to school wit
  11. I agree, its pure mental cruelty for those people. People are so obsessed with what media portrays as masculine males, and feminine females, that the society ignores that there is all sorts in both genders.
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