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  1. Can someone paste the link to the article David was reading from prior to his interview with Andrew Kaufman? Thank you.
  2. Yes all good stuff and I have seen most of that (I will look into the stuff I haven’t seen yet that you listed). The problem is that the people that are still in a coma need something simple to get them started. A summary.
  3. Could you guys put together a list of eye-opening facts about the plandemic that would make it obvious to those who are bamboozled that this is all bullshit? Examples: projected death rate versus actual; PCR test being used to diagnose Covid not valid because...; dollar amounts invested by Bill Gates and others to big pharma; legislation past or present that protect big pharma and not the people; etc etc etc. this could be shared big time and allow people to fact check one by one. Thank you.
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