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  1. You have both him, and elon musk, who only want you thinking, what the elites want you to think. Both think they run society in there 1984 version of the world.
  2. Yep microsoft peaked with windows 7 Expect windows to get worse and worse. Windows 11, is just awful, and thats saying something as windows 10, is a downgrade from windows 7.
  3. How hard is it for ukrainian intel, to find russian speakers to fake such stuff? Ask yourself, just how hard will it be?
  4. These people(jewish elites) are breed to be perverts, and psychopaths, and what these man says proves this.
  5. He is a front for tel aviv, london, and washington. Being paid to set up russia for this war, pays well, in terms of him stealing money from ukraine. Did you know most people in ukraine, are not actually ukrainian? The power there is a front for those 3 capitals.
  6. There was alot of force behind that slap A well built male, can strike a slap harder then most average males can punch. Just saying for all those fake people. He put alot of force into that. I wonder what hollywood has to say now about toxic masculinity? There was alot of force behind that slap. Obviously he did not intend to punch him out on stage, but clearly knew slapping him, would make a point. People do not appreciate a well muscled man, can slap harder then most males can punch.
  7. Very likely someone told chris rock to shut up, and leave it alone. Very likely someone is speaking in his ear through those things, and someone told him to shut up.
  8. Strange how its happened again to dave grohl. Talk about lightening striking twice. We all are thinking, why it may of been this death, but obviously media will pretend its normal.
  9. Jordan just started his own youtube channel a few months back Here is a tribute video there
  10. So finally Jordan Maxwell has passed on, yesterday it seems, wed 23rd march 2022. Considering the important he had in helping david icke launch his career as speaker, jordan maxwell. So rip jordan Just telling you, as jordan played a role in your person david who you people like here.
  11. Good for russia. Never used either and glad.
  12. Even though its before my time, lennon sure was right. Just remember these people would of met all sorts of powerful people, and knew who really ran things back then. I doubt he was saying this out of ignorance. Obviously he said it, for some reason, like he said, you can read into it what you like. But i doubt he would of said it without from his view it was right, as lennon was very calculating in his words, as he knew he was being listening too. Before my life, but shows these people abused there power back then too. Obviously he must of believed judaism, was a dark side religion, like i always say.
  13. NASA = Never a straight answer I personally believe they did goto moon, but i believe what they hid, was that they used better techs than they told people. ie they were hiding the real technology they used. Even though that was before i was alive, we can see how things work today, and its very likely nasa is a front, for just show, and what really goes on in secret is never told to us.
  14. South africa model, of forcing out skilled people, and replacing them with people not fit to do the job, ie to fill quotas. Will be interesting if media get to speak to any of these sacked people.
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