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  1. I personally do not require vindication from others. Personally i do not care that people think you are all sorts of things, just because they assume no one can know anything apart from main stream media experts, lol If you do not go along with majority like we don't, it can be lonely and very isolating. Its just the way it is. Like i said i do not bother wanting vindication from others, for stuff. Makes me laugh to see that gov and local places are looking for such people. Just imagine how many people are paid to work online, rubbishing anything said, that
  2. Yep, he called putin a murder a few weeks back. He clearly was batting for ukraine, a country his family has gotten rich off with corruption. Biden, and Putin, clearly do not like each other, and its one possible reason elites of america put him in. Bidens family has gotten rich out of corruption of ukraine. You would suspect one of the main reason elites put biden is, he does not like putin, and he has a self interest in ukraine, a country he and his family have made fortunes out of with corruption there.
  3. They have to allow someone to say something, or it would really upset many in public. Allowing alex jones, and tucker to speak on media, allows those in charge to control them within limits. Tucker is saying what they are allowing him too, just like anyone on foxnews. If there was no one for those opposing the left to listen too, they may actually do there own research, and learn for themselves how to find out facts. This way its controlled what they are given. People like alex jones are nothing more then gossipers on the net, thats full of usele
  4. Still not nirvana, or kurt cobain. No ai induced song could create the energy surrounding nirvana. Music scene has not seen a band since, that created that energy, and no ai creator song, could do it. Music and masters of records, were mastered in unique ways, and its a far more complicated issue, then just some sounds of a guitar.
  5. You leave out that america started this civil war in ukraine, just because russia did not allow them to steal syria, for israel, who has no right to syria. Obamas admin, which had todays president as vice president, ie biden were in power, when ukraine civil war started, and its no coincidence, that ukraine is being flooded now with american weapons as biden is president. I wonder how much money biden family made out of corruption in ukraine? Its amazing that just before civil war there, ukraine jointly held european football championships. Look at it now.
  6. If true, you cannot blame iran. Israel has been totally going terrorist on iran, and its hardly surprising if true that iran would counter.
  7. While its doing this ai thing, its probably calling home, all the back doors it finds.
  8. WW3 has already started for me. Covid19 was an american bio weapon attack on china, and i fully believe trump knew about it in 2019. I believe that was the start of ww3.
  9. What a bunch of loonies, these people are. They just want people out of there mind, and incapable of doing anything, while gov and oligarchs ruin western society.
  10. People are so trained to view anything about the brain and negative times, as something to do with mental illness. Think about it. People that go through such episodes, are wrongly taught that its bad. Sometimes it may be, but alot of times people do not appreciate they are going through this for a reason. But they are never taught that maybe you are going through this for a reason, and its about learning something within you coming out. The film the exorcist shows a real spiritual awakening, and most people do not understand this. Its exaggerated of course
  11. William cooper claimed that prince phillip would visit bohemian grove, you know that meeting in summer in usa. While there he would go down stream to visit female prostitutes, that bohemian grove brings in, while the event goes on, downstream. Shows you these people are never faithful to there partners, and i doubt any of them believe in such things. William cooper claimed that prince phillip husband to queen of england, used to go with female prostitutes at bohemian grove, while going to that annual event every year. Even though no females are allowed there
  12. I agree many will fall for allowing such techs. The people in power always find ways to sell it to people.
  13. Answer to op, is that it may affect other animals, or other life, seeing as our dna, is alot like many other animal species.
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