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  1. Lets just ignore how america stops alot of there hurricanes, and such things hitting land. I wonder what effect america protecting there own lands with bad weather has elsewhere. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and all the weather will be affected, but lets ignore such things. For anyone that does not know, american military uses orgone energy to try and weaken hurricanes. Nature is an unstoppable force. Thats why you should doubt what is being claimed about the weather, and wonder what effects countries like america does when weakening there own wea
  2. I doubt it. But you can be sure the fbi and dhs are desperate to get anything to claim on white people. (while black thugs are out there on american streets doing anything they want) Surveillance across america must be in hyper mode, just listening and watching anything they can.
  3. If you have ever seen what illegal drugs do to a person, you can appreciate how the brain can be shaped in different ways. These are the sorts of questions gov want to know to control the masses at all costs. The reason why they want cannibis legalised must be in there somewhere, lol
  4. I think people in america do not want to do it. White america needs to turn its back on israel. Thats the first thing, stop supporting those who are out to destroy you as a people. People are so brainwashed, they just do not want to stop doing what they have been doing, for there own survival sakes. There is plenty people can do, and simple things like stop backing and supporting those out to destroy you, is one of the first things.
  5. Its always been the way. There is a number of people who are very controlling, and think they are the ones who should decide for everyone, what should be. Time and time again, this has proven to be a disaster, and it took people wanting to be brave, to stand up for freedoms, otherwise today there would be none. Most simply are never going to do anything. All those people you heard about in past, most of them were also scared. Its a fallacy that all brave people are not themselves scared. But they were left with no choice, and history forced on them, be brave
  6. I agree op, people need to turn around there rubbish on them.
  7. Even though i have no interest in either, and there is no way biden got record votes. But to see the american system just closing onto itself, really shows the public how controlled the higher echelons in society are working together. If this does not push the right side of politics in america to form its own social networks, to provide a safe place for those with opposing views to post, these people will just keep blocking the right side of the political spectrum. The people in american right really need some way to counter this, blockade of there opinions
  8. This was just made for me, to feed into white peoples beliefs, there could one day be a perfect world. I think they did such things, to con white people to drop there guard, while the people running anglo american empire had every intention of getting rid of white people. The biggest mistake in human history for me, was that usa sided with uk, and jewish groups in ww2, over germany. Most people do not know how close america came to siding with germany in ww2. Imagine the world where hitlers germany and usa came to dominate, and what it could of meant for a w
  9. The british empire was built on an illusion. Once countries woke upto how small uk really was, countries drove uk out. They were only able to con the world with that illusion until, the natives woke up. The british empire only existed on an illusion of strength. Thats why ptb moved there power base to usa. The socalled illuminati are not as good as people are led to believe. Yep, they may be ok, but in reality a tramp on the street may of had just as much to them, then any in the uk illumined society. Uk power and strength is mostly just an illus
  10. Climate change = weather.(most people cannot even remember last weeks weather.) Its just human arrogance. Human pollution is a real thing, and the only thing that humans really do.
  11. Its funny. Govs have been doing it for decades. Voice to skull tech is called neurophone tech. There are very real victims of mind control techs, and its been happening for decades. Dumbos wrote that article.
  12. This is why uk police used to ask for a higher lever of intelligence before you could be a police officer in uk. Now anyone can get in, that is physically able. Thats the main reason. If you have no standards of who you let in, your going to get a mixed bag. Higher up in police in uk, like in london, you need to be a freemason to get higher up, so that gets the better ones, i assume. The lower ranks of uk police today, anyone can join. It never used to be like that, as probably the quality they wanted goto more safer jobs, and jobs where they are
  13. Law in enforced, by humans, and that means its always going to be stacked against the male. Police mainly are most concerned about most dangerous and violent people. More often then not, they tend to be male, but not always. Females would have to do something really bad, compared to man, to get same punishment as the male. Police are called law enforcement, and law enforcement main concern is people being violent to others. More often then not, thats males, but not always, there is quite a alot of violent females. Laws are enforced by humans, and that means
  14. I have never, and would not bother trying to convince anyone in public of anything. The people are summed up by, everyone who leaves school think they know everything. No matter how rubbish of an education they got, or how good that education was, everyone is convinced by day they leave school they know it all. Schools teach people to believe this, and it works well. But what most do not appreciate is that school was set up mainly for repeaters. That means you just learnt mainly to repeat something back to something in exams, you just learnt. Yep, repeating
  15. Uk being the home to world freemasonry, surely there is someone there that is channelling the light, lol Uk is like mecca for witches, and you telling me farage that there is no one with any sort of intelligence to work out what your asking. I thought uk had loads of high ranking masons to make these decisions. This is what farage means, by he would rather leave it to one enlightened person, then a hundred people not knowing at all what to do. The uk has to answer this for themselves.
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