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  1. And I know that forum geeks are going to spam the crap out of me now but I don't care. As a creator I can tell instantly what works and what doesn't. Forums work for people who want to spend a lot of time on logistics. That is not the creative mind. When you are going to spill a creative idea, it needs to be able to flow, not spend hours searching. That's fine for detailed long term work like writing a book but it is not conducive to relationship or fundamental creative actions. Imagine trying to write a song by having to first begin your creative flow with a 2 hour computer search. Juices dead. When the moment hits, you need to be able to just flow. I think the form of forums lends to frustration that then turns to the kind of infighting and irritability that one inevitably finds on forums. I hate that fb has turned zuckerberg into a billionaire on the backs of creators, but that platform works a lot better than forums. All it needs is a way to search timelines for topics. We can do better. Are there any programmers listening? We can create a platform that is creative and searchable and personal rather than frustrating and full of trolls.
  2. I think the format of these forums is endlessly frustrating. I have found more like minded people in comments sections or on fb than on any forum. Using a forum to find a relevant page and try to focus on a subject is disconnecting, not connecting. Comments under videos work far better, or a social media that is NOT facebook, where you can have your own personal page and timeline so that your comments can be on the videos but also on your own page. A combo of facebook and gootube would be ideal. I find forums dehumanizing because people are spread out over dozens or hundreds of topics which endlessly repeat throughout the hundreds of pages to search through trying to find the right topic page. As a creative person I can tell you that I will never use forums for anything meaningful. It is literally deadening to creativity to have to search for half an hour for a relevant topic page. Just that in itself kills creativity. They need to invent a better format. I don't know anyone that stays on these forums and searches for continuity of relationship. It's just too labyrinthine and endless. And repetitive. You can find the same topic on dozens of pages and there is no way to know how to start, so people end up starting new topics which are really already repeated somewhere else. Frustrating and pointless. David Icke's talks do not lend themselves to reddit style forums. He should have direct communication with people via a platform similar to twitter or fb where he can have his own page, not his kids doing it for him, and comment on our comments. Sure, have a mod to keep out the armies of trolls sent by the space aliens (not kidding, just look up at that weird bright light which looks like it has three megalights and a flashing red one, that isn't a space station or satellite), but leave a crack for the light of supporters to get in and for David to feel how much he is needed and supported.
  3. The event at Trafalgar was unfortunately not well planned, I don't know why they thought the police would leave them alone to run a protest event, and put on the boring speakers first. No. Get directly to the point, this is war, this is real, the world wants to hear David, and Andrew Kaufman, and Del Bigtree, and we didn't get to hear the others, and barely heard David. We need the protests to have generators, to get directly to the point with no meandering speakers wasting valuable air time, no big screens that can be stolen, just get the audio out there as fast as we can before the police shut it down. This is a war and we have to take police actions seriously! And we need to have comments sections directly under David's videos and we want to see him livestreaming so we can send in comments live. The world wants to talk to him right now. Sonia and Shaun's show is great, could he not get on there to do a whole show? He has chemistry with Shaun. More than one hour at a time please! Time for David to start getting up out of the chair and get moving so he's in shape for this war. David, get on BrandNewTube, BitChute, Steemit, and please let us discuss your videos on the videos themselves, not having to come to a bloody forum and search around through endless pages of individual posts as 'topics'. There is too much work involved in forums, once you get too many people on them who don't know how they work, they turn into thousands of comments as topics and then it is literally impossible to have a conversation.
  4. Forums are not live enough, not interactive enough. This is why Twitter is big and forums are for lone geeks who spend their lives on figuring out the inanities of which topic is hot right now. There are too many pages, too many topics, you can't just find what you want easily. If I go watch a David Icke video, I want to be able to make comments while I am watching it, and if the comments sections are directly under the video, then we can discuss the relevant ideas right there. Watching a video and then coming on to a forum to search around for a relevant topic is conversation killing. David is super popular right now, the world needs to hear what he has to say, he needs to get out of dead forums and onto live commenting on videos, or actually using some social media platform, but NOT twitter, because that is 100% PEDO platform. It is time for us to boycott the corrupt social medial platforms. It is guys like David that MADE youtube what it is. Youtube is nothing without creators. So please put comment sections on your videos. We want more interaction with David, not moderators, not forums. There are conversations worth having directly. One subject that could be addressed immediately is which platforms can we use to replace twitter, facebook and instagram? We can't keep on supporting the billionaires that we are fighting! We need a strong and well known voice like David to lead the way, like he and Brian Rose did by getting the Freedom platform going. For videos we have BitChute and BrandNewTube, but we need to replace twitter, fb and instagram with porn and pedo free platforms. We DO need some censorship, and that is censorship of the ideas that have come from the billionaire advertisers, that sex is nothing but entertainment, leading to addiction and snuff porn. We have to fight that on every level. So please let's have some discussion from David on better platforms that reward the creators, not the one single dude at the top raking in advertising money. And proof that forums are not functional is that people will comment with relevant ideas and they sit there forever and nothing happens. You should have 'notify me' as the default, not 'don't notify me'. We are in times when communication matters, that's why the police shut down that badly organized protest in London.
  5. Okay thanks, I have seen that, but all his old videos aren't on there, are they? The ones of him talking for ten hours? Cheers
  6. Just wondering if David will discuss Q at some point?
  7. Hello from western Canada! I have spent the last year watching David on youtube, especially enjoying his full talks in other countries. Now these are mostly gone, but there are some folks who obviously saved them and they are gradually being re posted, so that's great. It would be great if all those old videos would show up on Ickonic, there doesn't seem to be much on there yet. There are two things I would like to say: 1) Is David going to address Q and what is happening with that? and 2) will you ever have comments sections on your videos on your website? If it's too much to do that, which other video platform do you use? Brandnewtube seems to be willing to let David and others be on... Anyway, thanks so much to you David for your years of tireless pursuit of the truth. Reading your books and watching your videos has exploded my world with brilliant hope again, nothing has to be as horrific as we have been programmed to believe, there is actual hope. We are beings of light and energy, not numbers in a meaningless machine of materialism. My best friend Janice says how much she loves you every day. Cheers and take care of yourself!
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